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November 24, 13:13 EDT

Artemis rapped her pen on the edge of her desk, with her leg bouncing. "Two minutes.Just two minutes." Ignoring her Honors World History teacher drone on about the shoguns and samurais, she doodled little arrows on her notebook. As soon as the 3:15 bell rang, signaling the end of the day, she sprinted to her locker. Twisting the lock, she threw her books into the already disastrous black hole also known as her locker.

After slamming her locker door, she walked to the courtyard of Gotham Academy. "Artemis!" She groaned as she turned to face the voice calling her. "Hi Bette." Bette Kane was a nice girl. She was her first friend at the academy, even though her perky-peppiness could be a serious pain in the arrow. "Are you busy tonight? A couple of girls and I are having a slumber party!" Artemis plastered a fake smile to her face.

"That sounds like a lot of fun Bette, but I can't make it. My mom needs me to help her with Thanksgiving dinner," she replied. Artemis was surprised that these girls weren't going to be with their own families for the holiday.

"Bummer! Maybe next time. Oh here's my ride, happy Thanksgiving Arty!" Bette climbed into the black limo and sped away. Artemis sighed.

"I didn't want to deal with those girls anyway." She began her walk home.

She turned onto her street and noticed a mugger stealing a purse from a young woman. Frowning, she dropped her backpack and wiped her hands on her shirt. "That's the third one this week." Flipping her way towards the robber she dropped kicked him and whacked him in the head with the handbag, successfully knocking him out. She then found some plastic wrap in a dumpster and wrapped him up in a ball. Handing the purse back to the woman, she instructed her to wait with the unconscious man until the police arrived.

She picked up her backpack and continued to her apartment. While walking to the front of the building she noticed one of the windows broken. Her eyes widened. "No," she whispered. Chucking her backpack to the grimy concrete, she dashed up the fire escape to the broken window. "MOM! MOM!" When she heard no reply, she ran harder, practically gliding up the fire escape to the twenty-first floor. "…Mệ?" She quietly wandered to the kitchen where her mother should be basting the turkey. "Mo- you." Her eyes narrowed. "What do you think you're doing here?" The man who held a gun up to her mother's head smiled.

"What? A man can't have a nice Thanksgiving with his family?" Artemis gave a dry laugh. "Not since you haven't been around for 8 years Sportsmaster. Now I suggest you let my mom go."

"What you mean Paula? Yeah sure I'll let her go. After, you give me factual information about the Justice League. Not the meaningless bullshit you've been reporting." Paula Crock glanced at her daughter. "No Artemis. You must not. I've spent too much time trying to get you back on the right track. Please, do the right thing." The blonde archer stared at her mother, weighing her options. Nodding her head she decided on an answer. "I'm not going to betray my team, Father. I'm not like you." Sportsmaster glared. "Wrong answer, daughter." He whipped Paula in the head with his gun, and pushed her wheelchair over.

Artemis widened her eyes. "MOM!" Clenching her fists, she stalked up to her father. "How could you do that to your own-." He frowned, and then slapped his daughter in face. Growling, she touched her stinging cheek. "Oh it's so on." She punched him in the jaw, and then sprinted back out the broken window onto the fire escape. Ducking as he tried to punch her, she then ran up to the rooftop.

"Looks like they've been training you well in that team of yours." She grunted as he kneed her in the stomach. "You don't even know." She back flipped out of the way, as Sportsmaster swung his bat at her head. They continued throwing punches and kicks until Artemis was backed up against the shed that housed the cleaning supplies for the apartment complex, not that anyone used them.

"Okay Artemis. I'll give you one more chance to feed us information. Or, I can call your sister, who's waiting downstairs with a knife at your mother's throat." Artemis' breath hitched.

"You're bluffing." He chuckled. "You wish I was dear."

She sighed and looked at her feet. "M'gann. I need back up. Stat. Gotham City slums. Apartment complex on South Street. Rooftop. Come as fast as you can, and bring the rest of the team."

"On our way Artemis."

She nodded. "Do whatever you want to me, just don't hurt my mom." Sportsmaster smirked. "I knew you were weak. We'll just have to work on that won't we?"

He whistled and a helicopter flew up from behind a bank tower. She turned to face her father, he handcuffed her, "Just to make sure she isn't bluffing." He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, then climbed up the ladder.

After he sat her in the seat facing the open door, she saw her teammates run out of the ship. "Guys!" She grinned. "ARTEMIS!" She heard Wally yell. However, her happiness was short lived when she saw her father point a gun at her friends.

"NO!" As he was about to pull the trigger she used he foot to push him out of the helicopter. Unfortunately, he had a grappling hook. When Miss Martian tried to fly to her, Sportsmaster threw a net onto the unaware Martian, sending her to fall back to the building. "M'GANN!" Superboy, now filled with rage, then super-jumped to get to the aircraft. Just as he was about to reach the helicopter, Sportsmaster sent a Kryptonite bullet towards the clone. Finally, Artemis telepathically told everyone to stop trying, and to make sure her mom was alright on the twenty-first floor, apartment 21 C.

Wally screamed out in his mind, "You want us to let this bastard take you?" She frowned. "I'm a big girl KF, I can take care of myself. Just save my mom ok?" The archer silently nodded as Sportsmaster climbed the remaining steps on the ladder, and pulled a gun to Artemis' head, threatening anyone to try anything. Staring at her teammates, she wondered when she would ever see them again.

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