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December 4, 23:58 EDT- Wally's POV

As we unloaded the bioship ingredients, I heard M'gann sniffle. "What if the Joker keep up his end of the bargain? What happens then?"

"Oh my dear Martian! You underestimate me! I have the girl right here!" The joker appeared out of nowhere, with Artemis in his arms... Unconcious She looked utterly horrific. Her hair was matted, with dry blood and mud going from root to tip, covering her sunshine hair. I grit my teeth. "Just hand her over to us Joker, and you'll get your stupid stuff." He cackled. "Flashy do you think I'm an idiot? Hand the ingredients over and then you'll get Arty here." He dropped her to the ground, her body landing with a thud. I heard Superboy growl from behind my shoulder. He was still holding the green beakers filled with the venom. Robin then stated, "There's no way you're getting this stuff without us having Artemis in our hands. Let us get Artemis, and we'll stay true to our word." Harley giggled. "In your dreams, Bat-Boy."

I sprinted forward, grabbing Artemis' body and moved it out of the way before she could be trampled from the battle going on. She didn't seem like herself at all. Her skin was much paler than I remembered, probably from the loss of blood. She also didn't smell like Artemis either... And her hair, oh her hair. it was a muddy red because of all the blood and dirt caked in it. In fact, it had no streak of blonde whatsoever. Her body was more lean than she used to be, and had lost most of her muscle strength. I laid her down at the foot of the Bio-ship, planning on going to help the team, when Sportsmaster stepped from the darkness. "I see you have taken a liking to my daughter, boy. I couldn't understand why though. She's not pretty, she's not smart, and she's weak. I mean, look at how fragile she looks." I glance at her and realize he's right. She does look fragile, as if the slightest movement would shatter her into thousands of pieces. Only, he was wrong about her beauty. She still had the softest skin, even if it's so dirty I can barely see her skin. I can swear that I do in fact see a small blonde streak, under the hefty mass of blood and dirt.

"You're wrong," I say. "She's still beautiful, smart, and she's the strongest person I know, and you can't take that from her." She started stirring and looked at me. "Kid Flash?" I smiled. "Hey beautiful." Then I punched her father square in the jaw, and continued. My fists were flying at the speed of light until I felt Aqualad and Conner restraining my arms. They had already taken the Joker and Harley down, and were being cuffed by the JL, as was Sportsmaster after they awakened him. Then there was a flash and suddenly my equilibrium was thrown off track. I could barely see everyone, and it seemed everyone had been affected by it. I saw Joker run for Artemis' body, which was next to me, pick her up, and sprinted to the edge of the building with such speed I was almost impressed. Except for the fact that he threw Artemis over the side of the building. Cackling as she screamed, I realized something.

That girl wasn't Artemis.

THE END! bahahahahah! But don't fear, I will be making a sequel shortly!