23 years later."Anthony get the baby book Aqua just said her first word!" Rose said excitedly."Where is it again?" Anthony asked as he looked around the bookshelves."It's in the attic!" Rose said as she made Aqua giggle."Right I always wondered why people put stuff in the attic." Anthony thought as he grabbed the baby book."What's this?" Anthony asked as he noticed his baby stuff."I wonder?" Anthony silently said as he went through his old stuff.

Anthony found a weird Pendent with the initials H.G."Weird" Anthony said as he opened it. There was a picture of Henry, Jamie, and Anthony when he was a baby. Chuck dropped by to say hello he does this every weekend."Hey Rose where's Anthony I wanted to see if he would like to go bowling." Chuck said as he smiled his usual cocky smile."Oh he's in the attic look for Aqua's baby book." Rose said inviting Chuck in."Well I'll ask him now so I won't bother him later."Chuck said before he walked into the attic."Hey Anthony do you want to go bowling later on?" Chuck asked as Anthony looked at him puzzled."Yeah um do you know these people I know that's me." Anthony said showing Chuck a picture of his real parents.

Chuck gasped when he saw the picture."Oh my god that's my brother, and his wife but that means?" Chuck said as he pulled out the same picture."He died in a zombie out-break with his family." Chuck said as Anthony grabbed a picture of himself and showed it to Chuck."This means your my nephew kid damn...I should of known you have Jamie's eyes, and Henry's personality especially around women ha!" Chuck laughed.

Anthony started to cry a bit he wasn't sad he was happy he learned about his real dad."Hey kid...Welcome to the family." Chuck said as he hugged his newly found nephew."Hey what's going on?" Rose asked hearing Anthony crying a bit."Rose...Chuck's my uncle." Anthony said as he explained everything to his wife."So are you going to keep the name Rattler?" Chuck asked as Anthony thought about it."Yeah my adopted parents treated me like their own I don't want to dishonor them." Anthony said as he, and Chuck left to go bowling.

Okay this is the end of Case zero I know it's short but oh well right now I'm going to put down some similarities to Anthony, and his father Henry.

Both love their families very much, both were infected with the zombie virus, both depended on zombrex,both fought Sullivan, both know Chuck Greene, and both share the same personality most of the time.

Now the differences. Both found a large supply of zombrex but Sullivan didn't break Anthony's supply.

Both fought Sullivan but Sullivan was killed by Anthony, and Chuck.

Both of their wives were infected but Anthony saved his wife.

Both were left to die but Henry accepted his fate while Anthony fought to his near death.

Well this is the end I have nothing else to say about the two I hope you enjoyed reading 72 hours in hell :Case zero. Dead rising 2 Case zero is at least one hour long so that was one reason why this story was short.