Hey Five-0 Readers! This is my first time posting a story in this forum, but I've done so previously for other stories in other forums. I had this concept running around in my head for a while now and finally got the time to pen it down. I've introduced a new character - Danny's sister, Makayla - I'm gonna nickname her Kay during some times of the story. She is younger than Danny (say Danny's about 30, Makayla is about 24) and she's just gone through a divorce, so she's down in Hawaii visiting big brother. This story's going to be about Steve/Makayla. Hope you enjoy! And criticism - good or bad - is always welcome, just be constructive not vicious :)

It had been almost 4 and a half years since Danny had seen "baby sister". If you asked him, getting married while only in her second year of university was an awful step to take. She was way too young and she still had 4 years of study ahead of her. But of course for Makayla, she had fell "head over heels" in love with the man. Unfortunately for her the marriage didn't turn out any better than Danny's, and now she was going to be with her brother after going through a dreadful divorce. Hoping Hawaii has much more for her to look forward to, Danny invites Kay over to spend a few months with him. If she - like himself - also thinks eating pineapples on a pizza was weird, she would be allowed to move back to New Jersey in an effort to get over the emotional turmoil that just took place in her life.

Danny decided she needed a change of air, so he'd bring her over to Five-0 to kill time. He went through it all with his team before they put her into any uncomfortable situations. But of course, he knew they wouldn't do that - they were his ohana.

Danny stood at the arrivals terminal at the airport waiting for Kay to show up. He saw a lot of people coming through, some families, some honeymooners. And then he finally spotted her - wearing a sundress with dark sunglasses on which suited her perfectly. She carried one handbag and wheeled her suitcase out of the lobby when she lifter her face and noticed Danny. Big brother gave a glimmering smile to her and waved his hand as she made her way to him.

"Danny," she said enthusiastically and wrapped her arms around her brother. She looked happy - no correct that, she appeared to be happy. It was quite obvious she was trying not to make Danny worry about her but come'on, the girl's just been divorced. Give her a break, will'ya? Danny placed an affectionate kiss to her forehead as he took her into his arms, glad to see his little sister after so long. "I've missed you so much Kay," They stood there for a moment that seemed forever, but it was a sweet moment - a moment where siblings rekindled their relationship after being apart for so long. Makayla pulled apart from the hug as she took her sunglasses off, "So have I! And I miss Gracie so much as well!" Kay and Grace were pretty close to each other, for aunt and niece. And Grace liked her aunt's company a lot as well - she said she was way cooler than daddy. Yeah, right.

"Grace missed you loads as well. Apparently I'm not cool enough for her anymore," Danny said with a sarcastic shrug. He reached for Makayla's handbag and suitcase as they proceeded down the terminal towards the parking. "Yeah well, you're not young like me anymore Danno," she said with a hint of mischief in her voice. He looked over to her and rolled his eyes as she giggled mischievously. "We'll see about that young lady. Come'on, I'll race you to the parking." And with that he began darting towards the parking as Makayla trailed behind, embarrassed to run with the light sundress she had on. "Not fair, Danno! I'm wearing a sundress!"

They made their way to the parking and Danny put her luggage in the trunk as they both seated themselves in the car. He paused before putting his key in the ignition and turned to Makalya who was just getting her things together in her purse. "Kay," he said softly. She turned towards him and looked him in the eyes. For the first time since she had landed Danny could see the look in her eyes and say that she really was trying, trying real hard to hide the grief behind her. "You'll be okay, sweetie." And with that he pulled Makayla into a hug and stroked her back affectionately, feeling his shirt dampening a bit with - probably - Makayla's tears. They pulled apart as Makayla sniffled and Danny pulled out a tisse from the dashboard and handed it to her. "Come'on, it was for the best. Let's take you to meet my team." Makayla managed to pull a smile on her face as she buckled her seatbelt.


"Now, my team may appear to be a bit weird in the beginning, we're an odd bunch, yes. But you'll get used to them, nothing to worry about." Danny warned her before they met with the rest of the Five-0 team. He pulled the glass door of the investigation room and clearly the team was on a case right now. He walked inside with Makayla behind him waving his hands in the air as he usually did. "I don't mean to interrupt the investigation, I just wanted to introduce you guys to my sister Makayla. She's just arrived from New Jersey, she's gonna be here with me for a few months." Everyone waved a polite hi, and Steve looked at her with an almost mouth-dropped expression. Danny had described his sister in a way that made Steve think she'd totally be the dorky-type girl. But boy did that dress make her look the total opposite. Who could've imagined Danny's sister would be so hot? But he didn't let his imaginations take the best of him, and put a polite smile while he put his hand forward to her. "Steve." Makayla reached for his hand and smiled back politely. Heat alert! Who knew Danno's boss was on fire! Steve shook her hand and then parted. The softness in those hands, imagine the softness - No Steve, do NOT go there. She is Danno's sister!

For a moment there was some awkwardness which no one but Steve and Makayla could figure, so Danny decide to break the moment and cleared his throat loudly. "Perfect, now that we're done with the introductions how about I take you home Kay?" She nodded as they both retreated towards the door, Steve catching a glimpse of Makayla as she stepped outside. Nice butt there, she got.

That's a preview for now, let me know what you think! Should I continue? Read, rate and review!