The Pub Series

The Pub Series ~ Story 1 Politics
Author: Rachel Stonebreaker
Rating: G
Characters: Frodo, Pippin, Sam, Fatty, Lotho, and Merry.
Publish Date: 1 May 2002 (May Day, a good day, even if the Soviets sort of took it over for their tank parades. If you go back a couple hundred years, May Day celebrations weren't so military and were a lot more fun).
Summary: The Pub Series is a group of stories set in a pub. I wanted to call the Pub 'The Wounded Cock', but other's thought that a tad tasteless (hmfpf!). So, being a linguist, I called it 'Old Mother Red Cap'. Really, that's the name of a bar in England. I was inspired to do this series because of some real events that happen in the day to day life at the Green Man Inn. This one is about Frodo taking the task in hand to start the younger cousins on the way to being more involved in Shire politics by getting them to work together on a proposal for flood control. Whoa! THAT sounds boring. It is. The "Plan" is not the focus of this story. The character development and Pippin being far too cute for words ::: are::: the focus.
Disclaimer: JRRT created these wonderful creatures. His estate owns all rights. I just take them out to the pub for a drink now and again. I do NOT make any money, fame or other gain from them.
Authors Notes: Listen to the songs recommended at the end of most chapters. There are good drinking songs, great Celtic verse, tragic tales, and wonderful fighting songs. Some of the songs listed in this story can be found in full play on I tried to put links to the lyrics when legally available.
Story Notes:This is the opening chapter. Pippin has had one too many and is arguably still underage to even be in a bar.
Review notes: I like reviews. Yes, I do. But I won't beg. Begging's for dogs and I rather fancy myself a sheep in wolf's clothing.

Story 1 ~ Politics
Chapter 1 ~ Relations

Pippin closed his eyes leaning his head back until it made contact with the wall behind him with a slight "thud". He took another sip of ale, his second half pint that night, at least that's what he told his cousin Frodo. He was feeling muzzy, a good reaction. He rather enjoyed closing his eyes and having his head spin ever so lightly, like when he would whirl the youngsters around and around by their arms or legs. They'd beg and beg Pippin to swing them about. He'd gladly comply as it made him dizzy as well. It was great fun for everyone involved. Most adults wouldn't play with the young ones like Pippin did. Well, Pip was really 28 and not yet an adult himself, not for another 5 years, but he was certainly big enough to qualify for one and because he associated with the older lads and lasses quite a bit these days, he considered himself quiet mature.

Tonight was turning into such a pleasant evening. Frodo Baggins, the eldest cousin he could call a friend, had allowed him to come along to the pub where they were to meet up with everyone to discuss some brouhaha forming over the upcoming rainy season. Frodo had said something about the cousins pulling their fair share of responsibilities in Shire matters if they ever expected to be taken seriously as adults. Most were just of age and some were considering marriage or at least they were to settle down. Of the current generation only he, Peregrin Took, and three of the Brandybucks, Doderic, Ilberic and Celandin, were still underage. There were some Burrows, a Sackville-Baggins, and a couple of Proudfoots - feets - feet- who were distantly related, but the gang had pretty much given them up for lost on this latest endeavor. They most all lived in the comfort of the North and Center of the Shire. It seemed that the Hobbiton kin were a little harder to motivate than those living in the South and East Farthings. Actually, most hobbits were hard to move to action when said action involved anything more stressful than the daily chores and maybe a walk down to the pub in the evening. Except maybe that Proudfoot, Sancho! Sometimes he could be persuaded to act on a prank. Now, Sancho was born the same year as Pip, and wasn't he a cousin on Pippin's father's side? If Pip traced back far enough. genealogy was a passion of his ~ why, yes, Sancho was his fourth cousin. oh, and there was that day they had met for the first time. It was at Falco Chubb-Baggins final birthday party. Old Falco had been 96. He died later that fall. But it had been a GRAND party, as parties go. Most birthday parties were grand, but this one had been really GRAND. Lots of presents for everyone, more food than Pip had ever seen, it being his first big bash, and dancing and singing, and the honey mead. They were both 9 and hell bent on finding mischief. It was Sancho's idea but he didn't have the nerve to pull it off. Pippin, being far more reckless than anyone ever imagined a hobbit to be (poor Eglantine, she never knew what surprising prank her son would pull next) set into motion the not soon forgotten "Falco Chubb-Baggins-Final-Birthday Disaster".

Want to listen to one of Pip's favorite drinking songs? Goto , scroll down, and click on "Bring Us More Beer". Brought to you by the Poxy Boggards ~ a FINE singing group of 6 handsome men who hang out at my bar occasionally. Actually, I can't call it "mine", I'm the hired help. I manage The Green Man Inn's bar.