The Return of Kane

Twenty three years was a long time for some. It was long enough for a new generation to come into the world. Long enough for that generation to grow up and never have to have known the struggles which came with living in a worldwide Red Zone. New Adana was no longer the only shining example of prosperity on earth. The air was clean again. The planet restored to its former glory, and all thanks to the one man that the world's population thought to both a horrible villain, and a savior: Kane.

For years people thought that Kane would come right back, show up like he always did, but one year became two. Two years became three. Three became four… five… seven… thirteen… and on and on. After twenty years, Kane was nearly forgotten, written off in history books as a very complex man that nobody could yet quite figure out. After Kane's ascension, along with many of his followers, the Global Defense Initiative gained steam and struck out to reclaim the shattered world and rebuilt it to be better than it had ever been. And the Brotherhood of Nod; what became of them?

The Brotherhood had no leader. It had no purpose any longer. The Scrin Tower was offline entirely, and Legion… Legion shut down the moment that Kane took his leave of the blue marble floating in the darkness. Without their prophet, without their AI and access to all their technology, without any reason to keep fighting… the Brotherhood withered like a garden without water. The masses that had once been so fanatical eventually joined the rest of the world in one way or another, but some clung to the old ways. One even found a way to capitalize on them, and rallied what remained of the shattered ancient order.

Viktor Saveli was that man. At one time he had been a young GDI officer, but had left their ranks when Colonel James struck out against both GDI and Nod. He had joined Nod soon after, and due to his knowledge of GDI weapons and tactics, was quick to move through the Nod Officer Cadre. He even met Kane a few times, though had never been fanatic enough to want to ascend. Once Kane and so many of his followers did though… he wondered whatever became of them. He had eventually pushed those thoughts away, and managing to salvage old GDI, Nod, and Scrin technology, he headed to his ancestral homeland: Russia. The buildup was quick, and the population explosion was unexpected, but soon enough Moscow was a thriving metropolis with an international mega-corporation at its heart: Saveli Solutions International.

Some of the old hangers on hated the thought that they were using GDI technology for some things, but in the end, GDI was better suited for living normally than Nod had ever been. S.S.I. had a secret though: they still had Tiberium, but with information taken from the Tacitus before Kane's departure and stored on various data drives, they knew how to control it, and could predict if or when it would evolve next. Using this resource, they setup a control network in Siberia and went to work – using Tiberium as their medium for harvesting the vast natural resources that had lain dormant and untouched for hundreds of years. With these materials, they were able to build up and reclaim a spot on the world stage. This, combined with a baby boom and a mass immigration, helped increase their population tenfold. Viktor had managed to do in twenty three years what nobody had ever expected – he had returned Russia to her former glory; to the glory of the old USSR, but without the ideology.

In that same span of time, S.S.I. had shot ahead of GDI by leaps and bounds in terms of technology. While GDI no longer had such great need to try and bolster its technological know-how, as it was no longer locked in an unending cycle of war, Viktor saw fit to continue research. Scrin technology was his favorite thing to toy with, as it fit well with some old Soviet secret weapons that Nod still had data on from so many years ago, when Kane had been pulling the strings behind Joseph Stalin. And GDI! Their old data on Allied super weapons was astonishing! Something told Viktor that Einstein had a touch of future sight when he was thinking of the Weather Control Device. For surely, who but a man that had seen an ion storm could envision a man made device capable of the exact same destruction?

Of course, the latter half of the twentieth century was full of strange things. Madmen ran rampant, Romanov, Yuri, and damn near the rest of the Soviet command structure. It was a good thing the Allies won, though in truth, Viktor was sure that Kane had been behind some of Yuri's technology – if not the psychic megalomaniac himself. Kane and Yuri had both known Stalin. He would have had every opportunity. And hell, a second Great War had certainly helped spike technology before that first meteor hit – before the Earth was seeded like some sort of twisted garden. Why not do it?

There was one thing that Viktor had stumbled across in his reading of this old technology though, and it was something that had given him an idea. Some of Kane's own personal logs. Stating how the time line was not… as it was originally set to be. Detailing how the world would have been, had it not been for Einstein. Things about a madman named Adolf Hitler in control of Germany for over a decade, and something called the Holocaust. These things had never come to pass thanks to… Gods, was it really possible? Of course, he doubted Kane would have made note of it were it not, but… a time machine? One that changed history so completely? Everyone knew about the machine in San Francisco that had been used to step back and fight Yuri off before he could bring his Psychic Dominators online, but… one existed before that? One that had such power as to erase an entire portion of history? Astonishing! And… inspiring.

There was one specific thing in the Brotherhood's history that Viktor detested. Amidst all the backstabbing there had been people, good people, caught in the crossfire, but none so much as a General executed in the Third Tiberian War. General Kilian Qatar. She had been Kane's right hand, loyal to a fault, but the great prophet had been tricked, and Kilian had paid for that deception with her life. She'd been a good person, odd as that was to hear about someone in the Brotherhood. Her fate had never sat well with Viktor, and while he didn't really want to change the timeline, he was sure that there was something he could do. Thus, for the last decade he'd had scientists pouring over Einstein's notes on his time machine and Chronosphere. Anything that could help – and now, finally, the device had been constructed.

The day had finally come to save General Qatar from her fate. He was sure she would have a little culture shock, maybe even a bit of depression or disbelief when she discovered what happened, but at least she would be alive. She'd have another chance. Thankfully, they had managed to stabilize the machine as well, so the dreadful reaction of merely touching someone and erasing them would not be a problem for their little rescue operation. A small team armed with stun weapons and medical gear had been assembled to accompany Viktor back, and they were all waiting for their launch as the timer counted down, starting at ten and headed toward one. It was only when the count hit three that alarms began to go off, though they weren't alarms for the time machine. They were for sensors.

Right before the brilliant flash of light that sent the team back, Viktor heard what the alarms were going off for.

The Scrin Tower, and Legion, had just, simultaneously, come online.