Raven looked up from her seat on the common room couch thinking she had heard a cat again. Probably Beast Boy playing a prank on me she thought. Still she frowned thinking that every time she heard the plaintive cry of the cat that the meows seemed more desperate.

Ugh if I don't get up and look for him he's just going to keep meowing until I go insane. She stood up and started listening harder trying to pinpoint the location of the distressed feline. As she closed in on the sound it became apparent that the sound was coming from under the couch she had been sitting on.

Setting her book down on the coffee table she kneeled on the floor and looked under the couch. There with his tail pinned painfully under the couch leg set a very miserable and exhausted looking green kitten. His big green eyes begged Raven to help him. She sighed and used her powers to lift the end of the couch and gently picked up the tuckered out shape-changer with one hand. He meowed quietly and promptly passed out in her hand. Raven grinned wryly at the green cat, and gently turned him to examine the damaged appendage. Doesn't look broken but he's going to have one hell of a bruise. Poor baby, wonder how long he was trapped under there. Her head snapped up from her ponderings in shock. Poor baby? Its official then, all that meowing he did drove me insane. I should have seen this coming it was bound to happen at some point. She sighed and sat back down to enjoy her book, an accidental buy. She had been in the book shop looking for illusive magical texts, and the title on the spine was extremely faded. Apparently Midnight Spells was not a book of incantations to be performed at the witching hour; it was a torrid historical romance. Raven was not completely ignorant of the goings on between a man and woman but this book was enough to make even her blush. Still had a good plot line though she mused, looking at the sleeping kitten in her lap she chuckled in reluctant amusement. He's going to try to milk this injury for all it's worth I bet.

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