It is for the grimmest of duties
My services are required today
A mighty Queen has fallen
From her all shall be taken away

The King has summoned me from my home
I dare not ignore his call
The stage is set, the die is cast
Forever and for all

The sun shines bright this May morning
Summer will be here soon
This fair lady shall never see another summer
For today she meets her doom

She's a witch, a whore, the King has said
Even with her own brother, no less
Whether it's true, God only knows
What secrets may lie within her breast

I see her kneeling on the straw
She reminds me of a wounded deer
Her eyes, dear God, her eyes are enough
To make one braver than I quake in fear

Suddenly the sword is heavy in my hands
Suddenly the sun blinds my eyes
One swift stroke is all that is needed
To bring an end to her life

I cannot, I simply cannot, yet I must
The King's orders I must obey
I beg God's forgiveness, and hers as well
How I wish there were some other way