It started to rain here I am sitting on my legs sobbing I am truly sad now I lost my friends, my family, and my love. Have you ever been called a monster no matter what I did for this city everybody still called me a freak, and a monster you see this happened five days ago when things went from bad to worst.

The giant beast nearly smashed Anthony into the ground but missed by two inches."Ah Jesus Christ what's up with Japan, and giant monsters?" Anthony asked out loud remembering how he defeated three monsters the same exact size as he transformed into his light form so he could dodge the monster's attacks."For crying out loud any day would be better but not today!" Anthony said trying to make sure he didn't break his gift for Yutaka. The monster's claws almost ripped Anthony in half but instead it destroyed his present."Ah you bastard you know how long it takes to fix,or even make a crystal figure?" Anthony asked sarcastically.

The monster tried to attack again but was killed with a powerful light blast."That's what you get bitch!" Anthony said as he returned to normal he found his broken present and sighed with annoyance."Hey Anthony!" Hiyori called walking with her friend Patty."Hey guys how's it going?" Anthony asked as he picked up his crystal figure."What's that?" Patty asked as she noticed the broken figure."Oh that was Yutaka's present but thanks to that dumb ass it's ruin!" Anthony said as he tried to piece it back together but failed."Oh we're sorry to hear that but you better get another gift soon it's 7 already and you know how Yutaka likes to sleep early."Hiyori said just as Anthony turned into his light form and flew off.

Anthony flew through the sky as fast as he could so he could make another crystal figure."Jesus stupid monsters ruining everything that I always plan!" Anthony complained as he started to work on the shape of the figure."Okay I'm almost done with the upper part I just need to...dammit!" Anthony screamed as the figure broke again."If I use my dark powers I could make this in a couple of minutes but if I do that I'll break Yutaka's promise." Anthony thought trying to come up with a decision he didn't want to give Yutaka nothing but he also didn't want to break his promise.

It took some serious thinking but Anthony decided he was going to use his dark powers for the first time this year."Okay I'll make the shapes for the figure, and then I'll fuse them together with light Eco." Anthony said as he transformed into his dark form. His appearance changed a bit his dark form was spikier than usual, his fangs were a bit larger, his horns were a bit bigger, and his eyes were black with red pupils."Damn I'm scarier than I was last year!" Anthony said as he looked at his reflection."Okay let's get this over with!" Anthony thought as he grabbed the crystal.

The first part of the sculpture was hard but Anthony manage to finish it."Okay now for the bottom part." Anthony thought as he started to work. One hour later Anthony completed the final piece."Wow it looks like a real rose." Anthony said as he fused the pieces together."Great now time to...ah dammit!" Anthony said as looked at the clock it was 11:00."Crap crap crap damn!" Anthony yelled as he turned into his light form and flew towards Yutaka's house.

It was 11:10 now when Anthony arrived at her house."She's going to be pissed." Anthony thought as he knocked on the door."Why are you here Eco freak?" Konata asked she always hated Anthony."I brought Yutaka's present...sorry I'm late." Anthony said as Konata glared at him."She's asleep so why don't you fly,or whatever you do and leave?" Konata said as Hiyori, and Patty walked behind her."Now now Konata let him in he's a good boy, and he's house broken so he won't leave a mess!" Hiyori said as Patty rubbed Anthony's head like a dog."Hey let me go!" Konata said as Hiyori picked her up."Okay Anthony go see Yutaka she'll be happy that you came." Patty said as Anthony walked into Yutaka's room."Hello Anthony-San what took you so long Yutaka fell asleep waiting for you?" Minami asked as Anthony took out his present."Wait you guys did celebrate her birthday right?" Anthony asked as he hid his present."No we were waiting for you Yutaka won't open a present or eat her cake she wanted you to be here." Minami said as Anthony frowned."Damn I'm sorry I was busy making this." Anthony said as he revealed the crystal rose."Wow you made that?" Patty said as she entered the room."Yeah remember when I fought that monster well he destroyed my first crystal rose so I made another but it took me longer than I expected so sorry." Anthony said as Hiyori, and Konata entered the room

Konata stared at Anthony with both amazement, and anger."Okay Eco boy time to leave!" Konata said as she tried to push him out."Stop it Konata he needs to sleep here tonight so Yutaka would be happy." Hiyori said grabbing Konata's shoulder."Fine but only this one time!" Konata said pushing her way out to her room."Why does she hate me?" Anthony said as he yawned a bit."We don't know but maybe she thinks your going to hurt Yutaka." Patty said as Anthony stretched."That's stupid I would never hurt Yutaka." Anthony said as he grabbed a extra blanket."It's alright Anthony-San you don't have to worry about it." Minami said as Anthony left the room he was going to sleep on the couch.

Anthony set up his bed when Sojiro walked in."Uh hello there um Eco Mon...I mean uh look I'm sorry but when people mention you they usually call you Eco freak, Dark monster, or Dark Eco monster what's your real name again no offense but I don't really see you that much." Sojiro said feeling bad. "Oh that's okay I'm use to it by now my name's Anthony people talk about me?" Anthony said a bit confused."Yeah they posted YouTube videos as well here I'll show you." Sojiro said as he showed the video of Anthony crashing the car last year."That car was going to hit Yutaka I freaked out I could have done something else but that was a accident." Anthony said as Sojiro bowed to him."Thank you for protecting my niece I'll let you sleep." Sojiro said as he left.

Anthony fell asleep, and so did everyone else. Konata sneaked into the living room where Anthony fell asleep."Why didn't you chose me?" Konata asked as she rubbed against Anthony."I mean Yutaka is great but I loved you the first time I saw you, and she didn't why don't you love me?" Konata asked as she kissed his forehead."You know that's my first kiss a lot of guys always ask me out but I turned them down because I...I..I love you goodnight Anthony-San." Konata said before leaving.