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Chapter 1: What?

"You need to be home before dinner. Remember that, Aya." Her mother reminded her before she goes out. This is no ordinary day for a young lady of her kind; after all she's not like the normal teenager who goes around Shibuya every day.

Aya Hoshino, the only child of the billionaire Seiichi Hoshino. She is the heiress of the Hoshino clan. Aya had grown up in a loving family. With her mom always at home at took care of her instead of going to different business trips. Her father makes sure that he's home for at least once a month to see his family and spend a week in spoiling his little angel. But Aya is not spoiled at all. She knows how to be contented in everything she has at the present.

But today is something that she is not thankful for. She was asked by her mom to come home early because they have to attend to a very important appointment. What's with a simple appointment anyway? As what I have said, it is very important.

His phone rung for the third time that day, what else could possibly annoy him? "Hello," he answered the phone in his arrogant manner. "You're not answering your phone when I called around 6," the speaker on the other line was annoyed too just like him.

"Mom, it's 6 in the morning. What do you expect me doing? It's too early to wake up."

"That's the reason I don't want you to be leaving on your own. You don't know how to run your life properly."

"What do you need?" He was tired of listening to her sermons.

"Rei Otohata, don't use that tone on me."

"Mom, I'm already at school. The bell would be ringing anytime. I have to go. Now if you don't have anything important to tell me I better hung up."

"I just want to remind you that you should be home tonight young man. Mr. Hoshino would be arriving today and we would be meeting them."

"Fine. Fine. That's already the 50th time you have told me to be home early."

"REI! This is your future we are talking about. Now behave yourself. I'll see you tonight."

After that tiring conversation with her mom Rei went to his classroom thinking of what's happening that night. Of course, his mom told him that he is going to meet the Hoshino's, particularly their only daughter. But he already knew her. It just so happen that the girl was his ex-girlfriend. They just broke up about one week ago. He doesn't have any idea why, she just asked for it.

Tonight would be the night that they would be facing again. They would be seeing each other as friends because tonight something is going to happen.

Before the said meeting, Rei then arrived at their so called manor. Quickly as he could he went to his bedroom. Sad to say, his mother's eyes were as fast as those of a hawk.

"Not even bothering to tell me that your home?" she asked him.

Rei then went to her and give her kiss on the cheek as a sign of respect then went on to his room. To his dismay, her mother then called to him. "You don't have to be in a hurry, Rei. The dinner is not until 7. It's only 5 in the afternoon or are you excited meeting her?"

"I'm not excited at all. I already met her. I just want to end this day." He left her there wondering on the words he told her.

"He met the girl already?"

"Aya, are you ok?" her mother asked her for the 6th time. The girl just nodded as a reply. She might have said that she's fine but deep inside her tells her different. How could she be fine when she's going to meet her ex?

"Sigh..." another deep breath. "Aya, tell me the truth," her mother noticed her unusual reactions. "I'm just nervous." Then she gave her a soft hearted smile.

"So where's my angel?" Seiichi Hoshino finally came in. He gave his wife a kiss then hugged his daughter. "You look terrific sweetie."

"As always," her mom agreed on what she looks like. "Come on. We don't want them to be waiting for so long."

"Of course we should let them wait. They are so lucky we agreed to give them our precious treasure."

"Seiichi, that is not the right attitude of a business man."

"Sorry for the delay," Seiichi greeted the Otohata's with a smile while he shook Rui Otohata's hand.

"It's nothing. We we're just too early for the appointment." After giving each other a few more flowery words both of the parties then went to the usual introducing of each member of the family. At the Hoshino's side: Seiichi Hoshino is the father. Kaoru Hoshino is the mother and of course their lovely daughter Aya Hoshino. At the side of the Otohata's: Rui Otohata is the father. Aiko Otohata is the mother and Rei is their one and only son.

He gave his hand to shake hers and she did the same action while giving the lad a fake smile. He knows it. He can see right through her.

"So I believe both of the kids knows exactly what is happening," Seiichi asked Rei's parents. The four adults looked at Aya and Rei. Aya nodded and Rei gave his usual 'hn.'

"Well then, starting tonight Aya would be living with Rei and would be transferring school starting tomorrow."

"What?" All of them looked at her after giving such reaction.

"Mom, can I just stay at home for at least a night?"

"Sweetie, why the sudden reaction?"

"Mom please? I want to spend a night with you and dad at home. After tonight then I would be moving in," Kaoru looked at her husband waiting for his decision. But of course being his little sweet angel, he couldn't say no.

"Sorry for that Rui. But I think we have to cancel the moving in plan."

"It's ok. It seems like she misses you a lot that's why she reacted like that. Anyway she's your only daughter." Two parties had agreed on this plan. And so the night went on. They had their dinner together and then Aya excused herself. She can't stand Rei looking at her all the time. It makes her conscious and gives her limited actions. He followed her. He saw her walking towards the garden. She sat at the bench near the fountain, panting. He heard her murmur something, "You can't even stand to be around him for a dinner. How could you possibly live with him forever?"

"Then why don't you tell them that you don't want any of these ideas at all." She looked behind her and saw that Rei was there listening to every word that she had just said.

"Otohata-kun." He twitched his look on her upon hearing his surname. "Why return to the last name basis?" he asked.

"What do you expect? Call you the way I've been calling you for the past 8 months? Oh come on. You can't be serious." She chuckled at his remark.

"Well then. I believe we have to work on that. After tomorrow remember that we would be living under one roof. You will be living in my house in particular, Aya."

"Please don't remind me of what may happen after tonight."

"Why not?"

"To be honest, this would be a torture."

Rei smirked at her statement. Then he thought of something. He went near her and brought his face closer to her.

"R-R-Rei...what are you...?"

"This would be start of the torture, Aya," she blushed at the way Rei called her name and then looked away. He made a distance between them and smirked at her reaction. "You never changed at all." With his last remark, Rei left her there.

The very next day, Aya started to pack her things up. Rei was there waiting for her to finish packing. Starting today they would be living under one roof.

"We would be visiting you once in a week ok? So don't be too lonely," Seiichi promised to her then turned to Rei, "Rei, you'll be responsible for her starting today. I believe I could trust you with regards to her safety." He nodded at his future father-in-law.

After a quick saying of good byes to her mother and father, Rei carried her baggage and led her to his car waiting outside the Hoshino mansion. She took a quick glance at her home and went in his car. Without any warning he closed the gap between them and took the seatbelt making sure that she wears it.

"You could have just told me to put it on."

"This is torture."

No one dared to say a word during the travel though Aya was taking glances to her left. And Rei saw that. He smirked "Can't wait to have me all by yourself?"

"Such a big head Otohata."

"Getting used to calling me with that. You'll regret it Hoshino." Finally they've arrived at his house. She can't stand the close distance that they have inside the car. Upon getting inside the house she was very amused with its cleanliness.

"Are you sure you're leaving alone here?" Aya asked him.

"Don't worry. I won't betray my future wife by bringing other women here. Knowing that you'll eventually leave here with me." He said while having a smirk on his face.

"You're enjoying this torture."

"Really, you could tell."

She just rolled her eyes and then asked, "Where's my room? I'll be fixing my stuffs."

"We'll be sleeping on the same room."


"You heard me Hoshino. This house has a single room. Well the spare room is under renovation so you could move may be 2 weeks from now."

"Okay, I'll take the living room for now."

"Who said about taking the living room? You'll be sleeping in my room and no buts. Remember this is my house and your heard me saying to your father that I'll be responsible for you starting today." He passed by her and gave her a whisper, "Are you scared that I might do something to you?"

"I just respect your privacy Otohata. I believe you won't do anything to a girl you have no interest at all. Well then since I don't have any choice then I guess I would take your offer."

"Who had ever said that I won't do anything? I'm a guy Aya and you're a girl. Doesn't it sound like something dangerous?"

"As your future wife then there's nothing wrong if something like that would happen."

"She's good at acting tough. This would be the start of the entertainment."

"Anyway, I'll be transferring to your school tomorrow."

"Yeah. And you'll be using my surname instead of yours."

"Why would I do that?"

"They registered you as Otohata Aya, not Hoshino Aya."

"Oh God! This is not my day at all. How could they possibly do this to me?"

"Well then, should I start calling you Otohata?"

"Quit joking Rei!"

"That's what I want to hear from you."

"Okay. Let's clear things up between us before we start moving things here."

"I set the rules here. This is my house. Got that?"

"And what am I? Your maid?"

"You're my wife to be and you have to learn to live with my own set of rules."

With that, he left her. Aya was so annoyed by what's happening to her right now. OH GOSH! She's been trying to avoid him after they broke up and now they will be living under one roof and would be sleeping inside a single room They would even go to the same school and what would make it worst is if she would having the same classes with him. I hope not. She murmured to herself. She can't stand being with him anymore. She's trying her best to forget him, but how could she do that when they are bound to be married. The thought gives shivers to her.

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