A Day in the Park

(Authors Note: Since I seemed to be good at stories with Czes and my O.C. Lila, I'll try writing another fluffy oneshot. Yep, you've been warned, there is SUCH fluffiness in this. I do not own anyone but Lila, please be nice!)

After taking a long walk in central park, Lila took a little nap by a tree. When she woke up, she saw Czeslaw standing in front of her looking annoyed.

"Oh... Hello Czes..." Lila said as she sat up and yawned. "What are you doing here?"

"You're not pestering me like you usually are, I thought you got hurt so I came to check on you." He remarked, folding his arms and looking away.

"You didn't have to worry about me you know?" She rubbed her eyes and got up.

"You could've gotten hurt, you shouldn't sleep in the park, you're going to mislead people." He grabbed her hand and started walking away from the park.

"If you think I'm annoying, then why did you come to check on me?" She teasingly said, taking his hat off and putting it on her head.

"Hey!" He turned around to grab his hat only to be greeted to Lila softly kissing his cheek and placing the hat back on his head.

"Don't worry about me so much! I'll be fine!" She giggled "You're so cute! I'll see you tomorrow!" She smiled, waved, and ran off.

All he could do was blush, touching cheek and smiling just a bit.

"Bye..." Was all he could mutter.

(Authors Note: Awww! Aren't they so cute! Hope you enjoyed it!)