Jenny was hiding in her room waiting for Emma to return from the clinic. She was starting to become worried. It had been over an hour since Emma left. Jenny started to quietly pace around the room. After about 10 mins she had decided that she'd had enough of waiting and was going to go find her. Just as Jenny reached for the doorknob her mobile started to vibrate. She quickly pulled it out of her pocket. A message from Emma. A huge weight was lifted off her chest. She opened the message and read.

"Plan C..."

Jenny was a little confused. Emma hadn't mentioned anything about a Plan C. She finished reading the rest of the message.

"...Run! Meet u at school."

Jenny didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what Plan C was. She quickly packed a bag with all her essentials. Jenny walked over to the window. She opened it a tossed her large duffel bag outside. After a moment of hesitation she followed. It was a good thing she had so many essentials to break her fall. Jenny could hear the house phone ringing. She had to get as far away as possible before Stephen found out about the failed test attempt. She quickly picked up her bag and made a dash for it.

There was a huge cracking noise and then Jenny's bedroom door fell to the floor with a loud *thud*.


Stefan was furious. He quickly scanned the room for Jenny. The room was a total mess with clothes lying all over the bed and floor. His eyes stopped at the sight of Jenny's Emma shrine. Emma's jeans were missing. Stephen immediately knew Jenny had ran.

Emma returned her phone to her pocket.

I hope Jenny gets my message and can escape before word gets to Stephen. I'll just have to head to school and see if she made it out.

Emma quickly made her way towards the school. A few blocks from the school she stopped at the window of an electronics store.

"Breaking news! Police are out on the streets in full force. It seems they are stopping young women and questioning them. All the women that have been stopped seem to be wearing leggings although police are refusing to make any comments."

All Emma could think about was Jenny. Stefan must already know about the failed drug test. If he is looking for her then she must have gotten away. I need to get to school faster. She decided to try and take as many back alleys as possible since she was still wearing Jenny's leggings.

Taking the back alleys was more time consuming than she had expected. At every corner Emma had to stop and take her cell out. With it's camera she checked if anyone was on the other side. She'd learned this trick while watching spy movies with Hotte. She remembered his favourite was James Bond. It was too bad she didn't have his spy kit to help her out. She thought him to be a bit silly when he bought it but now she realized just how helpful it would have been.

After her constant running then stopping and checking, Emma finally made it to the school. She looked around the front gate for any signs of Jenny. Her text wasn't very specific. It was written in such a hurry that there had been no time to think out the details. She was about to enter the school yard when she heard a noise.

" your right."

Emma turned to the right and looked inside the bushes. There was Jenny hiding.

"Jenny! I've been so worried! They figured out that I'm not you. That's not the worst though. Now the police are looking for you and stopping anyone wearing leggings. How will we get away?"

Jenny bent down and unzipped her large duffel bag. She rummaged through it until she pulled out her green skirt and Emma's shrine jeans.

"We should be safe if we change out of my leggings."

Jenny was hesitant to hand over Emma's shrine jeans but having Emma with her was more important than the jeans. As long as Emma was safe with her she could always get them back later.

"Brilliant! You're so smart for having brought me something to change into."

They quickly changed behind the bushes. Jenny looked at Emma wearing the jeans with her giraffe sweater. The new pairing looked better but not by much. In the rush of packing, Jenny hadn't even thought of bringing the clothes Emma had been wearing earlier that morning.

After changing Emma decided she would go to class. She would be able to see if Ben knew anything about what Stephen was planning on doing about Jenny.

"What about me? I can't show up in school. It's the first place Stefan will look for me."

"You can't go to my place either. That'll be the second place he looks."

Just as they were thinking of a place for Jenny to hide Luzi passed by. They quickly grabbed her and pulled her into the bushes.

"What the..."

"Luzi, you've got to help us out. Jenny needs a place to hide."

"How can I help?"

"Well...last time you let Ben stay at your place. Could you let Jenny stay there this time?"

"Ummmm...ok. My mom isn't home now anyways."

"Great! Jenny, I'll go over to Luzi's as soon as class is finished."

Luzi gave Jenny her house keys. Jenny gave Emma a kiss then picked up her bag and left for Luzi's place. Emma and Luzi headed into the school yard to go to their classes.

Jenny was quietly sitting at Luzi's dinner table anxiously awaiting the return of Emma and Luzi. It was late in the afternoon and they should be back soon. There was a knock on door. Jenny jumped in her seat. It was probably them. Luzi did give Jenny her house keys so she would have to knock. Jenny started to make her way to the door. BANG! BANG! BANG! The knocking was louder and hard this time.

"I'm coming!", Jenny replied.

Just as she finished her sentence the door slammed open. A group of people rushed into the apartment.

"Mom, Dad! How did you find me!"

"Honey, do you think it would be that easy to escape us? Last time you were kidnapped and taken to Goa we decided to implant you with a tracker. You are our only daughter and we will take whatever means to protect our you."

Jenny could only stare opened mouth at her father.

"Now that we've found you we will be returning you to the rehab clinic in Ireland."

Two of the strange men started to walk towards her. Suddenly she snapped out of her shocked state and tried to run towards the door. As soon as she started to run the two men grabbed her arms. Jenny started struggling to get free. Her arms were flailing and legs kicking.

She started yelling, "Jeans! Emma! No! Jeans!"

While the two men were trying to hold her down another one was going through his bag. He pulled out a needle and a little glass bottle. The needle was pushed into the top of the bottle and the liquid inside was transferred. Just as he began to approach her she became more desperate. She flailed and kicked even harder. She must have hit on of the men quite hard because he loosened his grip for a split second. They pinned her down even harder and the needle entered her arm. She started to lose her strength and energy to fight back. She could only mumble a few words before succumbing to the drug.


When it was safe for the two men to release their grip the third man passed them a white jacket.

"This should keep her safe if the drugs wear off during transportation."

The men dressed Jenny's limp body and securely tightened the straps. The larger of the two picked her up and everybody headed out the apartment door.