ONI Sloop Winter Walker

CRYO Bay 17

Spartan Recon Group Delta: S45 Jai "Boomer", S79 Remy "Psycho", S24 Jackson "Blade", S107 Tom "Boss"

Objective: Destroy/Disable Covenant Shipyards in orbit over Scion 4

Early Release

S107 Tom, CRYO Tube 14

Tom's eyes opened up to the ice-encrusted glass of a CRYO tube. He couldn't see a thing, but all he knew was that he was partially awake and freezing. He felt a warming sensation, but as he regained control of his mind, his training kicked in and he realized that he was being warmed up to fast. All of the sudden, his CRYO pod opened up, and he came falling out, wearing nothing. He got on his hands and knees and threw up the gel in his stomach. He looked around and saw blood on the walls and bodies lying everywhere. But he saw something that made his skin crawl.

The CRYO officer was screaming, and something was dragging her body. Before Tom had the chance to do anything, the creature had drug the dying woman through a hole in the wall and out of sight. He heard the most horrific scream and then all went quiet. When he stood up, he heard a howl that was neither human nor Covenant in origin, and another one of the creatures ran for him from behind. He turned and charged right back and hit the monster twice in the chest. He heard the creature's ribs snap, and when the creature reared its head and screamed, he jumped on it, grabbed its head, and twisted. The thing fell quietly, but when he turned to walk away, it grabbed him and tried to rip his leg off.

Tom turned around, kicked, and broke the creature's forearm. He scrambled to his feet and ran out an open door. He caught a glimpse of a sign that lead to the medical bay, and he sprinted in the direction in pointed. He stole a glance behind him, and saw about 7 of the creatures running after him. He looked forward and ran twice as fast. After about a minute, he saw a blast door closing, and as he dove through, a Flood form jumped out a grabbed him. He kicked him through the closing doors, and when he got up, the doors clacked shut and locked into place.

Tom turned away and began to jog the last few meters to the medical bay. He heard mumbling, and he entered the medical area cautiously.

"DON'T MOVE! DON'T YOU MOVE A GOD DAMN MUSCLE!" someone yelled. He saw a man aiming a pistol at him. He did exactly as the man said, who began to walk carefully towards him.

"Who are you? Are you infected?" the man asked, obviously scared into hysteria.

"I'm S107, Tom. No, I am not infected." Tom replied coolly.

"You just get out of CRYO or something?" the man asked a little more calmly.

"Yes I did. Enough about me. Who are you and what the hell happened to this ship?" Tom asked. The man lowered his weapon and answered "Corporal First Class Robert, sir."

"You didn't answer my second question."

"It's the Flood, sir."

"The Flood? How the hell did Flood get on this ship?"

"Long story, sir."

"I guess it'll have to wait. For now, I need you to help me get to the Spartan Armories fast. Do you know the way?" Tom asked.

"Yes, sir, I do know the way. But sir, this ship is CRAWLING with Flood."

"I know, Corporal, but either you get me to the Armory, or you can wait till you run out of bullets." Tom stated, seeing the terror in the Marine's eyes. After a few seconds, "The Spartan Armory isn't far. Follow me, sir."

Tom nodded to the man, and they began to jog down the hall.

"Are there any more of you, sir? Spartans, I mean?" Robert asked nervously.

"Yes, trooper, my Recon team is still in CRYO. Which is why we need to hurry." Tom replied. The Marine nodded and sped up to a run. They zigzagged their way through the ship for about 30 minutes, moving around barricades, bodies, and a lot of blood. When they finally reached the armory, Tom looked for his locker. When he found it, he put on his black jumpsuit, and walked into the machine that would put his 1.5 ton armor on him. When he stepped out of the armorer, he was wearing his Recon Chest Armor, ODST Shoulder Plates, and EVA Helmet, colored Blue and Green with a Black visor.

So much more comfortable… Tom thought.

"We need to go back to CRYO." Tom said to the Marine.

"Oh HELL no! I will not go back in there!" Robert yelled.

"Trooper, I am ordering you to follow me, now GET MOVING!" Tom commanded.

Just as the Marine was about to protest, they heard a chorus of screams.

"Shit." Tom said to himself.

"Aw, man, we're fucked! WE'RE BOTH GONNA DIE!" Roberts yelled.

Tom set a tactical marker on his HUD on the armory, and was just about to grab the Marine when something broke through the ceiling. It grabbed the Marine and impaled him on one of its arms, and tore the screaming Marines head off. The Flood form removed its arm from Robert's chest, tearing bones out with it, and turned on Tom. Tom pulled his combat knife and, holding it backhand, plunged it into the Flood's chest. He tore it out and slashed open it's stomach, spilling its guts on the floor of the Armory.

My team's gonna love me for the smell… Tom thought. When the creature fell over the ground, Tom raised a foot and stomped all the way through the Flood's chest in one swift motion. He pulled his foot out, ran out of the Armory, and set out for the CRYO Bay.