Chapter 15

Canada's POV

It brought great joy and perhaps a little annoyance at seeing how hard it was to pull everyone away from my little Abby. No one wanted to leave, no one wanted to put her down, no one wanted to be away from her, and realistically, I couldn't blame them, Abby just had this way of just naturally warming your heart and wrapping you around her tiny adorable finger. It got to the point that everyone would set up shifts with holding her. I wasn't exactly sure why, being that like most babies at her age she slept most of her time, but still everyone seemed perfectly content when it came to holding and slowing rocking her. Even Al seemed to find enjoyment in holding his niece while she slept without getting bored! The room was constantly packed with people wanting to see the little baby and talk to Kat about how she was, after hours it began to get a bit overwhelming.

A few hours after Abby had been named and we got her all fed and settled England arrived very excitedly. The first thing he said when walking in the room was "where is my blood grandchild?" At the time it seemed odd, but I more tried to take it as a good thing. I told myself that he was simply eager to see, while France had a completely different response.

"Where is my wonderful new grandchild~?! I must see the baby," he said as he practically skipped in with a huge smile on his face he looked as though he should be perspiring sparkles.

"She is over," I told them, even though they arrived an hour or two apart, and then I led them to Abby.

Just like everyone else with one look she seemed to have them won over. She was only a few hours old and barely knew any of us and she already had so many people who loved her. I ever saw England held her delicately in his arms, and force once he wasn't shouting, for once he wasn't trying to kill France or letting his temper get the best of him. I even saw him smile as he rocked my little girl the same way he did with both Al and I many years before.

However, the effect only really last a few minutes after. England seemed to get out of his happy trance as a plastic toy fell on to the ground and his eyes locked on America.

"Are you playing with children's toys?!" he asked, "Alfred why can't you be a bloody Adult?!"

"Duh, I am an adult, I just happen to have an adorable boyish side which clearly you wouldn't know a thing about, bushy brows," America said back as he launched them both into a full on argument about looks, being a gentleman, England's eye brows and then eventually politic.

"There has to be a law somewhere about having eyebrows that big," America said laughing.

"Don't be absurd, and stopping bring up my damn eyebrows you twit," England snapped back. I snuck in as they argued and pulled my daughter to safety before giving her to her other grandfather who sat there happily sitting next to Ukraine.

France just smiled as he held her tiny body in his arms. He sang to her in French and while she rested just looked down at now and then calling her names like beautiful or angel, he was so comfortable just holding her and taking care of her that it was a little surprising.

I spent a lot of time with France when I lived with him back during my childhood, but I still really didn't remember quite what it was like having him as a father, but of course England was not very much help with the memories I used to have as he used to try and fill my head with bad thoughts and memories of France, he raised me and wanted me to have nothing to 'that French bastard' as he put it, so it was hard to tell if the memories I wish so badly to have even happened in the first place, though if one were to see France when he had a baby in his arms it would be impossible for anyone to even trying to argue that he was a bad father/ grand pa.

Seeing them all with Abby made me happier than ever but as the day dragged on I was reminded of the fact that Kat had just had a baby and really needed some sleep, which wasn't exactly easy when you had a room full of people either fighting or cooing over the baby, so with much difficulty I was able to shoo them all out the room, which in a way was its own reward because it meant that now I could have my own time with Abby without anyone trying to steal her to me, or telling me my time was up.

I took her in my arms and sat in the chair that was placed right next to Katsuyasha's bed.

"Hello, beautiful," Kat said as she smiled at our sleeping baby. I smiled too, and kissed her tiny little head feeling the slight brush of the fair hair she was growing on her head. Kat smiled and leaned close to see her daughter as well. I helped by angling Abigail a bit so that Kat could see her better.

"Hey Kat," I said looking at Abby, my mind completely wandering while thinking about the possibilities life could hold for such a tiny human being.

"What is it Matvey," she asked from the corner of my eye I saw she was watching the baby as well, he voice also sounded distant, maybe she was considering the same thing.

"Do you think she knows that we are her parents?" I asked. Kat tilted her head slightly as she considered my question.

"I don't know," she finally replied. I looked down at my daughter again trying not to let the disappoint show on my face. I suppose it didn't really matter whether or not she knew if I was her father now… she would know eventually right? I felt Kat put her hand on my shoulder. I looked over at her confused and she smiled at me.

"I may not know what she thinks, but I have noticed that she seems to be happier when she is with the two of us," she said. I couldn't help but feel a wide grin stretch across my face.

"Really?!" I shouted unable to contain my excitement. "Oh my Gosh she is so amazing," I said as I hugged my little girl. She woke up whether it was by actions or my words (or both) and made a tiny little irritated noise. Kat made a face that showed she was braced to hear her cry, but Abby quickly calmed down and resumed her nap.

"You really should wake her up," Kat said. "I don't want her to be up all night crying."

"You're right, sorry, I just got really excited," I said as I laid Abby on to the tiny baby in thing the hospital gave her as a bed, when I was sure she was comfortable and fast asleep I went over to Kat and climbed into the bed with her, wrapping my arms around her, snuggling her and being very careful not to cause her any pain. I saw Kat smile and then lean her head down on to the pillow and shut her eyes going to sleep and that made me feel happy, hell everything made me feel happy right now! I doubted there was a thing in the world that could take my happiness away right now.

Everyone seems to think that their life starts the day they are born, and on a biological level that may be true, but for me it started right then; right there and then. I couldn't picture a more wonderful life then one where I had a beautiful wife who I loved with all my heart, and a wonderful daughter I loved more than life itself. I realized, it didn't matter if no one else could see me, my family could, and that is all that really matters. It sounds cheesy but in the end the only thing that should really matter is both love and family and I was just so lucky to have both.

The End

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