It was midday there was nothing to do."I'm never going to sleep tonight if I don't do something." Anthony said as he put the flowers in a vase."Okay well screw this I'll knock myself out then I'll head to the dance." Anthony thought as he found a sledge hammer."Here goes nothing!" Anthony said before knocking himself out."The Demon of Japan...can be a real idiot well now is the time to analysis his memories." James said as he worked on a laptop the technology of the computer allows the user to enter the targets memories provided if the target is at peace, close enough, and staying still.

Entering Memory stream ten months ago."You know Anthony-Chan we need to be able to contact each other."Yutaka said as Anthony woke up today's class was boring as hell."Yeah we should I could call you four all day until your parents get pissed." Anthony joked as Yutaka laughed a bit."After school we can buy you a cell phone." Yutaka said as she smiled."What are you two talking about?" Patty asked as she turned her attention to them class was almost over anyway."Oh after school were going to buy Anthony-Chan a cell phone so he could call us."Oh are you two going to have some phone sex then?" Hiyori asked as Minami smacked her across the head."Hiyori I don't hurt friends but you shouldn't have asked that." Minami said as Hiyori coward behind Anthony."Be a shield from Minami's death hits they take away one thousand HP!" Hiyori said as Anthony sighed a bit.

School was over now and the group walked over to the electronics."Um girls I can't go in there everybody in town won't let me in their stores can you get me a phone please?" Anthony asked as he handed Yutaka some money."Oh were sorry about that one of these days they will realize they're mistake Anthony-Chan." Hiyori said as she hugged him."Hey hey um Hiyori can you...I feel bad for trying to tell you stop hugging me but I have a girlfriend." Anthony said as Yutaka laughed. "It's alright Anthony-Chan she's a friend ."Yutaka said smiling that Anthony would protect their relationship. "We'll be right back Anthony." Patty said as she enter the store."What type of phone do you want?" Minami asked before going in."I want a phone that represents me not those new phones that have keyboards just a cell phone okay cause if I get a phone like that I'm going to feel bad that you girls spend all of that money on me." Anthony said as Minami smiled."Okay standard phone got it." Minami said as Patty dragged her in.

After thirty minutes the girls came out."Here ya go Anthony." Hiyori said as she handed him his new cell phone."Wow thanks I'm sorry I couldn't come in." Anthony said as Yutaka hug him."Now you get to call us!" Yutaka said as Hiyori, Patty, and Minami laughed."Hey I'll walk you girls home it's the least I could do." Anthony said as he walked with his friends. Thirty minutes later they arrived at Hiyori's house."Hey thanks for walking me and Patty to my house Anthony...We'll see you later." Hiyori said as she hugged him."Yeah see ya Anthony." Patty said as she hugged him. Anthony, Minami, and Yutaka walked back to the house."So summer vacations coming up soon anybody has any plans?" Minami said as she held onto Yutaka's hand."I don't know but your staying with Yutaka right?" Anthony asked as he patted Yutaka's back."Yeah she is." Yutaka said. After twenty minutes Anthony got Minami, and Yutaka home safely."Good night ladies." Anthony said before he left.

End of Memory."So The Demon is fond of those four girls I might use that to my advantage." James thought as he wrote down the notes."Not much of a demon let's see what else I could find." James silently said as he enter the Memory stream again. Seven months ago. "Hey teach how was your summer?" Anthony asked as his teacher looked at him with sad eyes."Bad very bad...Look Anthony your a good student but there are way to many complaints of you presence here the principle wants you out I'm sorry." The teacher said as Anthony frowned."Right well I'll just leave." Anthony said as he walked away.

A few hours later Yutaka called Anthony. "Anthony-Chan what happened?" Yutaka asked as she cried a bit. "Oh nothing people didn't want me going to school or something so I got expelled." Anthony said as he sighed in defeat."They're stupid I'm going to miss seeing you at school." Yutaka said as she wiped away a tear."I know I wish that people would accept me like you Yutaka I'm tired can we talk later?" Anthony asked crying a bit."Sure Anthony-Chan I love you!" Yutaka said as she blushed a bit. "I love you too." Anthony said as they hung up.

James turned off the computer."So she's the ticket I'll be sure to use this info for later." James said as he walked down the metal stairs. Anthony was knocked out he woke up at 6:30 pm."Ah my head hurts!" Anthony said as he checked the clock."Oh crap I'm going to be late for Yutaka's dance crap crap crap!" Anthony screamed as he grabbed the flowers then he flew off to the dance. Yutaka, and the others were getting ready for the dance."Where is he?" Yutaka asked as she paced around the backstage freaking out."Now now Yutaka he'll be here I'm sure of it." Minami said as Konata walked towards the security room.

Konata walked towards the security guard."Excuse me sir but can you not allow the Dark Eco freak I heard he was coming."Okay I'll be sure that he doesn't come in." The security guard said as he went to the ticket booth."Alright if my first plan doesn't work then my second plan will."Konata said as she walked back to her friends. Anthony flew to the ticket booth."Hey buddy one please!" Anthony said holding the flowers."Hey buddy your not allowed in here this is for people not freaks!" The security guard said as Anthony transformed into his light form."Okay officer I'll leave." Anthony said as he flew into the sky."Leave over my dead body!" Anthony thought as he landed on some metal railings the dance began, and Anthony had a good view of it.

The dance was over Yutaka was sad she didn't see Anthony."He didn't come." Yutaka said as Anthony flew through the backstage window."Who hasn't come sorry but the security guard didn't let me in." Anthony said handing Yutaka the flowers."You saw me dance right?" Yutaka asked as Konata called someone."Yeah I was on the metal railings." Anthony said as she kissed him."Hey plan A didn't work start plan B."Konata said as she hung up."If this stunt doesn't break them apart then nothing will!" Konata thought as the security guard walked in."Hey your not suppose to here!" The security guard said pulling out a gun."Okay well see ya girls!" Anthony said before flying back home.

Anthony returned home only to find it on fire."Shit dammit!" Anthony yelled as he ran inside he needed to grab something."Where is it where is it ah there it is!" Anthony said as he grabbed a picture before dashing out of the burning house."Ha I knew it wouldn't be easy to kill you but to distract you it's easier then anything." A guy said as two of his friends walked behind him."You did this?" Anthony asked pissed."Yeah and yet me guess that's a picture of your girlfriend right?" The other guy said as Anthony put the picture in his pocket."Yeah now all of you will pay for doing this shit!" Anthony yelled as one laughed."Like how we have to pay your girlfriend to take a pounding from all three of us?" The short one said as Anthony turned into his dark form."I suggest that you stop talking about Yutaka like that or you can die." Anthony silently said as they all had wicked smiles."Oh how we wish to rape that!" The guy said as Anthony grabbed him by the throat."I freaking warned son of a bitch!" Anthony said as he stabbed the guy."Oh my god he killed him!" The other guy said as Anthony threw the guy to the ground."I didn't kill him I just stabbed him!" Anthony said before punching the other guy half way across the street."Please I didn't mean it about your girlfriend I swear!" The short one said as Anthony slashed through him."Now I killed someone!" Anthony said as the others ran away.

Yutaka, and her friends walked to Anthony's house when they witness Anthony beating the living shit out of the three guys."Oops I didn't mean for one of them to die whatever they said must have pissed Anthony off big time." Konata thought as Yutaka ran to Anthony."Anthony what the hell did you do?" Yutaka asked pissed at Anthony for the first time in her life."Yutaka I'm sorry they burned down my house." Anthony said not willing to look at Yutaka's face."So what I thought you had more control!" Yutaka yelled throwing flowers at Anthony."They said somethings about you and I lost my cool I'm sorry!" Anthony said as he frowned."So they said something doesn't mean you could kill them!" Yutaka said as the crystal rose rolled towards Anthony."The rose it survived...It's all weird why?" Anthony asked as Yutaka looked at him angrily."Dammit you, and your damn dark powers Anthony I never want to see you again!" Yutaka screamed as Anthony frowned."But Yutaka I made this for you." Anthony said before Yutaka shunned him.

Anthony touched the crystal rose but it transformed him into his dark form."I see now this is who I am...I'm sorry I guess this is good bye." Anthony said as he climbed towards the roof top."No I didn't want this to happen I wanted him to love me dammit!" Konata thought as her friend sighed. James walked towards the girls."Are you Yutaka?" James asked as he walked closer to the group."What do you want oh it's you again look we're not going to answer any more questions." Patty said pissed. "I'm not going to ask any questions I'm just asking for help." James said as the girls turned towards him. "What do you want?" Minami asked as James got closer to Yutaka."You The Demon he loves you your going to scream so I could confront him." James said as Yutaka looked at him angrily."I don't want anything to do with him any more!" Yutaka said as James laughed a bit."Oh you will scream or I'll make you!" James said as he transformed into his dark form.

James grabbed Yutaka by the throat, and lifted her up."Now scream!" James said as the rest freaked. "ANTHONY-CHAN HELP PLEASE I'M SORRY!" Yutaka yelled catching Anthony's attention. "Huh Yutaka no she's in trouble!" Anthony said he was only two buildings away so he figured out what made Yutaka scream."Hey ass face leave my girlfriend alone...I mean leave Yutaka alone!" Anthony said remembering that she broke up with him."Come and get her if you can!" James said as Anthony launched towards James but missed because he jumped away."Why are you running you dirty little bitch?" Anthony asked as James raised his hand."I have a question Demon...Will you sacrifice yourself for her?" James asked as he threw a spike that grew out of his arm directly at Yutaka."No I won't ah!" Anthony said as he jumped in front of the spike."Anthony-Chan I...I'm sorry I love you I never wanted to end our relationship." Yutaka said as Anthony opened his eyes."You...You tried to kill her...I'M GOING TO DESTROY YOU!" Anthony yelled as he sprung up he took the spike, and threw the spike back James.

James smiled at Anthony he was impressed."Anthony is it? One you need to watch your mouth, and two never fight in anger." James said as Hiyori grabbed Yutaka, and carried her to a nearby ally way. "Screw you bitch and I can fight any way I want!" Anthony said as James frowned."If you fight in anger then you'll never win...Dark barracked!" James screamed as dark energy went flying towards Anthony."Hey Demon put your left hand on the ground!" James commanded. Anthony did what he was told a wall came up and protected him."Nice I mean stop helping!" Anthony said as he threw a ball of energy at James."That move was weak you need to learn how to harness your power." James said as he walked closer."Stay back!" Anthony yelled panicked."You have to hold in the blast for it to be powerful." James said as he threw a powerful energy ball straight at Anthony.

Anthony made another wall but it was destroyed."That's it!" Anthony jumped into the air, and slammed into the ground spikes rose from the ground sending James into a car."Ow that was a good move." James said he was weak he couldn't get up. Anthony walked towards him James was back to his normal self. "You bastard it's one thing to try to kill me but you had to hurt Yutaka!" Anthony said as he grabbed James by his throat."That's my boy end it quick please." James said as he started to cry. "What did you say?" Anthony asked as he released James and returned to normal."Son I miss you so much I thought I lost you." James said as he smiled."Dad...I thought you died when they experimented on me." Anthony said as James frowned."I almost did but Dark Eco came into contact with me." James said as Anthony frowned."Son end my misery please I'm in so much pain." James said as Anthony shed a tear. "Dad I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm so sorry!" Anthony said as he held his dad. "You have your mothers eyes I know you feel bad but I wanted to make sure you can control your self...and you can as long as your around that girl...I'm sorry for trying to kill her." James said making Anthony smile."Okay I will." Anthony said before he stabbed James to death. It started to rain Anthony held his dead dad on his lap.

This is where the story began me holding my dead father crying I lost everything because I couldn't control my emotions either if it was greed, sadness, fear, or anger now I have nothing."Anthony-Chan who was that?" Yutaka asked as she placed her hand on his shoulder."He was my father...Yutaka …... Goodbye I'll miss you." Anthony said as he got up."Anthony-Chan don't leave it's okay I don't care if you use your dark powers anymore cause that's what saved me I'm sorry." Yutaka said as Anthony smiled a bit."Anthony I'm sorry I planned the security guard, and those retards that burn down your house to be honest they were only suppose to piss you off not set your house on fire I just figured if Yutaka left you then I would have had a shot at your affection I'm so sorry." Konata said as she hugged Anthony."Konata out of all the craziest schemes that is the sweetest thing you ever done." Yutaka said as she hugged her cousin.

Minami. Hiyori, and Patty hugged Anthony they were sorry for all the misfortune."Hey if you want you could stay with us." Konata said as she sighed a bit."Sure I have nothing other then you five."Anthony said making his friends say aw."Okay come on let's leave." Minami said as she walked ahead of the group."Hey Yutaka Minami really likes you can you show her that you care." Anthony whispered making Yutaka blush."Hey Minami can we talk?" Yutaka asked as Minami stopped."Sure what is it?" Minami asked only to be kissed by Yutaka."I care about you too even if I have a boyfriend your just as important." Yutaka said as they walked home.

The end