Silence filled the APC for the remainder of the flight back to Viktor's Moscow command base – though not because the two men had nothing to talk about. They both had quite a lot on their minds, actually, but neither knew what to voice first. Before either man spoke again, the APC shuddered and bounced as it was set down once more. Another shudder and the Carryall had released the rolling metal coffin. It was then that Kane's voice ended the silence, the hiss of the APC decompressing at the same time accompanying his words.

"Tell me, Viktor…" He began slowly, "…what has become of the Brotherhood? Does it live, or… will those that left with me had to adjust to losing that identity as well?"

Viktor was quiet for a moment, but when he heard the soft sigh come from the once messiah, and saw his eyes fall to the floor, he spoke. "I hate to confirm what you must suspect, but… the Brotherhood as any of you knew it is gone, Kane. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I don't think anyone expects it to be the same as when we left." He stood slowly then as the rear doors opened and the boarding ramp was lowered; Viktor following suit quickly as the doors opened, but leading the way toward them. "How much has changed?"

"Well…" Viktor stopped, pausing in thought at how to word it. "…in a manner, it doesn't exist at all. Yet, in another, it lives on by another name; another identity."

"How so?"

Viktor looked over his shoulder. "…As the most powerful corporation on Earth, and a nation of its own…" He smirked then and stepped out of the APC. The base was practically buzzing with all the various technologies at work simultaneously. It was truly a futuristic wonder, but Kane was quick to remind Viktor what they were after.

"You've certainly done well for yourself, and those that follow you." Kane said as he followed Viktor out, "But refocusing… Legion's core?"

"Ah, yes, follow me. It's currently in our storage bunker, beneath the command center." A nod was received from Kane, and Viktor showed him the way. It was rare that anyone had reason to delve into the storage bunker for any reason, and thus, it rather looked like a tomb of some sort - with the amount of dust and webbing that was collecting along the walls, floor, and ceiling of the corridors along the path. Archaic runes and hieroglyphs decorated the walls the closer one got to the bunker's entrance.

Just before the entrance there was also some graffiti – strings of rather profane words, along with various gang markings, little bits of random artwork, and simple defacing of the once immaculate corridor. The entrance was something akin to a vault; outside was a simple control interface that came online as soon as a wrist-mounted AI came within range, with but only a couple of buttons and a lever. The vault door itself held the appearance of a massive gear that was slid into place from the interior. Covered in dust and cobwebs by the time they reached the control console, Viktor stepped up to it, pressed the dusty red button to connect to his AI unit for security authentication, and waited.

A moment later the green button lit up and was pressed, and the lever pulled down. Behind the door was the sound of poorly lubricated metal sliding against metal, a hissing noise from pressurization, and then finally the sound of something locking into place against the back of the massive gear-shaped door. Suddenly it began sliding backward with a hideous screeching sound until it left the outline of itself. Then it was rolled out of the way by a massive metal arm that then released it and moved upward, locking back into position. Waving for Kane to follow him, Viktor grinned.

"Welcome to the Warehouse, where anything is possible."