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Philip woke his face hot from a nearby inferno. His brain was filled with a warm haze that he could've easily sunk back into. He almost laid back down in the shallow waters to rest, maybe Blackbeard and his crew would think him dead and leave him be. He wouldn't have to endure another day tied to that pole. God's test was almost over, if only he could stay silent for a few more minutes.

Then, a feverish splashing nearby drove him from his comforting haze; Philip sat up, and warily looked around for the source of the noise.

What looked like a large pink fish tail whipped angrily through the water right in front of him, he cautiously moved towards it, observing the sheer size of it. A fish with a tail that large must be huge…

Without really thinking, Philip made for the noise, moving the obstacles in the way. He withdrew his sword from its holder and blindly stabbed at the source of the noise. The splashing abruptly stopped and Philip shook his head, clearing it.

Out of the water came the most awe-inspiring sight he had ever seen; a beautiful woman with long, dark chocolate curls and matching eyes looked up at him, water dripping off the tip of her nose, eyelashes, and chin. She looked so scared; Philip couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.

Why was she so terrified? He could see it in her eyes, her mouth, and the entire way she held herself. She was trembling and Philip felt the odd urge to comfort the stranger. Her mouth was agape as she breathed harshly, like she was in pain. His eyes met hers and she looked down towards the limp fish tail. She adjusted her positioning and Philip gasped; the tail was hers. Right below her navel, her skin morphed into shiny pink scales leading down to where her feet and legs should be. They were absent, however, replaced by a gorgeous fin. A mermaid.

The mermaid stared at Philip, her eyes curiously roaming his face. He couldn't help but feel uncomfortable under her gaze; it was like she was looking for something. But then again, he realized he was staring too. He remembered the group of mermaids attacking their rowboat, their teeth bared and eager for human flesh and blood.

Philip now recalled the purpose of Blackbeard's crew's search: to find and capture a mermaid. He did not know why or what for, but he figured the capture would lead to disastrous consequences.

Shocked at what he had done, Philip quickly removed his sword from the young mermaid's tail. Red water smoked around the spot he stabbed. His mouth dropped; he had hurt her, but he didn't mean to.

Before Philip could apologize, a net engulfed her. She became a completely different creature than before, trashing and baring her sharp teeth at her captors. She looked like a mermaid, now; like her sisters that attacked their boat, which no doubt killed many men while he was unconscious.

He looked at the young mermaid again; there was a strange innocence there that wasn't present on her fellow mermaids' face. Her brown eyes had a humanity that her sisters didn't. She was different.

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