19 years before the Fortune city outbreak there was another zombie outbreak in New Orleans A man, his wife, and their ten month old son was driving away from the horrible accident that occurred at New Orleans."How are you holding up Jamie?" The man driving the truck asked as his wife looked at him with loving eyes."I'm fine Henry but I need zombrex before it's to late." Jamie said holding her arm. "Don't worry I heard there's a small town around here it has a pharmacy with all the new medicine." Henry Said as he drove down the road."Hey Henry that's a guy stop stop!" Jamie cried out. Henry accidentally ran over the man."Oh god dammit...I'll see if he's alright...or something." Henry said as he got out of the truck. The man got up he walked towards Henry."Hey buddy I'm sorry for...ah no get off of me!" Henry said as the man tried to bite him."Henry! Leave my husband alone!" Jamie yelled as she punched the zombie off of her husband."He bit me...We need to get..to..town... fast holy shit." Henry said they found the town but it was infested with zombies they were everywhere the couple looked."This town has medical supplies we need them if we want to protect our son!" Jamie said as she entered the truck's side."Hey that place down there it looks safe!" Henry whispered so the zombies won't notice them."Good idea...but the truck it ran out of gas!" Jamie said as she grabbed her son."I know just stay behind me...And I'll protect both of you!" Henry said as he walked towards the abandon building.

Henry, and his family made it into the abandon building."Henry what time is it?" Jamie said she was feeling a bit sick."I'll find the medicine don't worry your knight in shiny armor is here my royal queen." Henry snickered before Jamie punched him in his shoulder."I hope our son isn't a flirt like you!" Jamie yelled as her husband left the room."Yeah, and I hope he is."Henry thought as he made his way to the pharmacy.

Thousands of zombies blocked Henry's path."I am not getting anywhere fast with these bastards in my way!" Henry thought as he entered a maintenance room. There was a paddle, and two chainsaws in the maintenance room."Oh hell yes!" Henry said as he started to combine the three weapons."Try, and bite me now bitches!" Henry yelled as he kicked the maintenance doors open.

Henry started up the chainsaw paddels and slashed his way to the pharmacy."Ha ha ha ha ha you punks have nothing on me!" Henry yelled as he made his way into the pharmacy."Zombrex...Zombrex... Great there's nothing here!" Henry yelled as he pounded the wall."Your looking for zombrex right?" A man said appearing from the aisle."Who are you, and do you know where I could get some zombrex?" Henry asked as the man unlocked the back door to the pharmacy it had loads of Zombrex. My name's Sullivan the army is coming in three days...why do you need zombrex." Sullivan asked as Henry showed him his bitemark."One of those...things bit me, and my wife." Henry said as Sullivan raised his gun and shot it."What the hell are you trying to do kill me!" Henry yelled as Sullivan chuckeled."No I'm trying to kill that zombie he was about to bite you." Sullivan said as Henry looked to his side."Oh well thanks look I have to get my wife the medicine can we talk later it's almost Seven." Henry said as Sullivan handed him the zombrex before he left.

Henry ran into the warehouse, and blocked the door so the zombies can't come in."Hey Jamie I found the medicine." Henry said as he gave the medicine to his wife."Thank god for this stuff." Jamie said as she, and Henry took the medicine. The baby boy started gigling as he played with his blanket."He has your eyes." Henry said as he grabbed his son's hand."Yeah but he has your personality." Jamie said smiling at her husband. "Okay well I found this guy I think he could help us." Henry said as he walked out the door."Be careful Henry!" Jamie yelled as she rocked her baby to sleep.

Henry walked towards the Pharmacy killing any zombie that got in his way."Hello Sullivan Sullivan where are you you old bastard!" Henry yelled as he picked up a bat."Well hello kid how's your wife?" Sullivan asked as he smoked a cigar."Fine but is there any way we could leave this town faster?" Henry asked as he started to breath heavily."I'm sorry but no Look there are people out there that went crazy now I'm old but you your young you see they are trying to stop the miletery now if you could defeat them I'll keep that bite a secret Deal?" Sullivan asked as Henry looked at him."Sure deal I'll take care of them." Henry said as Sullivan stopped him."Wait for a bit I haven't spotted any of them for a while here I'll call you if I see anything." Sullivan handing Henry a cummunicator before leaving."What now then you old fool?" Henry thought as he sat on a chair a bit tired he decided to take a nap for a bit

Well this is my first Prequel when I said last story for 72 hours I meant the last story that moves the plot forward this might be shorter then the first three main plots but hey whatever I'm glad to do another story of 72 Hours in Hell.