Jorge Michaels felt like his life was on a road to nowhere. Life had sent him through a variety of twists and turns since he had to drop out. Before it all went downhill for him, he had been doing quite well in college as one of the top students studying in the genetics program. Of course, his best friend and college roommate had helped him a lot. However, things got bad about a year ago. A lot of it dealt with his family. His mom and dad had passed away a couple weeks before the final. Needless to say, he didn't handle it well. Through a combination of grief and alcohol, he flunked his final and was kicked out with nowhere to go. With such heavy losses on his shoulders, it was thought he would catch a break, but Stanford has no room for failure. To pay off the student loans he had accumulated, he had to sell his car and the house. Wu couldn't help him this time. Despite putting in five years of his life into the genetics field, he had more than established himself in biology. He had applied as a zookeeper for an exotic wildlife preserve in his home country of Costa Rica. He was the most qualified, and they were even kind enough to pay for his travel fare. Of course, his father's employment history at the place was the main reason they accepted him, or at least that's what Jorge thought.

The preserve wasn't too far from his apartment building, so there was no need for a car. The job payed rather well, but Jorge still had plenty of student loans to pay off. He didn't have a fancy set-up but had enough money on hand for food, water, and the bills. The young man had gone through an emotional roller coaster for a while. Jorge felt very alone, despite working back in the place he was born in. Wu was back in California studying under their old professor, Norman Atherton. His parents were gone. The legacy his father left behind as one of Costa Rica's top zoologists and his mother's work as a translator had pressured him to live up to a lot. Now, he had nothing to aspire to. Loneliness and a lack of self-worth ate at him for a while, until he reunited with Nima.

Nima Cruz and Jorge were childhood friends. His parents often visited the island of Nublar to learn of the natives as well as the wildlife. Jorge was brought along with them to learn of the culture and the wildlife. Nima ended up teaching him a lot, and the two grew close. As Jorge became older and more involved in his education, he couldn't make the trips with his father to Nublar anymore and had to go to the United States to study abroad. Regardless of the distance between them, he still kept contact with Nima. For a few years, communication between them had gone dark. It started after a company called "InGen" bought her island home and had the natives relocated. They met after Jorge moved back to Costa Rica to work at the wildlife preserve. She actually stole his wallet. She more than made up for it, after he bailed her out of jail. He had to. She was an old friend. Through a combination of childhood friendship and some physical interest, they blossomed into a strong relationship. Jorge proved to be the stability Nima needed in her life, using a lot of his money to help Nima and her daughter Atlanta. Atlanta was not Jorge's child, and Nima and Jorge were not married. Atlanta was the daughter of a man who had ended up walking out on her and Nima. It was one of the reasons Nima was so distrusting of getting involved with Jorge in the first place, but he understood her better than anyone else. Atlanta really liked Jorge and was very supportive of their relationship. They had all grown incredibly close. Nima had actually moved in with him, but Atlanta remained under the care of Nima's aunt. Jorge wasn't terribly disappointed Atlanta wouldn't be joining them. That just meant more "special nights" together with Nima. Jorge had something in him that Nima had never seen in any other man. The young Hispanic man had a drive to him, a zeal, a spark. A very compassionate and open-minded individual. He also proved to be quite charming, funny, and a really handsome. His job was successful, and he had a caring girlfriend. He had all the things at the age of 23 that most people ended up working their entire lives to achieve. From the outside, it was hard to see what made Jorge so unsatisfied with his life.

The wildlife preserve he worked at was just too simple for him. He had grown up around the native species they housed. The howler monkeys and basilisk lizards may have amused the kids and fascinated the other zookeepers, but they just didn't do it for him anymore. As much as he loved the animals, the spark of working among such exotic creatures had faded. The preserve presented to challenge to him and made him feel as though his degree had been wasted. Jorge entertained the idea of moving to a wildlife preserve in Africa or some other exotic country, but travel fare was so expensive. Africa would have been too foreign for him to adjust to, and there was no way he'd leave Nima and Atlanta behind. They were all he had now. Costa Rica was his home, and he didn't plan on permanently leaving it.

Nima was an anti-establishment activist. Jorge disapproved of unnecessary and wasteful industrial development but didn't hate the concept of capitalism like she did. Costa Rica had lost too much natural beauty, and that is something that can't be restored. Nima took a very firm stance against all industrial movements in Costa Rica, which Jorge could understand considering it was industrialism that took Nublar from her. He respected her opinion on the issue but couldn't exactly approve of the way she went along with her protesting. He couldn't go two months without a couple calls from local police. Yet, all she had to do was bat her eyelashes at him and give him an eyefull of some certain somethings, and he was putty in her hands. He'd find himself kicking himself for it later. Not for letting her go ahead with it but being suckered in so easily.

Jorge got off work early that day and had just walked in the door. He was waiting to see Nima's beautiful face.

"Honey! I'm home!" he said. He didn't get an answer. "Mi amor?" he asked. Nothing. "Dollface?" Still nothing. "Probably visiting Atlanta," he rambled to himself and proceeded to the kitchen. "I really hope she didn't eat my sub." A note was stuck to the fridge door. He put his reading glasses on and read it.

Hey, baby. Went to visit Atlanta Be back in half an hour. Knew you wouldn't mind. P.S. Took some food from the fridge to eat. Was hungry and missed lunch.

Jorge swung the fridge door and scanned the contents of it. As he expected, no sub.

"Son of a bitch," he sighed. He sighed and went to his study. He was behind on his paperwork. Jorge had just settled into his chair when his phone rang.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Yes, may I speak to a Mister Jorge Crichton Michaels?" a voice asked. The speaker had a slight Scottish accent and spoke a bit softly.

"That would be me, sir," he answered. "May I ask who I'm speaking with?"

"How are you doing today, my good man?" the voice asked. Jorge raised an eyebrow. This was unusual, but he wasn't complaining.

"I'm fine," he replied. "A little hungry. The old ball-and-chain ate the lunch I saved," he said with a laugh. The man on the other end chuckled a bit.

"You're married then?"

"Nope," Jorge responded. "Just living together is all. You, uh, didn't answer my question, sir."

"Straight to the point," the voice stated. "I like that, but don't forget to have a little fun with people, my boy." Jorge smirked to himself. He liked this man. "I am John Hammond, CEO and founder of the bioengineering company known as International Genetic Incorporated." Jorge's eyes widened a bit. InGen was the group that bought Nima's home. What did they want with him?

"I'm well aware," he simply answered, not wanting to get into a debate.

"Well, here at InGen, we're always looking for employees that work hard and strive for more. We're especially interesting in geneticists and those specializing in animals. You were on a list of selected candidates we wanted for a... very particular job." Somebody was looking to employ HIM? He felt flattered.

"I don't mean to brag, but I know quite a bit about many types of animals. And not just living ones, mind you." He paused for a bit. Should he talk about how he failed out of passing his final? That final determined whether or not he could legally be a geneticist. He sighed to himself. So much for this opportunity. "But I'm afraid I'm not qualified in genetics."

"We know of your exam failure, Mr. Michaels," Hammond said. Jorge's eyes widened. They knew? How long had he been on this "list" of theirs? Had they been keeping tabs on him? "That is of no consequence to us. The job offer we want you to accept will allow you to practice it legally but only while you're under our management." Jorge was confused. They knew about college records yet still wanted him? And they were giving him immunity too? "We know you need this, Mr. Michaels," Hammond continued. "This job pays extremely well. Judging by your debts, you could use this." Just who the hell is this guy?

"How did my name come to your list, Mr. Hammond?" Jorge asked.

"From your old friend, Henry Wu." Jorge was blown away. So Henry was working for these guys? Well, Henry did have a keen eye for business opportunities. And all that Hammond said was true.

"When do I start?" Jorge asked.

"Next week, if you still hold an interest, you'll be taken by ship," Hammond said. "You'll be heading to an island off the coast of Costa Rica. Called "Isla Sorna" by the people." Isla Sorna? Not Nublar? Sorna was part of Los Cinco Muertes. The Five Deaths. Somebody actually bought one of those islands? How much of the coast does InGen own?

"I look forward to it, sir," Jorge said.

"As do I." Jorge hung up. So he was working for InGen now.

"Nima's gonna be pissed."