You were the one for me

Always thought you were the one for me

Whether or not the path of realization was easy

You get my heart racing

Every time you smile

Your smile is all I yearn to see

Even after all this while

I've never really seen those eyes

Anywhere before

You broke my shield

Like you were melting ice

In your warmth, beauty and glow

Radiating like the sun

If I had been quicker

I would have been the first

To be your first lover

But I did pay the price

I'm glad that that patch is over

And now you're all mine

I did leave you here

And for that I apologise

But you had no idea of the fear

That overrode my heart

When I thought about you

So forgive me love

I'd never have left you

If I had the choice

But we wouldn't be happy today

If I had thought about it twice

But now we live happily

And rejoice without looking back

Now we look back

At all we've been through

And I realize

How foolish I was back then

Not to see

That you were the one for me.

AN:Did you like it, did you hate it? tell me! It was just a little thing I wrote, hope you liked it! Thanks!