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Summary: My crazy version of what might happen in episode 217 or soon after.

Author's Ramble: This is my first time doing something like this and I know the formatting is all over the place and the grammar/phrasing/tenses/everything language related are probably atrocious but "C'est la vie!". I also wrote this up really quickly while waiting at a bus stop, riding the bus, walking home from the bus stop and sitting here on my ass instead of sleeping. Nice comments are welcome! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Emma looks to Jenny with a smirk and says "There is still plan B." with a wink. "Plan B?", Jenny asked a little worried. Emma took Jenny's hand and told her to trust her.

That night Emma lay in bed fine-tuning her genius plan. It had to be executed effortlessly in order to work. Every defail needed to be smoothed out otherwise they'd both be caught and Jenny would be on the next flight out to Ireland in a straight jacket. "Isn't that what doctors did to their patients when they don't co-operate?", Emma thought to herself. She just knew that Jenny wouldn't leave her here in boring old Köln without a fight. A few hours later after figuring out all the details and fine points Emma was finally able to let her body and mind relax enough to fall asleep.

The next morning Emma sprang out of bed excited to put her plan in motion. Step 1 was to eat breakfast. Breakfast is, after all, the most important meal of the day. It gives you the essential energy to start the day with both a clear and focused mind. Step 2: Stay focused and stop rambling on about facts no matter how relevant and/or true. Step 3: Have a shower and get ready. Step 4: Head to the Bergmann's. Emma was so eager to start "Plan B: Operation Save Jenny" that she practically skipped all the way to Jenny's (well at least the parts where she wasn't riding her bike). When she arrived at the front door she took a long pause and and pooled all her focus before knocking. Everything had to go as planned so she had to be calm even though she was about to explode with joy. She waited but no one answered the door. She started to become worried. This wasn't part of the plan. Every time she comes over someone answers the door quite quickly. What was going on? Starting to become a little frantic she knocked again. This time she did it a little louder and with more urgency. Emma started fidgeting when finally she heard someone coming down the starts towards the door. As soon as the door was opened just a crack Emma yelled "Good morning Mr. Bergmann. I'm hear to see Jenny. Thanks!". Before Mr. Bergmann could get even a word out Emma was up the stairs and around the corner headed to Jenny's room.

Emma opened Jenny's door with such force that Jenny jumped up from her bed when it slammed against the wall.

"Are you ready for "Plan B"!", Emma almost yelled.

Jenny was so taken aback by Emma entrance that she just stared at her for a few seconds. Regaining herself she thought back to yesterday at school and remembered their last conversation.

"But you never even told me what "Plan B" is.", Jenny replied.

"I hadn't worked it out yet when I mentioned it yesterday. I had to go home and work it out before I could tell you. I'm going to take the test for you! I'll..."

Before Emma could finish Jenny cut in.

"And how are you going to do that?"

Emma walked over to Jenny's closet and pointed to her clothes.

"Easy! I will dress up just like you and nobody will be the wiser."

Emma started to rummage through Jenny's closet. She had already thought up the perfect disguise all she had to do was find the items. After a few minutes Emma had found her perfect Jenny imposter outfit. She started to undress when she turned around to Jenny and said, "Don't look. I want it to be a surprise!" Jenny reluctantly faced the other way and waited for Emma to finish changing.

"Tadaaa!" Emma exclaimed.

Jenny quickly turned to see this "disguise" Emma was so excited about. Emma was wearing Jenny's super hero leggings and her giraffe sweater.

"They'll never believe you." Jenny said while trying to hold back her laughter. She would never match those two items together and after this she was even more certain about it.

Emma walked over to Jenny's dresser. A quick glance and she picked up Jenny's vampire fang necklace and bullet earring.

"That's because there are still some finishing touches. Now you just need tell me where the clinic for your drug test is and walk me through the procedure."

After a couple wrong turns Emma arrived at the clinic. She took a deep breath and made sure to compose herself before she opened the door and sauntered on in like nothing is out of the ordinary. She walked up to the check-in desk and told the clerk her name, "Jenny Hartmann".

The clerk looked her up and down.

Emma thought back to Jenny's comment about the disguise not working. She could feel the fidgetiness start to creep inside her stomach.

Next the clerk picked up a clipboard and started to speak to himself.


"Crazy top...check."

"Interesting necklace...check."

"Bullet earring...check."

"Ok, Miss Hartmann you may go to room 3 and wait for someone to come and administer the test."

Emma did an internal sigh of relief. She knew her plan would work. She gave the clerk the biggest smile she could and thanked him before walking to room 3.