A/N: Christine in this Phanfic will look like Sierra Boggess, Raoul will look like Hadley Fraser, and our titular character will look like Ramin Karimloo. They played their respective roles in the 25th Anniversary Concert, and did a hell of a job. :)

Chapter 1: Party at Sea

By: PittsBurghFuzz

Year: 1887

The de Chagny ship was sailing on the Pacific Ocean, in celebration of Christine's birthday. The young couple had been married for five years, and was still going strong. However, the de Chagny family was getting worried that their lack of a child would mean no heir to the household. No was thinking about such petty matters, rather, they were just trying to have a good time. Christine had turned 22 years old, and her life was only getting better and better. It was a warm evening off the coast of Paris, and the guests were drunk and boastful.

Then a ship was seen.

"What the hell is that?" Raoul wondered.

"Looks like a war ship!" exclaimed one of the guests.

"Perhaps its a diplomatic ship!" another guest assumed.

"Nah, has to be a merchant ship!" yet another guest boasted.

Christine had a worried look.

"Raoul, that ship is coming towards us!" Christine said while tugging on Raoul's sleeve.

"Captain, signal to the other ship that we are friendly!"

The captain told the first mate to light a signal to the other ship. The lit signal was not working. The ship was about to ram its bow into the side of Raoul's ship.

"Raoul, its going to crash!" Christine screamed.

"Everybody remain calm!" Raoul announced. "Let us head to the lifeboats."

The passengers began to exit towards the boats, with Christine the first to enter a lifeboat.

A cannon fired at the boat, forcing the life boat Christine was on, to fall off. In the water, Christine swam towards the boat, but it suddenly exploded.

Christine was knocked out by a small piece of debris.