My long,black,wavy hair flew back as the chilling air pushed against it. I could feel my heart beat faster and faster as I drew closer to Kamical High. It's my first day as a junior...I'm the new student...the fresh blood...

CHAPTER 1- 3 months later…

"Katerina! Wait up!" I turned around to see my boyfriend,Antonio,running towards me. Antonio refused to call me by my nickname,Kat. All he would say is,"I think Katerina is beautiful. Why would you want to shorten such a beautiful name?" I stopped and waited…Antonios black,shaggy hair were always in his seaweed green eyes. His dark tan skin always seemed to glow in the light and he looked even cuter with the small gauge in his right ear. All the girls were in love with him,but not as much as I was. "Hey." He greeted and kissed my cheek softly. "Hey,what's up?" I asked warmly. "There's this new club opening tonight and I was wondering if you you'd like to come check it out with me tonight."

"Umm…I can't..but maybe another night.."

"ohh ok….Well see you at lunch.."

"Ok later." I kissed Antonio quickly and headed to History class. Oh my gosh..I'm glad he didn't ask me what I was doing tonight…,I thought to myself.
I couldn't concentrate on lecture. I was starting to doze off when all of a sudden.."KaterinaRose!" the teacher called out furiously. "Huh? What?" I screamed out alarmed. "Please pay attention and stop daydreaming!" she yelled. I could feel my face grow hot with embarrassment. Just then,the bell rang. I quickly gathered my belongings and rushed out the classroom,heading for the cafeteria.

When I walked into the lunchroom,I spotted Antonio and my 3 friends,Meli,Jake,and Samantha in the far corner. I walked towards them and sat next to Antonio. " Hey guys." I greeted. "Hey Kat!" they all responded smiling. "So Kat,Antonio tells us that you aren't coming to the new club opening tonight.." Samantha said. "Ummm…yea I have a thing to do…"

"Like what?" Antonio asked. Oh crap..this is what I was afraid of...,I thought. "Umm….babysitting…for my…neighbors…dog.. Plus it's Thursday,a school night." I said nervously. "Oh." Antonio said glumly. My mind wandered off as they talked about the new club. I shouldn't have lied to Antonio…I should just tell them the truth..No I can't.. I argued with myself for a while. I guess I don't want anyone to know that I sing at Nightstars..

The rest of the day went by so fast. I rushed home right after school to shower and practice my song. I decided to wear my black skinny jeans,short,hot pink top,and my black, knee-high boots. I was soo nervous and excited to be singing again.


My heart beat faster and faster as the announcer announced my name. I heard the applause and cheering. I've done this soo many time before and I still felt as if I was gonna puke. I finally found my feet,took a deep breath,and walked onstage. The crowd got wilder. "How ya'll doing tonight!" I asked happily with the biggest smile on my face. The cheering got even louder and the band started playing my music. I sang and danced around,forgetting my worries. Strobe lights filled the room and it felt as if I was having a concert. I skipped across the stage and looked about the crowd. The front double doors opened and Antonio,Meli,Samantha,and Jake walked in. They all stared at me in shock,their mouths hanging wide open. Hurt and anger crossed Antonio's face as he watch me dance around the stage. I sang the last of my song and the music died down dramatically. Clapping followed along.I walked down the steps of the stage and towards my friends and boyfriend. "Hey guys..what are you doing here?" I asked nervously. Guilt and nervousness filled me. "Jake got into a fist fight with some dude for making out with his girlfriend and got kicked out. So,we decided to leave and come here. What are you doing here? I thought you were babysitting your neighbors dog. "Antonio said coldly. I opened my mouth to explain,but Antonio cut me off."I thought we never kept anything from each other...I thought we always told each other everything..But I guess I was wrong...Im outta here. "Antonio said and walked away. "Antonio..." I started to say,but it was too late...he was already gone into the night. Everybody else left without saying a word to me. I stared outside,until I finally got out of my trance and started walking home hurt and guilty. I turned on my iPod and started listening to Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood. As I walked into an alley,I felt eyes on me and heard whispering. "Hey looking sexy tonight. How about you come to my house and...hang with me for a while?" a deep voice said in a seductive purr. I stopped walking and turned around to see a tall,tan,muscular guy leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. He was looking me up and down with a smirk on his face. "Ugh!Get a life you sick bastard!Never in my life would I 'hang' with you! So keep on dreaming!" I yelled angrily. I started walking again when all of a sudden,I felt two strong hands grab me from behind and throw me to the ground. "Why keep dreaming if I can make my dream come true right now?" he said seductively. I screamed and pain shot through my cheek as the man slapped me. I started to scream again,but the man shoved my face in the ground and held it there while he got on top of me. My cries and screams for help were muffled.