Antonio instantly rushed by my side and helped me sit up. He looked at Kyrie with rage. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" he yelled,his eyes glowing a deep red. Kyrie smirked. "You left me for her? ha! You would've had a wonderful life with me,wouldn't need to worry about taking care of stupid babies." he said calmly. "But no! You have to leave ME for HER!" Kyrie yelled his red eyes flaring with rage. "What do you want?! Where the hell are my parents?!" Antonio shouted. "I want you to dump that troll and be with me and only me! And as for your parents,don't worry,they aren't too far."

"Let them go Kyrie!"

"NO! Not unless you dump the bowling ball and come back to me and never leave me!"

"Forget it!"

"Fine then! I guess your parents will have to pay the price! Gerson!"

Just then,a tall and big guy walked into the living room with Antonios parents tied up. I looked at Antonio and saw surprise in his face. Kyrie smirked and walked towards Antonios parents. "Poor Charlotte and Jeremy. They are going to die painfully. It's a pity. They would've made great grandparents." Kyrie teased. He pulled a dagger out of his sleeve and circled it around Antonios mothers heart. Antonio was trying to hold back. I needed to do something quick. All of a sudden,Antonio flitted to Kyrie and knocked him down. Gerson grabbed Antonio by the arms and held him down. I could see Antonio struggling to free himself. It was no use. Gerson was too strong. Kyrie go up and walked up to Antonio. "You little bitch!" he shouted and punched Antonio in the left cheek. As if remembering me,Kyrie walked towards me. He grabbed me by the hair and tossed me in front of Antonio. I landed on my knees and yelped in pain. I placed my hand on my abdomen,as if soothing the baby. I felt Kyrie grab my hands and tie them together. Antonio was beyond raging. "KaterinaRose...such a pretty troll. She would be way to valuable to kill. Even more valuable than your parents. Forget your parents,I'm going to torture you by torturing little Katerina here." Kyrie said in a teasing tone. "NO! Don't you dare Kyrie!" Antonio yelled. In response,Kyrie grinned and plunged his dagger an inch away from my heart. I screamed in pain,Antonio,screaming too. Happy with the response he was getting from Antonio,Kyrie stabbed me in my back. I screamed even louder,tears spilling out of my eyes. Antonio was trying to fight off Gerson,but failed. There was nothing he could do,but watch and yell. Kyrie kept stabbing me in any place other than my abdomen,leaving that for last,before he kills me completely. I was crying hard now. I screamed in agony as Kyrie stabbed my upper thigh. "STOP! KYRIE,STOP! I'LL BE WITH YOU,I PROMISE. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! PLEASE!" Antonio cried out. Kyries head jerked up to Antonio and he grinned,satisfied. "It's cute to see you in mercy. Let him go Gerson. "

Gerson let Antonio go as instructed and backed away an inch. Antonio stood up and faced Kyrie.

"I'll be with you,if you leave Katerina and my parents alone."

"Hmm...Ok,but pull anything,and they all die."

"I won't pull anything,I promise."

"Then let go. We are leaving now."

"Let me say goodbye at least!" Antonio yelled angrily. Kyries smiled faded and he nodded. "Make it quick." he said.

Antonio walked up to me and hugged me tightly. He kissed my cheek lightly and placed his hand on my abdomen. I cried silent tears as I held on to him. "Please,don't leave me. Please." I begged. "I have to.." he replied saddened. He then,got up and went to say his goodbyes to his parents. I could hear a deafening sounds of shrill sirens blaring out. It was getting closer. I covered my ears,as well did everyone else. Suddenly,it stopped and all I could hear is a car door slamming and footsteps walking toward the house. The doorbell rings. Kyrie answers it calmly. "Police. We got a call of a-"

"Nothing happened here. It was just lots of fighting. Now,leave." Kyrie said. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Kyrie compelled him. The police officer nodded and left. Kyrie closed the door and turned towards us. "Lets go love."

"I'm coming." he replied. Antonios parents crawled next to me and we all hugged each other,saying our final goodbyes to Antonio. Once,he let go of us,Kyrie and him were gone. I cried as Antonios mom held me. Antonio left to save us. There was one thing I knew about Antonio though,he was going to come back someday. We will be together again,once Kyrie was killed. I held onto whatever hope I had. I was going to get Antonio back and kill Kyrie if it's THE LAST thing I do. I promise.