AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I've gotten tired of waiting for the entirely Impala-based episode of 'Supernatural' and decided to write the car's history from construction to the present. I'm still working on my 'Family Ties' series, but this has been in my head for a while.

As far as spoilers, anything goes and there will be stuff from all 7 seasons thus far.


Chapter 1 - The Start of Greater Things


She remembers the day she was born.

Well, sort of.

Not that she only sort of remembers being born, but rather the fact that she wasn't exactly 'born' per se.

It was more like 'built'.

Her first memory after coming off the Chevrolet assembly line was of a young man sucking on a lollipop and grinning as he said, "Big things planned for you, baby. Big things. You've got one hell of a destiny ahead of you."

She wondered at the time what that meant. A destiny? She was just a car! Okay, so she was a gorgeous, knock your socks off, 'wow, can you believe I own something this cool?' car, but still… A destiny? There was a reason she was here… now? As she wondered what fate might have in store for her, she was loaded onto a truck and sent to a local car dealership.


Her first owner, Sal Moriarty, was good to her. He was a man of faith who treated her like a princess and always kept her clean, polished, and running like new. For some cars, this would have been enough, but she dreamed of more. At night, when Sal drove her along a long and winding road giving out free bibles to the less fortunate, she wanted to live like this forever. Her tires burning up the asphalt, the wind against her body and glass, headlights burning through the dark of night… that was what she was meant to be doing.

Sadly, it was almost a blessing when Sal died and she ended up at that used car lot in Lawrence, Kansas.

True, there were a lot of other cars and most of them were newer than her, but she knew right down to the depth of her chassis that soon, the right person—her destined owner—would find her. She knew now—more like believed, actually—that she truly had a destiny and her greatest desire was to fulfill it

But as the weeks passed and she watched the other cars be driven away, she wondered if maybe that the guy who had spoken to her first had been wrong, Maybe she was just destined to sit here forever… alone and unused, gathering dust.

"Hey, beautiful."

She would have smiled if she could have. The young man who had spoken wore a leather jacket that had seen better days but his smile was warm as he lovingly stroked her hood.

Still grinning, the guy let his eyes roam over every inch of her as he said, "You don't know me yet, baby… but someday you will." He looked up at another young man looking at a VW van and then back at her, smirking. "I'll make sure of that."

She watched as 'Dean Van Halen' convinced John Winchester to buy her instead of the van. And when John sat behind her wheel for the very first time, she knew then and there that she was on her way to becoming whatever it was that she was meant to be.

A week later, however, the Impala was surprised when Mary Campbell started talking to her on a cool, moonlit night. Until now, the young woman seemed to glare at the car and the Impala wasn't sure what she was supposed to have done to hurt Mary.

"Look," Mary said, feeling just a bit foolish to be talking to a car as though it were another person. "I don't hate you. It's just that you're not a family car. You're…" She paused and looked around, making sure there was no one about to see her talking to a vehicle. "You're a hunter's car."

"I beg your pardon?" the Impala wanted to ask. She wasn't sure what to make of that. She'd seen Sal Moriarty go off on a hunting trip once, but the friend who had driven owned an old beat-up truck that bounced down the road as it headed out of sight. When Sal had come back later in the evening, there were three dead deer in the back seat—something that would have made her cringe, had she been able to.

But that wasn't the kind of hunting Mary had been talking about and over the next few years, Mary would occasionally come outside and lay down on the Impala's hood, looking up at the stars while she quietly told the car about years of demon and monster hunts when she was younger.

The Impala didn't mind the stories. In fact, she loved hearing them. She also found it funny knowing so much about the young woman who used to dislike her.

When Mary gave birth to her first son—Dean—the Impala felt a strange… something stirring within her. A connection to the young child… a sense that they knew each other from somewhere.

When Sam was born, the Impala was surprised when Mary went against John on the subject of getting a bigger car to accommodate their growing family.

But 6 months later, the Impala found out why.

The night was cool and threatening snow when Mary came outside and sat in the Impala, gently stroking the dash with one hand.

The Impala was curious when Mary started crying and after a moment, Mary said, "Take care of my family. I can't even explain it, but I know something terrible is going to happen and I'm not going to make it. If that happens, take care of John, Dean, and Sammy. No matter what."

The Impala couldn't actually respond, but she promised Mary Winchester that she would always be there to take care of her boys.


Two nights later there was a fire.

The Impala watched helplessly as the blaze started in Sam's nursery and she knew that this was what Mary had been referring to the other night. But just as she started to panic, watching the flames consume the upper level of the house and wondering about Dean, Sam, and John, 4-year-old Dean came hurrying out of the house as fast as he could, his 6-month-old brother, Sammy, clutched tight in his arms.

"It's okay, Sammy," Dean said to his little brother as he watched the house, wondering what was going on.

Suddenly, John ran outside, scooping Dean and Sam up in his arms as he ran towards the Impala just as the nursery room windows blew out, flames pouring out the gaping holes.

It would be almost dawn before John finally was allowed to get his family out of there and to a nearby motel where he and his two sons slept like the dead in one of the lumpy beds in the room.

A/N: Next chapter, Missouri Mosley meets the Impala and introduces John Winchester to Bobby Singer and the Harvelles. (That kinda sounds like a country music group now that I think about it.)