She felt the ground beneath her being once again.

All was dark, so she supposed that her eyes must be closed.

Opening them, the girl saw that she was once again in unfamiliar territory.

This seems to be happening to me often. How peculiar.

Surrounding her pale form were several tall, scruffy things. They were high, although not as high as the buildings from Afterdeath. They were still like the structures, in the sense that they also very wide. Asides from that, everything else was opposite. Sleek, shiny corners and angles were replaced by torn and jagged clumps of rough grey materiel, somehow managing to cling onto the things by themselves. It looked nice. Thin, flaky curved things clustered around the pillar's sharp-looking fingertips, and it reminded her of something she had seen before.

Maybe dead stay there, too.

She stared up for a moment, contemplative.

No, they have a different… feel.

She sighed, making the tired sound.

I will talk to another one about it when I find one.

But first I must find one. Where is one?

Then came the final thought.

Where is where?

She sat up, enjoying the grainy soft feel between her fingers.

It was… fresh. Comfortable.

…But it bit.

The girl wrapped her arms around her top-half, trying vainly to cover her chest with her form-heat.

Why does it bite?

Deciding to stand, her body shook involuntarily at a gust of the soft-biting blew up the edge of her sleeveless shirt. Although her top did little to keep out the icy sensation, loose grey pocket-covered pants tucked into soft leathery boots did well to keep her lower half somewhat comfortable.

I should find another one now.

She made little or no noise as she walked, stumbling slightly into the darker, more comfortable recesses of the area.

She did not even notice the cold grey eyes that followed her ever move.


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