Dear Diary,

Twenty-two days since I have been accepted into Death's school. I'm not surprised, of corse. Lord Death is like a second father to me. I gave him the nickname Deathy, Like Daddy. He said he had a proposal for me, if I accepted.

I have been wondering the world, working for him where he wanted me. The chance to go to a somewhat normal school and live a somewhat normal life seemed like a real blessing to me and my partner.

Well, it sucks that I had to get a new diary, but I filled up my whole other one! Gah, my life was too interesting! So now, in case someone reads this (which I hope not!), my name is, by Shibusen's name changing, Kiachi Kaitlynn. I don't like people to even mention my real name, there are too many broken ties there. I'm just turned fourteen since November, which was three months ago. Well, more than three months. Today is Valentine's Day. Dang, I hate being single on this day of all days. I'm five foot three, I have brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I have scars on my forehead, but my hair always covers them, so you wouldn't see them.

My partner is the lovely, annoyingly skinny, Yang Flutter. She doesn't mind her old name, but she changed it at my request. I don't want to remember my past. She's five foot five (which annoys me). Her hair is brown and is ALWAYS in a ponytail. She has grey glasses. Her eyes are brown, and seem unfocused. But her vision is 20/15, while it seems that mine is 0/0. Yang always wears the same black jacket. She's my sniper rifle, and I'm her meister. We're a pretty firetruckin' awesome team. ;)

I hope you don't mind, diary, but I'll be writing this as the day went, like its in the moment. It's just how I think, and I must practice my writing. So, I guess I should tell you about how my day went, though I must say, not one of my best. Heh heh….

"Come on! I'm pretty sure it's not that much farther, Kiachi!" Yang yelled at me, obviously annoyed.

I was on my hands and knees, and I was about to give in. "God, I hate stairs," I muttered, breathing heavily.

"Seriously!" Yang growled. "I cannot believe you!"

"Yahoo!" Someone screamed behind us. I turned my head to see, as Yang narrowed her eyes.

"OH SCREW YOU!" I screamed as a blue haired boy ran past us, up the stairs.

"Wow," Yang said, rolling her eyes. "That's just sad."

"Sorry!" A girl with pretty, long black hair said as she ran past us, doing a slight bow.

"I hate you," I growled, only loud enough for Yang to hear it.

Eventually, I managed to drag myself to the top of the stairs. I was completely collapsed now. And I wore my favorite outfit too! It was a black tank top under see through black tee shirt with the WWF panda on it, with some dark denim capris that had pockets just below the knees with zippers down the outside side of the bottom part with some black sandals that I got from the guys section in Kohl's. Yang wore a grey tee shirt with a blue collar, her usual black jacket, and jeans, with some plain black slip on shoes.

"Wow," Yang said, looking up at the building. "Its very well constructed. Though I see cracks in those spikes…"

I looked up. "Only you can see that, Yang," I said. I pulled myself up on my knees. "Wow," I said, noticing a special quality in the building. "It… that building is perfectly…"

"Symmetrical?" a voice said from behind me. "Yeah," I said in surprise, turning to face who was behind me. My breath caught in my throat. The boy that was looking at me was… well, most girls would have either loved him or thought he was the most hideous thing since that creepy Japanese video showed in Equals Three, like Justin Bieber was thought of. …What? It's not like I like Justin, it's just a comparison! His raven hair fell over his face, and he had three white stripes on the right side of his head. His eyes were golden, and as sharp as razor blades. Dang, I would know how sharp razor blades were… Anyhow, he wore a suit, surprisingly enough. The suit was symmetrical in every way, with white rectangles down the front and on the shoulders, like it was holding the suit together. His pants were black, and seemed to flow down to his polished shoes.

My first thought at this beautiful moment?

"Holy crap," I muttered, my blue eyes widening.

"However," he stated, narrowing his eyes as he walked towards us, "I see that you don't value such beauty, seeing your hair."

I sighed, bowing my head so that my hair covered my eyes. "I'm sorry," I said, "But I can't wear my hair any other way."

He sighed, looking a bit dejected. "I suppose I can respect that." He held out his hand, which I grabbed onto, and he helped me to stand. "My name is Death the Kid," he introduced himself, wiping his hand off on his suit.

"My name is Kiachi Kaitlynn," I said with a small smile, brushing my hair behind my ear, only so that part of it would fall into my face again, coving those horrid scars. "My partner," I said, motioning to Yang, "Is Yang Flutter. We're the best sniper team in Shibusen, which isn't a surprise after Azura gave us a bit of training."

Death the Kid-san raised an eyebrow. "You've meet the Asian death scythe?" he asked.

"You'd be surprised," I said with a smile. "I hate to leave you, but I have an appointment." I stuck my hand out. "It was nice to meet you, Death the Kid-san."

He grabbed my hand and shook it. "Call me Kid-san," he said politely. "And the feeling is mutual." He gave a nod to Yang, then walked into the building.

I waved goodbye to him, and as soon as he was inside, I gave a small squeal. "That boy is a firetruckin' model!" I whispered happily to Yang.

"He didn't look that good," Yang said, folding her arms.

"Oh come on!" I said, huffing. "He's gorgeous!"

"I'm assuming you've either met Soul-kun or Kid," a girl said, passing behind Yang.

"Who are you to assume?" I demanded angrily, glaring at the tall girl with the long dirty blonde hair. And I swear to God, if her shirt was any smaller or tighter, it'd be see through. It looked like her and the girl with the choppy blonde hair behind her were wearing red sports bras, which honestly irked me a bit. However, the taller girl wore skinny jeans, and the shorter one had shorts. Both had the same blue eyes.

"We're Kid's partners," she said with a smirk. "I'm Liz, and this is my little sister Patti."

"Heya!" Patti-san said cheerfully, giving us a large grin.

I snorted. "So?" I asked. "Why do you assume I met either of those boys?"

"Because they're considered the cutest guys in the DWMA," Liz stated with a smirk. "And from the way your clothes are newly straightened out," she pointed out (I didn't even know I was straightening my clothes!), "I'm guessing you met Kid."

I blushed deeply. "Please don't tell!" I begged. "Kid-san doesn't need to know! Plus, he's gorgeous, and that's the end of it. It's not like I'm in love with him. Love at first sight doesn't happen."

"I can tell that you're only trying to convince yourself of that," Liz-san said with a gentle smile. She really was an older sister. "I won't tell, but don't let anyone else hear you say stuff like that. You'll make a lot of enemies around here, and fast." She gave me a nod. "Good luck." Then she and her sister walked off.

I sighed, and began walking after them into the building. "Wonderful," I muttered.

Yang snickered behind me. "Wonderful job letting his partners know!" she chuckled.

"You know, I hate you too," I growled at Yang, stalking forward.

After a minute, Yang said, "Do you even know where your going?"

I abruptly stopped, and fell on my face.

"No," I cried.

Yang grabbed me by my collar, and turned a corner. "The sign says the office is this way," she said with a sigh, dragging me behind her.

"I hate men," I whined.

Yang walked through doors, and I saw guillotines over my head. "You're so sad," Yang muttered.

I stood up, dusting myself off and I quickened my pace and jogged down the hallway, Yang following behind me. "I think we're almost there!" I said happily.

"Yes, off to see a man with the name Death," Yang said sarcastically. "I sure feel safe."

"Shut up," I said, as I slowed down, approaching a huge stage. A large golden throne faced away from me, towards a mirror. And a large figure that I had been eagerly awaiting to see stood behind that throne, bending over it. "Deathy!" I called out, calling out the attention of the large Lord Death.

Lord Death stood straight, looking towards me. His hands appeared, and he clapped. "Hey hey hey, kiddo, whats up!" he said happily.

I ran into him and gave him a hug, which he returned. "It's so great to see you!" I said happily. I pulled away and stepped back so that I could look at his mask. "Thank you for letting me come to school here!" I said happily. I heard a sharp intake of breath; I assumed it was Yang, angered, feeling left out of the conversation.

"Oh yes, i'm so excited you'll be around!" Lord Death said, bouncing excitedly, waving his hands over his head for emphasis. "It's great to see you too, Yang!" Lord Death said, waving to my partner.

"Greetings, Lord Death-Sama," Yang said with a small bow.

"So," I said, clapping my own hands, after all the ice had been broken, "Deathy, you said you have a proposal for me. May I now ask what it is?"

"Oh yes! Of corse!" Lord Death said, clapping his overly large hands. "Silly me! Almost forgetting something so important! You see," he said, becoming a bit more serious, "My son has agreed to having an arranged marriage, though I'm sure he's just sick of me bugging him. However, I don't exactly have a wife figured out, but you were the first one who came to mind."

Well, I didn't realize he meant that kind of proposal...

My eyes widened. "But, I'm only fourteen!"

"So you're only two years younger!" Deathy said happily. "Sixteen is the perfect age for a shinigami to marry!"

"So young?" I asked, my heart beating faster. I was quiet, then I said, "I'm sure I can, but…" I bowed my head, closing my eyes and clenching my fists, I whispered, "I'm so scared."

"Oh, I know you of all people can handle it!" Deathy said happily. (I got sick of calling him by such a formal name, don't hurt me!) "You took down a whole witch's team and the witch herself, sitting in one spot the whole time! Yang is one of the youngest Death Scythes in the world!"

I nodded slowly, then looked up, determined. "I accept, Deathy! But may I ask, who will be my partner?" T

hen he stepped up beside Deathy. "Let me reintroduce myself," Kid-san said with a smirk. "My name is Death the Kid, I'm Lord Death's son."

My eyes widened. "You?" I gasped.

"I must say," he said, closing his eyes in disappointment, "I was hoping my fiance would be more symmetrical."

I began taking steps backwards, clutching my chest, before I tripped over my own feet. My eyes were tearing up. "My God, I'm sorry!" I cried. "I know I'm horrid, just please…"

My voice choked as I wrapped my arms around myself, looking up at the much-to-handsome reaper.

His eyes widened. Kid-san took a step forward, towards me. "No, I didn't mean to be rude!" he exclaimed, looking horrified.

I bowed my head, clenching my teeth, urging my depression to run away and die. I was so sick of these dang break downs. Kid-san kneeled down in front of me.

"Kiachi-chan, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be offensive…"

Two things broke in my brain. The first one was, he was a bit irked by my asymmetrical-ness. Kid-san was quite the gentleman. The second thing was… he called me 'Kiachi-chan', which wasn't formal at all. In fact, it was more so used for two things: 1) Girls that you were close to, as in friends, girlfriends, best friends, and what not, and 2) People who were considered 'cute'. I wasn't close enough to Kid-san to be called 'Kiachi-chan', so did he really think I was cute?

I looked up at him, my eyes reflecting hurt and shock at the same time. He had a small, uncertain smile on his face, with his hand out to me. I looked at him for a bit, then at his hand, which had a ring on his middle finger. I slowly put my hand out and put it in his, hesitantly. He stood, and helped me up. "Now of corse," Lord Death said, "I don't expect you two to love each other now, so I'll give you some time. But Kid should be married by his next birthday, which is in… six months."

Kid-san smiled happily. "It's on August eighth, two of my favorite numbers together," he told me happily.

"I prefer the numbers eleven and eight hundred and eighteen, both of which are my lucky numbers but are also symmetrical," I told him, a small smile on my lips.

Kid-san turned to his father, his smile disappearing. "Well, I might as well take them to class. They will be with me, correct?"

"Yup yup yup~!" Deathy said happily. "You three go on now! Buh-Bye!"

Kid-san tightened his grip on my hand, holding it firm.

Thump-thump, thump-thump…

Yang walked beside me, teasing me about how I finally have a love life, which I constantly tried to get her to shut up over.

Thump-thump, thump-thump…

Kid-san seemed to ignore us, but my hand was still in his…

Thump-thump, thump-thu-

"Here we are," Kid-san said, stopping in front of a door with a plaque reading, 'Class Crescent Moon, Professor Stein.' "Yang, you go on ahead, I need to talk to Kiachi. And do not repeat anything you heard in the Death Room, understood?" Kid-san said seriously.

"Got it," Yang said, then pushed her way into the classroom.

Kid-san turned to me. "That goes for you, too," he said. "Now, to make things as uncomplicated as possible for us, your backstory is that we've been dating long distance for a month now, and you're here to be closer to me. We've been friends ever since kindergarden, and you moved away in fifth grade."

"Ok, Kid-san," I said with a smile.

"And Father planned this out, so it should go along pretty smoothly," Kid-san said with a nod. "And, please, just call me Kid, alright?"

"Ok, Kid," I said, a light blush coloring my very pale skin. I wasn't as pale as Kid, though, he looked just plain dead.

Kid looked like he wanted to say, or do, something more. But he turned away, and released my hand, pushing the door open. I walked in behind him, looking around the classroom.

My first thought was, CREEPY TEACHER ALERT! The teacher had stitches all over, and I mean, ALL OVER, including one that went diagonally across his face. His glasses made it hard to see his eyes, but I could tell they were purple/olive-green-ish. He had a screw, and yes, I mean a SCREW, sticking out of the left side of his head. He had a white lab coat on, and was sitting backwards on an office chair. Poor Yang, he was already grilling her about being late, and how a good first impression is to be on time.

"Excuse me, Professor Stein-sensei," Kid said, stepping in to intervene, "Father had to talk to these new students. Most aren't automatically put into E.A.T."

"I suppose," Professor Stein-sensei mused, twisting his screw, making me shudder.

"This is Yang Flutter-san," Kid said, motioning to my partner, who just looked annoyed. "And this is Kiachi Kaitlynn-chan," Kid said, grabbing onto my hand and pulling me forward.

I heard both gasps and whispers coming from the class.

Stein-sensei's face immediately lit up. He had a creepy grin on his face. "Why do you say 'chan', even though this student is new?" Stein-sensei asked, looking interested.

Kid quickly glanced at me, then looked at Stein-sensei. "Professor Stein-sensei, this student is only new to you. Kiachi-chan has been my best friend since kindergarden, and we've been dating for the past month."

Stein-sensei looked like a firetruckin' stalker/creeper right now. "Can you prove that?" Stein asked.

Kid's eyes widened, and he looked over at me.

Then he-

Oh, sorry, we gotta go diary, I've got to meet Kid tonight, I'll tell you tomorrow, I promise!