That hurt. What's going on?

She opened her eyes.

White. A dull, off-grey white. Everywhere.

What an odd color.

Suddenly, there came into the girl's awareness an odd, solid sort of feeling. Not an unpleasant feeling, just a sort of connection, like… something indescribable, but right. It was pressed down on a flat, gritty surface.

It feels sort of nice.

She lifted her pale head and saw a body.

Not an ugly body, (Not that she knew what ugly was, of course.) But a small one. The shape was pleasing, and was a milky cream color, very different from the light grey around her. It was giving her mind a connected feeling, like she was anchored down to… wherever. The soft material covering it was warm, and ashen, and also gave her a pleasant feeling. It smelled of something cool and smooth… sort of an "uooah" smell.

It made her… higher middle part… feel big, and a funny stretching came across her face.

They're both white, but different kinds of white.

How very odd.

All of a sudden, the milky girl realized something very odd indeed.

I am hearing something…but not hearing something. There it goes again!

She paused, but nothing happened.

Why did it stop?

She jumped a bit, suddenly hearing it again.

Wait… is that me?

She waited a moment, and tried again.


It is me!

The stretching feeling came back.

I must be… Thinking. Yes, thinking. How did I know that? Must be a part of thinking, knowing things. Funny word, thinking. Thhhh-iiin-king. Odd thing. Not hearing, but hearing. Am I the only one? How can I ask? Is someone listening? Hello! Heee-llooo?

Nothing answered.

She let her head fall back down with a donk.

Donk? That must be a real sound! Not a thinking sound. Can everyone hear sound?

Maybe I'll try making another one.

With a small strain of effort, she lifted her head once again and dropped it.


She heard it, but it didn't make her happy. A numb, hot feeling spread through her top-half. It didn't feel proper. The stretching feeling came back, but it felt upside-down. It made her feel less proper.

I must be doing it wrong. Others wouldn't make sound if it made their feelings bad.

A sudden panic overtook her.

What if there isn't any others?

Fueled by a new feeling, she tried something different.

She pulled her middle-part down, and tightened her throat at the same time.


Yay! It worked! But it wasn't like the think-sound. It was wrong.

Try again.

"E-o? Hey-o? Hay'lo? He-lo. Hello."

That was right! Good!

Exited, she repeated herself.

"Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!"

This continued for the better part of an hour.

"Hell-o. Hullo. Hey-loo-oo. Haw-lualualuuuu. He-looo-looo-loo…."

Something sharp poked her in the top part.


She turned her eyes to the side to see…

Yay! Another one!

This one was like her, but different. This one was smaller. His color was different, but pleasing, too. His shape was straighter, less rounded than hers. It reminded her of a comfortable feeling.

In his hand was a long white stick. It's other end was currently pressing into her forehead.


The smaller one made a tired sound, and the two round things on it's top half looked down at her tiredly.

"Are you broken, or what? You've been saying that for awhile now. Can you say anything more interesting?"

Her brow furrowed in thought.

His sound is different. Not like mine. He wants me to make another sound.

She racked her brain for a good noise to make. Her thoughts told her a pleasant sound, one that she must've heard before, because it was very easy to think.

" O, say can you see, by the dawn's early light. What so proudly we hailed, at the twilight's last gleaming…"

"Okay, okay! Good enough." The other one said, cutting her off.

"Get up. The boss wants to talk to you."


"Is talking what I am doing with you?"

Again came the tired sound. She felt as if she would be hearing it often in the future.

"Yes, we are talking. Good lord, I hate working with the freshies…" This part was muttered, but she heard it anyhow.

"I am a 'freshie'? Does that mean that I am new?"

"Yes, my friend. I think that you are very 'new'. Now get up."

He called me 'friend'? Am I his friend now?

A hand closed down on her arm, pulling her to her feet. A dizzy sensation came to her head, and her lower-middle part felt bad. Bending over, she vomited over the area she had been laying on.

"Oh, lovely." said the other one, stepping back.

She straightened again, wiping liquid from her face with the bottom of her shirt.

"That was not lovely," she corrected, rubbing away the disgusting substance. "It was very bad. You said I was your friend. Are we friends?"

A yelp startled her, and she jumped a bit, swaying on her feet.

"Pull your shirt back down!"

His face looked odd, and he was covering his eyes with one of his arms.

"Are we not friends?" she ventured, feeling disappointed for some reason.

The smaller one was looking away, the sides of his face turning a reddish color.

She smiled in delight.

"You are changing color! Can I do that too?"

She scrunched op her face, willing her skin to turn red.

She felt cloth brush against her stomach, and opened her eyes again to see the other one tugging down her shirt hem.

"Don't do that!" they complained.

"Why not?"

"Because… I don't want to see your boobs!"


She looked down at her higher-middle part. For the first time, she realized that the other one didn't have the same bulgy shapes as she did.

"You do not have boobs! Why do I?"

The red on the other one's cheeks deepened.

"Because… I'm a dude."


I must not be a dude.

"What am I?"

The other one stared at her for a moment before answering.

"You are a girl. A teenager. Girls…. Um, need to cover their…" He drifted off, staring at her chest.

"Boobs?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah. Whatever. Anyhow, come on. The boss wants to talk to you." He turned around, and started walking away.


He stopped, and looked back.


Suddenly she felt very nervous.

"If you are a dude, and I am a girl, why am I shaped similar? Why are my clothes the same? Why am I in the same place?"

A look of relief came across the boys features, and he turned to walk away again.

"Oh, that." He said, his tone light.

"You're dead."

Okay, anybody interested? It'll take awhile for the action to start, but I'm not continuing unless I know someone wants it to. For the record, I have no religion and am neutral on the subject, so everything from here on out is just my crazy imagination, not fact. Please don't take offense if I do something wrong, just let me know.