(A.N.) Hey, I'll probably be making a surplus of oneshots here soon, so I figured I might as well have a place to place them. It's thanksgiving, and I decided that a quick hour of writing would help quell my full stomach after celerating the festivies. ^^ Enjoy the first addition of the oneshot collection. A thanksgiving special, with LuNa thrown in.

The Crew Gives Thanks

It's Thanksgiving on the Thousand Sunny, and the crew is gathered around a table, covered in Sanji's delicacies that leaves Luffy drooling a waterfall in his lap as he stares with stars in his eyes at all the food. A fork in one hand, and a knife in the other, he's ready to demolish the festivities in one go.

The rest of the crew is slightly afraid for their lives… They look on in slight fear and anticipation. This is the biggest feast ever thrown on Sunny, and they've never had to deal with Luffy gawking of an amount of food this big! Sanji glared menacingly to his captain, but look goes unnoticed. The only thing on the raven haired mans mind is FOOD.

Just when it looks as though Luffy can't take anymore, and is about to pounce right into the beautiful stuffed turkey on the table, Nami intervenes.

"Luffy!" She caught his attention. "Before you start stuffing your face, we should each state what we're thankful for. It's Thanksgiving after all!"

"Oh, right!" He grinned. "Since I'm the captain, I'll start off I guess! Ummm…." Luffy took a momentary pause to collect his thoughts. He thought back through all of his adventures with his crew. "I'm thankful for… That we are all together again." Luffy nodded as he said it. His gaze was now at the nakama that surrounded him, instead of the food. "You're my nakama, and this holliday would be nothing without you all!"

"Are you just saying that because you'd have no food without Sanji?" Usopp joked.

"N-no!" The captain tried to defend himself "Though, that's another thing I'm thankful for" He muttered, raising a laugh around the table.

"I'm thankful that the love cook spent all day in the kitchen, and not annoying me." Zoro stated in a bored manner.

"Oi, shitty marimo! How about being thankful my foot's not shoved up your ass!" Sanji barked back.

"You'd loved playing with another man's ass wouldn't you?" Zoro asked.

Sanji suddenly gasped as a brief flashback of Kamabaka Kingdom crossed his mind. "Of course not! Right Nami-swan?" He looked over the navigator who appeared to be deep in thought. "Nami-swan?" She continued to ignore him, and just sent a hand motion to continue giving thanks. Either she was troubled, or incredibly annoyed.

Usopp sweat dropped for a little while, before finally giving his speech. "I guess I'm thankful for the two years Luffy gave us all to train. I mean, we're all insanely stronger now, and even Sanji's cooking got better! Where'd you go anyway? An island of chefs?"

Sanji immediately began to panic. "Uhh, yeah! That's exactly where I went!" He began to laugh awkwardly and nervously. "I'm thankful for the fact that I was able to train on an island of chefs to improve my cooking for my lovely ladies!" He swooned.

All eyes were on Nami now, as it seemed that the crew was going in the order of when they joined. Nami looked back briefly. "I think I'll go last, please continue." She requested. Something was definitely up with her today.

Chopper was practically bouncing in his seat. "I'm thankful that I'm more in control of my transformations now, so I can help Luffy more!" He cheered.

"And I'm thankful that my time with the revolutionary army wasn't a waste." Robin continued coolly.

Franky jumped up from his seat, which was bigger than the rest of the crew's to accommodate his sheer size and weight. "I'm thankful for this SUPER day!" He posed, eliciting a simultaneous sweat drop from the whole crew, including Nami, who continued to appear lost in thought.

"And I'm thankful that Robin-chan will show me her panties!" A slap resounded around the room as the spawned hand disappeared from the table top. "Ah! That stings my skin… Though I have no skin or sensory nerves to begin with! Skull Joke! Yohohohohoho!" Usopp face palmed at the lame repetitiveness of the joke.

Everyone once again turned to Nami. She finally appeared ready to speak. She sighed before standing up to reveal what she had spent the share time pondering on. "I'm thankful for…" She still seemed unsure of herself. "My freedom." Her brown eyes bore right into Luffy's, who sat directly across from her. "And the man who gave it to me."

"Wait, what the hell is that supposed to mean Nami-swan?" Sanji interjected

"Exactly what I said." She stated boldly. "I'm thankful for Luffy"

There was a collective jaw drop at the news, however, Luffy just looked back into Nami's eyes and smiled. "You're welcome!" He chuckled. He had missed what everyone else had caught in her words. "Now that that's over with, LET'S EAT!" He roared. And thus the fight for food began. Limbs clashed, and angry words were exchanged as everyone fended their plates from Luffy.

When all was said and done, everyone was full, and Luffy had just eaten the last bit of turkey, making it official that he had eaten half of everything at the table. And everyone except for Zoro and Robin stared at one thing on the table.

"Wishbone!" Immediately, 7 bodies flew right for the remains of the turkey. Luffy and Nami reached the desired bone first. They exchanged a challenging glance as the rest of the crew deflated slightly seeing as how they wouldn't be able to compete for the wish.

"Are you ready?" Nami asked, her hand firm on her half of the fragile bone.

"Of course!" Luffy grinned back. They both pulled, and pulled, and pulled, until snap! The bone cracked into two. The interested crew members gazed at the winner.

"YOSH!" Nami cheered. Luffy looked in disbelieve.

"I lost? Damn… I was going to wish for more meat." He muttered in defeat.

The crew continued to chat until it grew late. Then, they slowly began to disperse. Robin, Zoro, Chopper, Franky, and Usopp all went to their beds to sleep. Sanji remained in the kitchen to clean dishes, and brook decided to play some soft music outside.

Luffy and Nami sat by the tree on deck, enjoying the light breeze and warm air in the relatively calm waters that they were experiencing on New World. Calm days were quite rare, but appreciated on this sea.

Luffy sat with his back to the tree as he gazed up to the sky, and Nami sat on the swing as her eyes wandered from her captain, to the same stars that Luffy seemed so interested in.

"You stare at the sky a lot now, you know?" Nami stated as she tried to decipher where in the vast area above her Luffy was focusing so heavily on.

"Yeah. Ace once told me that the people we care deeply about go to the sky when they die. And then they watch over us from there. I like to think that maybe, just once, I'll see Ace's face in the clouds or stars if I look hard enough…" Luffy said somberly as looked on.

Nami swallowed hard. It wasn't every day when Luffy got deep like this. It must mean that he's hurting a lot right now… And what he said… Reminded her so much of Bellemère, and made her look to try to find her face as well.

After a few moments of staring, Nami decided that she wouldn't find Bellemère's face tonight, and instead decided on taking Luffy's hat.

Luffy jumped slightly,, and immediately turned to Nami as he felt his hat being removed. He relaxed when he realized Nami had taken it, and now dawned it on her head. He had been so focused on the sky, he hadn't been using his haki to read her movements and thoughts, like he had been at dinner. She must have forgotten he could do that, because he knew everything she was debating on. He knew how she felt about him. He first noticed when he was first reunited with the crew. He found it to be quite entertaining to look into their minds, and share their happiness and sorrows.

However, his haki had just been troubling him since the wishbone incident. He read Nami's mind, but he didn't get an answer. She had wished for something, yet that didn't tell him what it was. He'd need to get the information out of her somehow… And yet, he knew he wasn't all that good at interrogation, and Nami would probably see it coming from a mile away. 'Oh well, here goes…' He thought to himself as he rose up from his seat, and turned to face Nami eye to eye.

"What is it Luffy?" She asked. Her head cocked to the side in curiosity. Luffy was about to try to weasel out the wish from her, but something else caught his eye. Nami's lips… There wasn't much that was extraordinary about them, but there was something he had failed to notice earlier…

Just in the corner of her mouth… Was a small bit of cranberry sauce that she had yet to lick up, that she still hadn't noticed… And it was just sitting there… begging to be eaten, it was taunting him! "Luffy, are you ok?" Nami was worried, as Luffy had just been staring at her face for a while now. Suddenly, Luffy crashed his lips against hers, and licked at the corner of her mouth.

Nami was startled, and almost fell from the swing, but quickly grasped onto Luffy for support, holding his head to hers, and pushing their torso's closer to each other. Luffy had just finished cleansing Nami's face of the forgotten food, but now his navigator was refusing to let him leave her face, she was holding him to her, and now, she was beginning to react. Her tongue left her moist cavern to meet Luffy's, startling the raven haired man, but encouraging him to delve into her mouth. He didn't know why he was doing it, but he had seen something like this in Nami's thoughts, and he figured if there was going to be any more food, it would be in here, wouldn't it?

He ran his tongue over hers, then moved around her teeth, prodding for any bits of food, but unfortunately, finding nothing. However, Nami's mouth still tasted a bit like Sanji's cooking, so all was not in vein. And Nami appeared to enjoy this thing they were doing anyway, so it was all justified in his mind. Soon, however, Luffy was finding it difficult to continue breathing. So he forced himself away from Nami's mouth, immediately missing the comfort of the feeling it gave him.

The two looked to each other for a moment, just panting from the small session they just had. "Nami?" Luffy asked.

"Hai?" She responded, a small hint of wanting in her voice, and hunger in her eyes.

"What did you wish for anyway?" Luffy questioned.

Nami smirked. "Something else to be thankful for…" The exact same thing he had seen in her head. "Being closer to you" She once again pressed their mouths together. Luffy tried to apply some more force, to see if it would intensify this new wonderful feeling he had just discovered that was for some reason living in Nami's mouth, but from pressing himself onto her, it sent her off the swing, and she pulled him down with her. The couple then lied in the grass, a tangle of limbs, joyously exploring one another's bodies.

Meanwhile, just a few meters away, a skeleton stood above the couple, frozen in place. His music had stopped, and he was near speechless. "I am thankful for… Finally seeing Nami's panties…" He stated as looked to Nami's pants, which were falling off slightly, revealing the green under things, plain for the skeleton's viewing. "Though I have no eyes to see! Yohohohoho!"

At the sudden sound, Nami raised from her place, seeing the skeleton over by the cabin doors, frozen in place.

On that night, Brook's dept became 30,000 berri more, and he never uttered a word about Luffy and Nami, or her panties that he witnessed on that day. Regardless, Thanksgiving was truly a happy holiday for all on Sunny, even Sanji, who was blissfully ignorant of the event that occurred just outside of his kitchen.

Epilogue: The Next Day

"Hey Nami, know what I'm thankful for?" Luffy asked ebulliently as he rushed to her seat on the swing as she looked to the clouds.

"Thanksgiving is over, baka." She muttered as she continued to look for Bellemère.

"That doesn't mean I can't be thankful for you, right?" He asked, getting her attention.

Nami began to blush. "Of course not." She smiled. She allowed him to entangle their fingers. Together, they looked at the sky. Suddenly, Nami jumped. "Luffy!"

"Hmm?" He looked to her. His eyes followed her pointed finger. Two clouds were near the sun, one looked like a woman with a Mohawk, but the other… The other cloud… "A-Ace?" He looked in disbelief.

"Bellemère…" Nami held a hand to her mouth as a tear left her watery eyes. "You were right Luffy, they're watching over us…"

"Nami, does that mean that they approve?" He asked. She looked to him in shock. Then, she burst out in laughter.

"Luffy, you're adorable." She locked lips with him, just as she had last night.

There's always something to be thankful for. Always.

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