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Chapter 1: We're Friends, Kind of...

Two figures were running down a dusty highway at what appeared to be nighttime. As they ran, they came upon a hatchback on the side of the road. The larger of the two stopped and looked into the car's window.

"Hey, I think there's stuff we can use in here. Come over and take a look." The larger one gestured for the smaller one to come over.

The smaller one peered into the window. Yeah, there's goods in there all right, the smaller one thought to himself.

"Do you think it's worth our time?" The bigger one started fiddling around in his bag, searching for something.

The smaller one elbowed the passenger-side window, breaking it, reached in, and opened the door.

"I'll take that as a yes then. Here, take a flashlight." The larger figure threw a flashlight at his companion.

The two clicked on their flashlights at the same time.

"Okay then, what do we have in here that we can use?"

They began searching the car for anything, but before they started, the bigger one broke off the rear-view mirror.

"Best to keep that mirror under wraps, don't want just anyone to find us."

As they searched the car, the flashlights illuminated more than just the car.

The larger one had dark, overgrown brown hair, and had dark brown eyes. His stocky build was clearly cramped in the small hatchback, and he had to bend into unnatural positions just to get into the front seats.

"You know what? I'm going to go check out the boot instead."

He climbed out of the car and opened the back door.

You mean trunk, right? the smaller one thought.

He was of a smaller, more nimble size, and seemed to have an easier time searching the hatchback's interior. He seemed to be used to this kind of thing, but he always kept to the shadows, meaning you couldn't get a good look at him.

"Hey, I think I might have found something that would give me an edge." The bigger one came up from behind the rear seats.

The smaller one continued searching.

"I found a baseball bat with some balls in a duffel bag back here. Reminds me of when the sun shone." He shined his flashlight into the car. "You still there, buddy?"

The smaller one stopped. He seemed to be remembering.

Ah, when the sun shone. I miss that wonderful feeling. He was the one who missed the sun more of the two. He came up into the light of his friend's flashlight, and for the first time, his appearance was clear.

He was humanoid in shape, but had green skin, and a red underbelly. His eyes were yellowish slits, and leaves grew off his wrists and the top of his head.

"Man, I wish I could understand you word for word, Grovyle, it would make life a hell of a lot easier."

The two could both speak, but the human couldn't understand the pokemon. It could just never happen, unless if he had a psychic translator.

"Hey, I always wanted one of these!"


"Check it out!" The human put on a blue wooly cap. "Looks good, huh?" He smiled.

Grovyle smiled back. It was little things like that that made it possible to have fun in these dark times, or lack thereof.

"Anyway, let's see what we have."

They laid out what they found in the car. It wasn't much.

"Alright then, we have: a map, a baseball bat, three baseballs, two bags of trail mix, a mirror, some string, an empty duffel bag, this hat, some loose change, the keys to the car, and a small, blue messenger bag, also empty." The boy thought for a moment. "I'm keeping the messenger bag, bat, and hat. The map's out of date, we can't use it." The two heard someone's stomach rumble. "But before we set off, let's open one of those bags of trail mix, Grovyle."

They had a nice meal of trail mix. The boy ate most of the pretzels and nuts, while Grovyle got most of the raisins and seeds. It was a pretty fair split.

"Right, we're gonna need to make up for lost time, so let's see if this thing starts. If it does, we might just be able to make to your friend on time."

Grovyle hated to admit it, but the boy was right. They had wasted over an hour at the hatchback, and they would have to run the rest of the twenty miles to her to get there in time. Neither had that much endurance.

The boy stuck the key into the ignition. Then, he turned it.


The engine sputtered to life, but he saw that the engine was running on fumes.

"Well, at least it'll get us back on schedule."

The engine died around five miles from where they needed to be, but they had made good time, so it would just be a leisurely walk to their destination.

As they left, Grovyle stuffed the remaining trail mix into his satchel. The boy slung the messenger bag over his shoulder and held his new bat.

As they began walking, the boy decided to try conversation.

"Grovyle, we're going to travel in time, aren't we?"

He nodded.

"Say, do you think that in the past, we'll be able to see the stars again?"

Grovyle thought for a moment, then did a kind of shrug.

"I sure hope so, I really miss being able to see all the constellations. I remember, how, once, before time went to hell, my dad brought me up into the mountains, to see my grandparents when I was six. The car broke down on the side of the mountain, and we were stuck there for the night. We slept in the car, and it was so cold."

Grovyle shivered at the thought.

"It was so cold, that we woke up in the middle of the night, and both looked out the window. I'll never forget what I saw there."

Grovyle knew where this was heading.

"We both went out to get a better look, and off the side of the mountain, we could see the Milky Way. It was beautiful."

The boy actually got tears in his eyes at the thought, which surprised Grovyle. The boy had been beaten so hard when he had found him, and he hadn't even whimpered. He just was wincing, and said "Thanks" when he saved him. Grovyle thought that if that hadn't made him cry, nothing could. He was wrong.

"My dad and I, we just sat there, on the guardrail, looking out at the sky, and we talked, talked about stuff, small stuff, but it was special that night."

The boy was actually shedding tears.

"He and I, we saw the world as it was meant to be. Alive, and glorious. I'm willing to do anything, anything, to make sure that that kind of stuff can happen in the future that we will make. For others."

Grovyle wrapped himself around the boy and hugged him. He knew what would happen if their plan worked, and he was pretty sure the boy knew too. Yet, he still went along with it.

"Come on, let's get moving."

They began to move.

They walked into a clearing, and then eight dark Sableye with jeweled eyes ambushed them.


They were surrounded on all sides. They all got ready for a fight.

Grovyle readied his Leaf Blade, and the boy got in position to swing his bat.

The Sableye all attacked.

Grovyle attacked two Sableye at once, and KO'd them both, but not without screaming a battle cry.


The boy couldn't understand the words, all he heard was repetition of the Pokemon's name, but he had problems of his own.

"Batter up!"

He swung at two Sableye, sending them off into a tree's trunk, both were KO'd.

"And it's a home run!" The boy smiled. "I guess I'm useful in a fight after all, aren't I?"

They made quick work of the remaining foes.

"Come on, let's hurry before Dusk-"

"You shall go no further!"

The boy didn't understand the language, but he knew that voice better than anyone.

They turned around to see a dark figure with a single, glowing, red, evil eye.

"Aw crap! Speak of the devil, I guess."

"You and your friend have gone far enough, Grovyle!"

"Screw you, Dusknoir!" Grovyle yelled as he used Leaf Blade.

Dusknoir grabbed the blade, and they began wrestling.

The boy looked for an opening, then. THWACK! He hit him clear across the head.

Dusknoir was knocked to the ground and looked onward as Grovyle and the human ran away.


They ran to the meeting place, where they met Celebi. The boy was surprised to see that she was pink, instead of the usual green. What was it called? Oh right! She's "shiny."

He just decided to stand back a bit.

"Um, Grovyle, how about you do the negotiations? I feel that I'm gonna be pretty useless here."

Grovyle nodded.

"Celebi, are we able to head through the passage?" Grovyle asked.

"Yes you are, but I'm not sure about the human, who is he?" Celebi was worried.

"He's Chris, don't worry, he's my friend."

"If you say so." She didn't seem convinced. "He looks like a thief."

"Isn't that what we're going to be doing, though?"

"Ha! You're good, darling. Come on, follow me."

Grovyle motioned for Chris to follow.

"Done already? Got it!" He adjusted his bag then ran up to follow them.

They saw the Portal through time and space.

On the other side is your destination, be careful, okay? Celebi decided to transmit her message through telepathy so that the human would understand too. Even if it was just an excuse for blowing his mind.

"Um, okay?" Chris said. "Let's get going."

They stepped into the portal. Celebi left the scene, leaving the portal to dissipate on its own.

It dissipated after seven seconds, but in that time, something else hitched a ride.

"This is amazing!" Chris was excited at the prospect of traveling through space/time, and he was having fun in the environment of the vortex. It was a zero gravity chamber.

Grovyle couldn't help but enjoy himself

Won't be enjoying themselves for long, Dusknoir smirked to himself.

The boy then saw something coming for them, a malicious ball of evil, dark energy.

"Holy shit!"

His only thought was to protect the only friend he had for these long weeks.

"Look out!"

He grabbed Grovyle and pulled him out of the way of the energetic ball, but at a price.

"ARGH!" He had to put himself in the path of the ball. It hurt like hell, to say the least.

"Chris!" Grovyle was shocked, the boy had put himself in harm's way to protect him. And now he was slipping away. He reached out to the boy and grabbed him.

"HOLD ON!" Grovyle was panicking at this point, he couldn't lose him here, anywhere but here!

"I can't- I-I-I'm slipping!" Chris could barely see clearly anymore.

"W-W-W-Whoa! Waaaaaaaaah!" Was the last either of the two heard before the boy slipped off into the dark.