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The old woman continues her story to the children.

When he was finally done he bathed and dressed himself for his big birthday celebration. The whole town came and once they finished dancing,opening presents, and eating birthday cake they all gathered around and watched the king give his sons there inheritances. To make things more special the boys were blind folded in order for them to be surprised.

The eldest son came to the stage and held out his hands to receive his inheritance. The king placed the deed to the family business in the boys hand. He removed his blind fold and jumped for joy. The crowed cheered and clapped for him. The second child was brought out and the king placed a contract to all the family's mules in his hand. He was so happy he hugged his father. The final son came out and was very excited. Before the king gave his son the inheritance he lifted the cat way above his head so the whole crowd could see. The youngest son heard the crowd chuckle and he became suspicious. The kind placed the cat in the boys hands and he was shocked. He quickly pulled off his blindfold and dropped the cat. His faced turned red and he ran crying out of humiliation from the crowds and his brothers laughter.

After a week or so the boy got over himself and learned to deal with the fact that he would never be as good as his brothers and his father would never treat him the same.

Soon after the boy learns that this cat is no ordinary feline. The cat could talk and walk on its hind legs. One day the cat requested a pair of boots and they were granted to him.

The cat saw that he was very displeased with his inheritance and felt horrible about the humiliation he faced the day the inheritances were given. He was determined to make his masters fortune."