Billy and Jorge had trekked from the Marine Facility to the North Dock. There was a boat docked at port that was to allow him and Nima to escape. He would wait at the docks as long as he could for the three of them to show. If they did, he'd take the can and Jorge to BioSyn. If not, he'd leave Jorge to face the oncoming airstrike. They waited around by the entrance to the docks for them to arrive. To their right was an electric fence with a large tribal gate serving as an entrance to the docks. They had ninety minutes before the airstrike would commence. They had been there for about an hour now. There was still about half an hour before the planes came, but Billy was getting impatient.

"You said they'd make it," he said.

"I said I'd HOPE they'd make it," Jorge said. He was still holding out for them to show, but time was not on their side.

"For your sake, you'd better hope they survived," Billy warned. "Otherwise, you're staying here."

"And you end up with no embryos, no friends, and no money," Jorge said. Billy scoffed at him. Their attention was brought to the sounds of voices coming from the cave. Jorge stood up and saw Gerry, Jessi, and Nima all emerge from the cave. "I'll be damned."

"Jorge!" Jessi shouted. She ran towards him and embraced him tightly. Jorge picked her up and held her tight. "You're okay!"

"I could say the same about you, kiddo," he said. His attention was pulled away from her as Nima pulled him in for a kiss. A very passionate one. Jorge found himself struggling for breath after that. Gerry came trotting after them, a smile on his face. Jorge was so happy to see them all safe and sound that he had completely forgotten about Billy. A loud thud quickly reminded him as he saw a wooden club make contact with the back of Gerry's head.

"Well, well, well," Billy bragged. "Fortune smiles among the brave."

"Dad!" Jessi shouted. Gerry had fallen to the ground, the club by his side. Jessi inspected his head for any damage. No blood, thankfully.

"I thought I'd worked everything out," he continued. "I hadn't accounted for our little thief here. Well played, Jess. Well played. But then I was sure I had buried my ticket off this island at the bottom of the sea. But lo and behold. You slippery sons of bitches survived. Good idea waiting for them, Jorge. This really worked out for us."

"Piss off," Jorge spat. "You'll regret everything if you killed Gerry."

"Ahh, he's fine," Billy said. "Wait. Did you guys swim out of there?"

"You bastard," Nima growled, balling her fists. "What will your bosses think when they learn that you tried to murder us?"

"They won't learn about that," Billy said. "Because, one way or another, you're not gonna tell them." The mercenary sighed. "I just don't know how we got to this point, Nima. You were the last one of my kind I thought I could trust."

"YOUR kind?" Jorge asked.

"Things didn't start out that way, but we had worked out a mutually beneficial deal!" he yelled in her face. "But now, I don't even have that. All that's left for me is that damn canister. Hand it over, missy." Jorge looked at her and shook his head. A loud crack rang out from Nima's fist as she planted a punch right in the middle of Billy's forehead. He shook his head and cracked his knuckles. "Nice one. Almost hurt." Nima reached into her backpack and removed the Barbasol can.

"You lookin' for this?" she asked mockingly.

"You know, things don't have to be this way," Billy said. The two were in fighting stances, ready to duke it out. "We'll kiss and make up. And share this payout, just as we planned."

"The only man I plan on kissing is Jorge," Nima said. "You talk too much, Yoder. Are we gonna fight or have boring conversation?" Billy slid towards her and threw out several strong punches. Nima zipped left and right of them, staying low to the ground. Billy took a step back in surprise. He wasn't anywhere near Oscar's level of hand-to-hand combat, but he could more and hold his own. "You're pretty good." The two began to circle each other, arms still raised and fists still clenched. "Come on, Nima. You're a merc just like me. You got bills to pay. Are those three really worth all this?"

"It's not about the money anymore," she said. "I'm not gonna let you hurt these people. Now, shut up and fight!" Nima took a quick jab at the mercenary, which he swatted away with ease. He reared back and struck her in the jaw twice with both fists. Billy took a swift kick to her stomach, driving her knee deep into her abdomen. Nima had the wind kicked right out of her, and she staggered in place. Billy removed the knife from his back pocket and clutched it in right hand, ready to cut her good. A loud crack rang out when the same wooden club used to take out Gerry made contact with the back of Billy's head. Jorge took another swipe at Billy, who ducked under it and swung his fist up into the scientist's jaw. Jorge cried out and fell to the ground. Billy raised his knife into the air and prepared to stab Jorge square in the chest. Nima tackled the merc, and the two went tumbling into the dust.

The two rose to their feet, with Billy swiping his knife at Nima. She slapped his hand away and jabbed at his chest. Billy retaliated with a punch to her shoulder which sent her staggering. He swiped at her again. This time, he ended up cutting her on her arm. Jorge leapt onto Billy's back like a raptor and bit the back of his neck. Billy cried out in agony and turned around, trying to get him. Nima swung her fist forward, accidentally catching it on Jorge. He fell to the ground again, nursing his brow.

"Sorry, sweetie!" Nima called out. Billy grabbed Nima by the arm and threw her towards the electric fence. He swung the knife up and tried to jab it down into her, but Nima caught his wrist. Billy was pushing down on her with his weight, trying to back her into the fence. Nima was pushing back on him, trying to twist his wrist and take the knife. The two were locked in a struggle of attrition, trying to overpower the other. Nima managed to push him back. Billy stabbed at her, which she dodged. She pushed his head into one of the rods of the electric fence. It sparked and singed his forehead, causing him to cry out in pain and fall on the ground. The knife slid from his grasp and clattered to the ground. Billy tripped Nima on his way down, causing her to land on her side. The can popped from her backpack and rolled onto the ground.

Gerry finally came to, nursing the back of his head. Jessi helped him to his feet, but he fell back on the ground. Jorge slid for the scan and clutched it in his fist.

"Nailed it," he said, looking at the can in satisfaction. Billy was the first to his feet and landed a punch square in the back of his head. He fell to the ground but keeps hold of the can. Jorge let out a groan, the concrete being hot on his face. His eyes widened when he felt the ground shake. A faint thud could be heard in the distance. There was another thud which shook the ground. "Impact tremor." Jessi helped her dad to his feet.

"Jess, do you feel that?" he asked her. Jessi remembered what causes those thuds on the island.

"Oh my God," she said. "STOP!" Billy pulls Nima up, rearing his fist back.

"So you wanna play the hero?" he asked. "You wanna make new friends?"

"Yoder!" Jessi yelled. A large reptilian foot smashed into the ground behind them. Billy slowly turned his head to look behind him. Standing in front of the tribal extrance was the female Tyrannosaurus. A low rumbling came from the back of its throat as it looked around. The five of them were very still and quiet. Jorge stood as still as he could, trying not to shake from fear. The large animal pointed its snout at Jessi, sniffing her. The young girl winced in fear, hoping it would leave her alone. Gerry and Billy peered at each other, glancing over to the can at his feet.

"Jorge," Nima whispered. "Why isn't it attacking us?" The kept sniffing around for them but didn't seem to be able to see them.

"Frog DNA," he said with a grin. He looked down at the can sitting between his feet. He looked back up at them and then over to Billy. The merc glared at him and shook his head slowly. Jorge casually and softly whistled a tune before kicking the can. The Barbasol can began to roll away from them and towards the water. The dinosaur then turned its attention to the can, temporarily distracted. Billy saw the can rolling towards the water and out of Billy's hands forever.

He couldn't risk losing it and sprinted for the can. He hit the ground and reached for the can. His fingers skimmed the surface of the water as he grabbed the can. "Yes!" A warm wave of air washed over his back. The merc winced in fear and turned to the animal behind him. With a mighty bellow, the Tyrannosaurus snapped up the merc in its jaws and bit down. Alpha team was officially no more. The dinosaur shook the body violently in its jaws, and the can flew out of the body's hands and clattered onto the ground before the others. Before it came to a complete stop, Nima swiped it up. The animal was too preoccupied with swinging around the body to deal with them. It had its back to them, leaving an opening for them to escape into the docks.

"Now! Go! Run!" Gerry shouted. Jessi, Nima, and Jorge followed him through the docks. The animal swallowed the body whole and then turned to see the four of them running away. With a snarl, it turned and stomped towards them. They found themselves backed against a staircase leading up to a tower. "The skywalk! Go!" Nima and Jessi took the stairs up to the skywalk. The skywalk was an elevated walkway built along towers to make overseeing, checking storage, and navigating the docks easier. Jorge held the door open for Jorge and waved for him to come in. "Keep going!"

"What about you?" Jorge asked.

"I'll keep the Rex distracted," he said. "You watch my daughter!"

"I won't let you down, captain!" Jorge said. Gerry began to shout at the dinosaur and waved his arms.

"Hey! Hey! Over here! C'mon! Come get me!" The dinosaur's attention shifted from the three on the skywalk to Gerry. The Rex roared at him, and Gerry ran through the maze of shipping containers. The dinosaur hit its head on the skywalk, causing it to crack. Jessi lost her balance and slipped. She was holding onto the railing, trying not to fall. Nima and Jorge slid and hit the wall. The can fell out of her hands and clattered onto the ground below.

"Hold on, sweetie!" Jorge said, sidling down the railing. He dangled his leg beside her. "Grab on and climb up!" She grabbed hold of his leg and began to climb up onto his back. "Hold on, Jess!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tightly. The brid crumbled farther down, far enough to prevent Jorge from climbing back up. Jess was screaming and holding onto Jorge's throat, threatening to choke him into unconsciousness. "Sweetie. You're. Choking. Me!" Jorge's voice was very hoarse from Jess squeezing his neck so hard. The tyrannosaur turns to face the two dangling from the edge.

"Help!" Jess shouted. "Nima!" Her eyes darted between the can on the ground and the two people dangling from the rail. The Rex took a single step towards them, ready to chomp the both of them. Nima climbed over to the two of them, determined to save them.

"Get her first!" Jorge said. Jess reached her hand out to Nima.

"I got you!" she said as she pulled her up to safety. Jess ran for the safety of the inside of the tower. Nima grabbed Jorge by the back of his shirt and pulled him up. He stumbled to safety inside the tower with Nima. The tyrannosaur approached the tower and stepped onto the Barbasol can, crushing it and the embryos within under its foot. Gerry peaked out from behind a green shipping container he was using to hide. The dinosaur was pushing against the tower, trying to force the three out of it. Gerry spotted a thick branch lying on the ground next to him. He lifted it up and ran towards the dinosaur, smacking the branch into the back of its leg. The tyrannosaur growled in anger and snapped at him, just barely missing him.

"Hey! Over here! Hey! C'mon!" The veterinarian continued to shout at the large predator. It began to charge after him, snapping at his heels. Gerry made a break for the shipping containers, skidding to a half before a branching path. The containers made a sort of maze. There was a path before him and one to his left. He made a break for the left and skidded to a half before a path that branched out into three different paths. The dinosaur was stalking around the outside, trying to find a large enough entrance. Gerry sidled through a small opening between two containers and continued running through them all. A right turn brought him to a dead end.

Gerry turned around to try another route but was cornered when the Tyrannosaurus burst through a crowd of containers. The dinosaur pushes through the containers, causing some of them to tumble down. A dinosaur cage hangs precariously off the edge. The pushes farther through, and the cage begins to spiral down towards Gerry. He dives for safety and just narrowly manages to avoid being crushed by the cage. However, he had become trapped in a narrow tunnel. The veterinarian climbs onto the front of the age and attempts to pull up on top of it, but a large burst of force knocks him off of the cage. The animals pushed the cage towards him, trying to get to its meal. Gerry backed farther away from the cage, scanning the edges of the shipping containers for some way to climb up but to no avail. The cage is pushed closer to him, the metal giving out a loud screech as it scraped the metal walls. The tyrannosaur slammed against it once more, pushing it closer towards Gerry. With this push, the cage door flew open. The cage door smacked against the side of the wall. Gerry used the openings in the metal to climb on top of the cage and jumped on top of a shipping container. The pushes the cage farther away from him, giving him enough space to get to the container. It takes a snap at him but narrowly misses. The dinosaur slams its head into the side of the container, sending it tipping towards the ground. Gerry leaps to the grey one across from him but only catches the edge. The vet is dangling over the edge, and the blue container begins to slide towards him. Mustering enough strength, he climbs to the top and narrowly avoids having his head crushed between two heavy metallic masses.

Gerry looks to his left and sees a red shipping container within jumping range. He sprints for it, determined to make the jump. The tyrannosaur's head bursts between the opening and trips up the vet. Gerry stumbled to his feet and ran for a blue shipping container right across. The dinosaur slammed its head into the blue container, trying to shake Gerry off. The force made him fall onto another red container beside him. The Tyrannosaurus completely tipped the container over and pushed it out of its way. It made its way for the container Gerry had fallen onto. The beast pushed the container, trying to tip Gerry off once more. The father's eyes saw a dinosaur cage sitting on top of a container across from him, the gate wide open. The Tyrannosaurus lifted the container up into the air, causing Gerry to slide down. With a well time jumped, he leapt onto the container across from him and ran into the cage. The Rex pushed its head into the cage, trying to snap at him. The animal's head was too large and was unable to force its way down any farther. The lifted its head into the air, the cage stuck around it. Gerry was clinging to the walls of the cage, doing his best to avoid falling into the maw of the beast. With an irritated snarl, the dinosaur began wildly swinging its head from side to side trying to get the cage off. After a minute of shaking, the cage flew off the dinosaur's head and went flying through the docks. It tumbled onto the ground and finally stopped on its side.

Gerry held his side, finding it rather battered from being tossed through the air like a ragdoll. He crawled out of the cage and stood up, his legs shaking like crazy. He could hear the rumbling in the dinosaur's throat behind him. Gerry turned to see the dinosaur locked behind a large red gate. It backed up a ways and then charged the gate, which burst open with the loud screech of metal. The sound of footsteps on concrete was replaced with that of wood. He was sprinting on the boardwalk towards a boat docked farther down. He could see Nima, Jorge, and Jess on it.

"Dad!" she shouted, waving him to her.

"Jess!" he shouted. "Start the boat!" The large Tyrannosaurus was hot on his heels, its enormous footsteps causing the wood to creak and moan. Jorge pulled the cord on the motor, but it failed to start up.

"Come on, you shit!" he shouted. He pulled it once more but received the same result. "Dammit!" With all the strength he could muster, he pulled the cord back incredibly far and let it go. It hit the motor with a loud clank, which was then followed up with a loud humming. "Go! Go!" Nima steered the boat forward, keeping it parallel to the dock. Gerry's entire body was coursing with pain and exhaustion, but he could not stop now. Not yet. "Come on, buddy boy! You're near the home stretch!" The end of the boardwalk came into sight, with nothing but open water before him. With one last burst of energy, Gerry jumped. He came crashing onto the floor of the boat, which veered off from the boardwalk and out for the open water. The Tyrannosaurus stopped dead in its tracks and watched the boat grow smaller and smaller on the horizon. It roared in frustration at them, its tail thrashing back and forth in anger.

Jess helped her father to his feet. He clutched his side in pain and sat on one of the seats in the boat.

"I've never been so tired in my life," he said. "I can't believe we made it."

"What now, Dad?" Jess asked, sitting down beside her father. "I guess you're kinda out of a job."

"Heh. That's alright," he said. "I quit. No more dinosaurs for me. I think I'll try to get my old job back at the Dallas Zoo. Elephants are a little more my speed, lately." Jess's face lit up.

"You're coming back to Dallas?" she asked, her voice quivering.

"Why not?" Gerry said with a smile. "Think it's a good idea?"

"If you're serious," she said smiling. It would be nice to have her dad back.

"Alright, then," Gerry replied. "Dallas it is." He got up and went to see Nima, who was manning the helm. She kept an eye on the horizon, the glow of the sun warming her face.

"We got a hundred and twenty miles of open water between us and the mainland," she told him. "We've at least got enough gas to make the trip." She kept focused on the horizon, trying to avoid letting any signs of worry show. She was glad to see them all in one piece, but without the embryos, her entire trip amounted to nothing.

"Hey," Gerry said, interrupting her thoughts. "Believe me. The whole world is better off without that can."

"Guys?" Jess called.

"Not me, Gerry," she said softly. "Not my daughter."

"Guys?" Jess called again.

"Nima, I made a promise," Gerry said. "I'll figure something out. Come back to Dallas with us. We'll find a way to get you and your Mariquita to-"

"GUYS!" Jess shouted. Nima and Gerry turned to see her standing over an opened metal container. "How much did you say those embryos were worth?" Inside the container was a large leather bag with bundled stacks of hundred dollar bills.

"Oh my goodness," Gerry said. Nima let out an energetic trill.

"Look at that beautiful cold hard cash!" she shouted.

"And it's all yours, Nima," Gerry said with a smile.

"Help me count it, Jess," she said, kneeling down beside the young girl. "I'll find a way to repay you for all this, Gerry."

"That's not necessary, Nima," he said. "I was just glad to help a friend."

"Wow, look at all this!" Jess said. "You're set for life, Nima!"

"You, Jorge, and Atlanta can live without worry," Gerry said. "Right, Jorge?" He didn't receive any sort of answer. "…Jorge?" He turned around to see Jorge sitting on the back edge of the boat, staring at the fading silhouette of Nublar. He hadn't said a single word, cracked a single joke, or anything. This had been the quietest he had ever been around them.

"Dad, is he okay?" Jess asked quietly. "What's wrong?"

"I think I know," Gerry said. Jess walked slowly over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, looks like Nima didn't need to steal those embryos after all," she said with a laugh.

"Yeah," Jorge said. "I guess." He didn't even look at her but just kept staring at the island.

"Jorge, I know this can't be easy for you," she said softly. "I'm sure Jurassic Park would've been the best park ever it things worked out."

"You think so?"

"Yeah." Her reply did seem genuine, which brought a slight smile to Jorge's face.

"I'm sure gonna miss it, Jess," he said. "All that hard work gone. Had it been for nothing?" He was quiet for a while, the questions he had asked himself spinning in his head. "And all those people. Billy, Oscar, David, Nedry, Sorkin..."

"It's not your fault," Jess said. "You're a good person, Jorge. You were just dealt a bad hand. Like Nima."

Nima. Her name brought his attention away from the horizon. He looked back at her smiling face. Smiling at him. He took in the sight of her, just standing there. It had been so long since they parted. August 6, 1985, when dinosaur cloning had kicked into full gear. Today was June 14, 1993. Eight years. He was thirty one years old, having left at twenty three. Nima was only a year behind him. Had it really been so long, he thought to himself? After their argument, the two went their separate ways. Jorge was unsure whether or not he'd see her again. Yet here she was. They weren't fighting. Weren't running for their lives. Weren't even shagging. They just were. Just to see her there, after all this, was like some sort of warm blanked enveloped his body. He turned around to look back at where Nublar was. It had disappeared from view completely, its silhouette swallowed up by the ocean.

"Yeah," he said, looking away from the ocean. "You're right." He looked back at them all and smiled.

"What are you gonna do now that Jurassic Park is done?" Nima asked. Jorge hadn't necessarily thought of that. All their work had been to make sure the park was a success. Now that the park was done for, what was to become of Sorna? What was to become of his dinosaurs?

"Well," Jorge said earnestly. "Guess we'll just have to evolve."

"Your parents would be proud of you, Jorge," Nima said. "Of your dinosaurs and how you helped us."

"I hope so," he replied. He reached into his pocket and held onto the green dinosaur toy inside. "Well, we still have Site B. Thank God."

"Site B?" Jess asked.