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-Chapter One-

Harry looked at the star-dotted sky. He was deep in thought, running the last weeks happenings over and over again in his head. The death of Cedric Diggory, little more than a week ago, still gave him nightmares, so he spent most of the night watching the stars.

When they had arrived home, Uncle Vernon had told him to get his stuff to his room then come down. Harry had done what he was told, not even caring about what his Uncle wanted to talk to him about. When he came back down, Vernon had told him that the school nurse at Smeltings had given them strict instructions to make Dudley join a karate club and a dance club or else he was expelled from the school. Dudley hadn't wanted to go to any of those things, preferring to stay home and watch Big Brother or Temptation Island. But Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia wouldn't even listen to his pleas. No way their son was going to get expelled!

So they had made an agreement with their son, who had agreed full- heartedly. Harry had no idea what had been running through Dudley's head at the moment, but he was somewhat grateful. Dudley had agreed to join the clubs only if Harry was going with him. Maybe they thought it was going to break him completely, or maybe they did it out of fear of Harry's godfather, Sirius Black. Anyway, the whole thing ended with Harry having no choice but to come along to the clubs.

Harry wasn't putting his whole heart to his training. He didn't enjoy it, even if it was the first thing the Dursley's had paid for him. He was quickly falling behind the rest of the group; even Dudley managed better than him.

Harry was thinking of leaving the wizarding world, to move away and to just live the normal life of a Muggle. In fact, he had made up his mind about it and was currently trying to figure out where he would move. He was getting rid of the Dursleys as fast as possible.

Harry looked at the brightest star in the sky. It was the northern star. Just one star among many millions. It was exactly how Harry felt. Just one unimportant star among many millions. He sighed and was about to close the window, when something zipped past him, nearly crashing with his head. When Harry turned he saw exactly what it was. Pig, Ron's hyper mini owl, was flying madly around in circles. Harry smiled sadly and shook his head, before, with one swift, graceful move of his arm, caught the tiny owl and untied the letter, then he set Pig in Hedwig's empty cage. Harry looked at Ron's untidy writing. The note was short and straight to the point, something unusual for Ron.


I'm sending you this cut from the Daily Prophet. Fudge is even more stupid than we believed. Anyways, I'm going to let you read it. I can't believe him.

Take care,


Harry put the note on his desk. Pig hooted happily from his cage, and Harry stuffed a piece of bread into the tiny beak. That, however, made Pig hoot even more. Well, hoot as much as you could with a huge piece of bread stuck in your mouth. Harry turned back to the article.

'The Daily Prophet, June the 10th 1996


Rumour is that the Dark Lord is back. According to our sources, he was reborn at the end of the Triwizard Tournament last year, with the help of Harry Potter.

The Minister of Magic is denying everything, and says that it was a plot cooked together by Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, the Hogwarts staff and the Order of the Phoenix is rumoured to be active in the crime.

'I mean, why would Harry Potter help with the rebirth of the monster that killed his parents?' the Minister asked. 'But with all the things that has come out in the open about the boy, and the staff at Hogwarts, I wouldn't put it past them to try. There's no such thing as a reborn You-Know-Who. There's no such thing as regrouping Death Eaters. And the Ministry of Magic is certainly not believing the rumours.' He added, then had to hurry off to a meeting.'

Harry glared at the article, even if he knew that that was not going to help him much. The Minister had made him, the Hogwarts staff and something called the Order of the Phoenix look like idiots, maniacs, murderers and as followers of Voldemort. That wasn't what made Harry angry. It was the fact that the Ministry wasn't even going to do some research into the matter, just in case.

Harry made up his mind right there and then. He would stay, no matter what, and he would do everything in his power to help bring Voldemort down. Just to spite the Minister.

'When you want something done, you've got to do it yourself!' Harry thought.

Harry realised that he was actually looking forward to tomorrows dance and karate lessons. Voldemort wouldn't even know what hit him.


The next morning found Harry awake and sitting at his desk, writing something. He was making a rough plan of what had to be done. He was going to need a lot of things, but there was no way he could go into Diagon Alley without being recognised. He needed something to disguise himself, and had spent the last hour trying to figure out what could be used.

Harry gave up and put the quill down just as Aunt Petunia yelled for him to come down and make breakfast. He walked down, and found, to his surprise, Dudley already up. The fat boy was sitting at the kitchen table, watching the TV. Harry looked at the TV as he passed. Right now there was only a guy advertising some drink or other. Harry started to take out the frying pan, the eggs and the bacon. While this was frying in the pan he found some bread, cut slices and put them in the toaster.

"Can you be quiet?" Dudley asked, annoyed that he had to look away from the TV. "Mission: Impossible is starting." He added turning back.

The name of the series caught Harry's attention. He watched the episode, while carefully making sure Dudley's bacon, eggs and toast didn't get burned. Right now, a guy was making a whole new face out of some material that looked a lot like rubber. Then the scene shifted and showed three men. One was looking terrified while the other two's eyes where glowing red, like a demons. Later, when he looked back, Harry saw the two men with the red eyes take out some contacts. He grinned. He knew what he was going to do about his appearance, and it was all thanks to Dudley. Who'd have thought?


Later that day Harry went in search for a job. Of course, he could always order money from his vault in Gringotts, but then he'd have to explain exactly from where he had gotten the money, and that wouldn't be pleasant. No, it was better to get a job, that way he could actually go to Diagon Ally, skipping the job, and get the things he needed. And he needed some new clothes. Sure, now that had had grown and had turned into a handsome teen, Dudley's old clothes actually looked cool. Girls giggled when he passed by, or went bright red when he looked at them. One had even asked him if he was new in town; Harry had smiled and had shook his head. He had remembered the girl from school. She had been one of those people that had been teasing him regularly. But Harry still wanted his own clothes that weren't hand-me-downs.

He had noted some job-offerings in the paper that morning, reading it over his uncle's shoulder. First Harry went to the CD-store. That job was already taken. Then he tried applying for a position in an expensive restaurant, but when the owner had seen he way he was dressed, Harry had found himself back on the street before he could say Quidditch. The last place the towns public library. He was questioned for a whole hour, mentioning names of famous authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. Harry had picked the names up when he had been walking through the library, following the librarian. In the end, he got the job. Mainly because no one else had applied for it, but also because the librarian was impressed by his knowledge about books, and which author had written what classic. Harry was going to start tomorrow at eleven.


Over the next couple of weeks Harry got into the routine at the library. He learned where everything was, how to file books and how to check them out, and when there wasn't any people around he got a book from the shelves and started to read. He learned lots about Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, Plato and other philosophers and great thinkers. He learned about history, geography, and other vital things. Harry was sucking the information to him like a sponge.

His instructors in the karate and dance lessons were surprised at his sudden willingness to learn. Before Harry knew what had happened, he was in an advanced dance class and had somehow managed to get the Brown belt in karate. Usually that took three years to achieve, but after Harry had started to beat the Sensei almost every time they fought, the master thought it more appropriate for Harry to move up to a level where he was somewhat challenged. Harry enjoyed every minute of it.

After he got his first pay-check, Harry went straight out to shop for some new clothes. He ended up with a black shirt, two white T-shirts, a pair of blue jeans and a new pair of shoes. Some of the money he stored away for later.

Before he knew it, his birthday came along. Harry was sitting at the desk, finishing a History of Magic essay for Professor Binns, when there was loud knocking at the window. He walked over, only to find six owls waiting impatiently to be let in, Pig hooting madly all the time.

Harry opened the window and let the owls fly in and settle on his bed. Then he took the packages and letters they were carrying and the owls flew out again. He turned to the first letter which was from Ron.

'Hiya mate,

How's it going with the Muggles? They are treating you well, aren't they? Mum asked Dumbledore if you could stay with us for the rest of the summer, but he said no. Said something about protection and someone named Arabella Figg. You know who that is?

Anyway, I really hope you like your present. I've no idea what language it is. Maybe its one of the other magical folk, like Elven or goblin? Fred and George wanted to add something to it, but mom caught them red-handed. I have no idea what they tried to do, but it must've been bad as they're both grounded for a week!

Take care,


Harry opened the package. And found a book. The book was completely black with golden dragon-patterns around the edge. There was no title or anything that could tell him what the book was about. He turned it over in his hands, carefully examining it. Suddenly a piece of parchment fell out. Harry bent down and picked it up. It was written in a language he had never seen before. He decided to try out one of those things he had read about in his Transfiguration book. The one about wandless magic. He glared a the parchment, willing the letters to either change into English letters, or to let him understand them. To his surprise, it worked. Slowly Harry understood what was written there. It was as though someone was injecting information into his head.

'This book contains many secrets. Secrets about Elementals, Profilers, Order's, nosferatu, magical folk, wandless magic and its endless limits. It contains secrets of the Big Game, secrets about places that humans, wizard as well as Muggle, have no idea about, but most importantly, it contains the secrets of the Pretenders. But let me give you an advice. Don't grow dependant on these powers. So use it wisely, young one, and only for the good.'

Harry grinned. He had no clue about half the things the note was talking about, but he sure as hell was going to find out. Harry put the book, the note and Ron's letter on his bed, then moved on to the next present. It was from Hermione.

'Hi Harry!

Guess what! We're in Greece! Viktor invited me to Bulgaria, but mom and dad said no. They said that I was too young, and I quite agree with them. And besides, a long distance relationship is nothing for me.

How are you doing? Your Aunt and Uncle treat you well? Just threaten them with Snuffles if they don't listen, and if your scar hurts be sure to write to either Snuffles or Professor Dumbledore. Did you see the article in the Daily Prophet? Can you believe Fudge? I've still got Rita Skeeter with me. She's getting fatter and fatter. I told mom that I needed the beetle for a school assignment, and she believed it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I hope you like your present. I got it here at a wizard-jewellers, and he told me that it will glow a certain colour if you think about a person. Like if you think about Snuffles and want to know if he's fine, it'll glow golden. If anyone's in danger, the amulet will glow silver. And it is also a good-luck charm.

Hope you have a nice summer and see you at September the first.

Love from,


Harry unpacked the present and opened the little box it was in. He gasped. It was a necklace! A majestic lion with wings was trying to get free, but when it saw Harry it stopped, watched him for a second, then jumped up. When Harry looked back into the little box, the necklace was gone. Then he felt it around his own neck. This day was getting weirder and weirder. Harry decided not to dwell on it and moved to Hagrid's present.

'Hi Harry,

How'ya been doin? Those Muggles treatin ye well? I'm on an important mission for Dumbledore right now. Madame Maxime is here too and sends her best wishes! Anyways, I got you this book bout other magical folks, like the Elves, goblins and dwarves. Oh, and Madame Maxime says to add Veela's to that.

See ye at Hogwarts, and stay out of trouble,


Harry opened the parcel and found exactly what Hagrid had told him. A book on other magical folk. He grinned again. This might be his weirdest birthday yet, but it was also the one where he had gotten the best presents. He put Hagrids down, and picked up Sirius'. The letter was short, telling him to write if his scar hurt and wishing him a happy birthday. The gift on the other hand was the best yet. It was a magical pocket-knife. It had all the functions as a Muggle pocket-knife, plus some extra things like a complete picklock-set. It could also be used as a gun. Sirius had sent small, tiny arrows that went with that. 'Just for protection, Harry. Nothing else' the letter had said. Harry grinned and shook his head. Someone up in heaven really liked him.

The next letter was from Hogwarts. He had been made one of the Gryffindor prefects, along with Hermione, Ron and, surprisingly, Neville. He also got the list of books needed that year. Well, now he had a reason to go to London.

He didn't recognise the writing on the last letter. His name was written in a tidy writing, the ink was light blue. Harry turned the letter over several times, but there was nothing that could tell him from whom it was, so he decided to open it.

'Dear Harry,

I am sure that you remember me from the Triwizard Tournament. You zaved me from the lake in the second task. I am Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour little zister. I just wanted to thank you, and to wish you a bon anniversaire. Happy birthday! I azked Hermione about it before we left. I hope that thiz letter reaches you zafely.

Best wishes from

Gabrielle Delacour.'

Harry smiled and put the letter away in his trunk. He would write back to Gabrielle soon. Maybe he could ask her to keep him updated on the situation in France. If their Minister believed in the Dark Lord's return or not? If there were some sudden disappearances, and other things like that. However, he'd have to trick it out of the girl. He couldn't just send a letter asking about all the bad things in magical France. He'd sound like an idiot with a suicide wish. Nope, he definitely had to trick it out of the girl.