New Girl, Old Story


Heroes are not bourn, they are made. Why is it that clichés are always the truest things humanity has ever uttered?

I cracked my tired eyes to see my big brother looming over me. He jostled me again, urgency making his voice tight. A haze covered my mind, causing my movement to be groggy and clumsy. I didn't quite hear what Ni-san* was telling me, for it seemed like there was clay stopped up in my ears. But the urgency and … fear in his brown eyes and etched into his young face pushed my own fear to the surface. I slipped my dress and shoes on quickly and silently, the familiarity from practice guiding my small hands. I was 5 years old and already a trained master in midnight getaways.

After I was finished dressing, Ni-san grasped my hand and whisked me out of the room. Only then did I notice the bag slung around his shoulder. Our footsteps were silent as we tread down the narrow hallway. All that had been blurred by sleep was now as sharp as a razor, as though the haze was lifted from my mind. I may be 5, but I'm far from stupid. I knew exactly what was happening. Anticipation coiled like a viper in my stomach.

Ni-san stepped lightly from the hallway, me right on his heels, and stopped dead. Horror seeped through my very bones as I peeked from behind Ni-san's leg. There, in front of our escape route, they stood. She scowled at Ni-san, tossing me a scalding glance, and curled her lips in rage. He leaned casually against the door, amusement shimmering in his shark-like eyes despite his blank face. Ni-san and that woman spat bitter comments for a short time, the animosity and hatred so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife.

She screeched in rage when one of Ni-san's jibes struck a nerve. She hissed an order to that man .Time slowed to a crawl, despite that it only took a few instances. That man grinned with sadistic glee as he raised his gun to his mark. The bang sounded as he pulled the trigger, my brothers shout of desperation sounding in my ears. Then, all was dark.