Oh my God, I'm in a bad mood. Alright, let's get this damn Nightmare fic over with. Here we go.

Charloette MayHence peacefully slept in her room as her door slowly creaked open. The Nightmare King peeked his head through and searched around. He slowly opened the door and tip-toed inside up to Charloette. And just when he was about to give her a nightmare...


"AHH!" he screamed when Jar Jar Blinks leaped out from behind the bed.

"HA HA HEE HEE! I-sa scare you GOOOD!"

"Oh..." Darkrai put his hand over his eye in annoyance.

"Me-sa thought ah lost you. But I-sa find you again!"

"Oh God, just let this night be over..."

"Here! Ha' some milk!" With that, Jar Jar once again held up a milk glass.

Darkrai angrily snatched it and began drinking. "It's the only thing that relieves my aching head. Now can you shut up for about 5 minutes so I can give this girl a nightmare?"

"Aw! I-sa always quiet!"

Darkrai just stayed silent, disbelievingly. "Right... alright, let's see..." he started, looking at a list. "What? Spiders again? Ugh, they don't give me much to work with. Alright, let's do this." With that, he gave Charloette a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Charloette awoke to find herself caught in a large spider web in a bush at the park. "Huh? How'd I get here?" she asked herself, trying to break free, but couldn't. "Er! I'm stuck!"

She then looked and saw Paddy Fulbright walking by.


"Huh?" Paddy stopped and looked around. "Who said that?"


"Hiya, Paddy!" Mushi exclaimed, running over to him. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, hey, Mush. I thought I heard someone yelling for me."

"Huh? You're probably just hearing things. Can you get me some ice cream?"

"Uh, okay, sure." With that, he walked off.

Once Paddy was gone, Mushi turned and walked over to Charloette in the spider web, smirking evilly. "Listen, you: Paddy is MINE now. You had your chance and you missed it! Have fun in your web, Charloette." With that, she walked off as well.

Charloette tried to break free some more and yelled, "No!" Her expression then turned to horror when the spider started approaching.

"In a way, this is sort of ironic." The spider stated, and with that, he proceeded to devour Charloette.


"AAAHHHHH!" Charloette screamed, awaking in her room, gasping for air.

"JAR JAR!" Darkrai yelled, randomly.

"…Huh?" Charloette looked confused.

"Hmm?" Darkrai looked around, confused. "Oh… normally, this is when Jar Jar gives away our presence."

"Uh-oh." Jar Jar said, coming out from under the bed. "Di' I-sa miss mah cue?"

Darkrai sighed.

"Ha' some MI'K!"

Once again, Darkrai took the milk and started sucking the straw. "Okay, this nightmare went pretty short. Next up is…" He looked at his list. "April Dickson. Hehehe. Dick."

"Heeheehee! Tha'-sa means-"

"I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, YOU IDIOT! Ugh, let's just go and… sigh, you know." With that, he flew out the window.

Jar Jar sucked his straw some more. "Heeheehee. Wee-wee." With that, he leaped out the window as well. "YEE-HAAAAA-OOF! I-sa… broke meh… nosie wosie."

Charloette just remained speechless. "I have GOT to stop eating so much candy before bed."

Hoo… man, what a day. You know, while typing this, I realized her fear is spiders, and her name is CHARLOETTE! GWAH HEE HA! Okay, next up is April. Later.