Carols awoke after barely and hour of proper sleep, her eyes felt dry and sticky, and her throat ached.

It would have been so nice to go into a shower and relieve the horrible congested feeling she could feel causing a head ache but she remembered that in the world she had these she also received more black eyes than she could count, so maybe a blocked nose wasn't so terrible.

She looked over to Daryl who was had fallen asleep surprisingly quickly and stayed sound asleep all night, obviously his body must have been physically exhausted, but who could blame him? He had been through so much the day before.

Carol smiled over to him holding her hand to her lips softly, she turned her body off the bed and stood up having a quick stretch. She heard Hershell's distinctive foot steps make their way down the creaking wooden flooring of the hall as she straightened out her clothes.

She noticed red marks over her skin where the clothes had dug in and had to resist itching them.

"Never thought I'd miss pyjama's this much..." she murmured to herself still half asleep as she picked up pieces of clothing off the floor to make it seem like she'd just come into this room to collect them.

Hershell entered the room and cleared his throat.

"Good morning Carol." his voice was deep and dull as he entered the room.

"How has he been? Did he sleep through the night?" Carol looked up at him realising he probably kept an eye on who came in and left him house meaning he knew she'd slept here.

"Yeah, his breathing was a bit staggered but he slept right through..." She answered politely as she shuffled trying to make her way to the door.

"Can you come over and help me change his bandage?" Hershell lay down a bottle of antiseptic and some fresh bandages on the ground as Carol went over and put her hand on his side to start to remove his old wound, it was very slightly stained.

Carol began to move a hand across his bandage on his back to remove it, just as she began to peel it back she felt a arm come crashing into her. "Get the fuck off me!" He screamed barely awake and he tried to get out the bed.

"DARYL! Calm down!" Hershells voice boomed as stepped between Carol and the redneck.

Daryl shook his head as he turned shutting his eyes hard and then opening them again.

"Oh fuck, Carol I'm s-"

"NO! Daryl don't just..." Carols voice was filled with sobs as she tried to articulate herself she backed off out the room then down the hallway.

Daryl lay there in the worn out tent, affectionately smiling at his arrow, the one that could have killed him yesterday, and began whipping the miscellaneous fluids off of it. He placed it beside his cross bow, ready to load if needed and lay back again staring at the roof of the small tent. How could he have failed so completely? He lost his lead on Sophia, lost one of Hershells horses, and left himself unable to even help out the next day, and now Carol couldn't even look at him with her big blue eyes, or talk to her with her lovely soft voice...Daryls mind conjured beautiful perfect imaged of Carol, her long thing fingers wrapped around his, as his thin, rough, chewed lips pushed down on her, their bodies intertwined. His mind filled with soft feminine moans as he fought the need to release some tension.

He slowly gave into his needs pushing his left hand into his trousers, he'd gone without for so long now he was surprised to find some worn out boxers covering his shaft, he smiled to himself as he began stroking his member, feeling the build up start as he pictured things he'd probably only ever imagine, things Carol could say and do for him and things he wished he could say to her. He'd held onto his virginity for some time now, whether he used the excuse that he hadn't found the right person or that Merle pretty much claimed every woman in their little village, and no one with an ounce of sense touched something Merle had once had his dick in, depended on who was asking.

He felt a deep warmth build up in his stomach as he felt his mind and body hand on the edge of orgasm before curling upwards into himself covering the end of his member to catch his seed.

"awh shit..." he grumbled trying to find a towel or a used bandage or anything to wipe this off on before biting the bullet and whipping his hand down this trousers.

Daryls body jolted up as he heard some slow shuffling moving towards his tent, his hand creeped over to his trusted crossbow as he realised it'd be impossible to get up, out of his tent, and run from a walker at this point as he could hardly stay awake. He saw the shadow of the creature got closer and closer to the tent door.

The shuffling turned out to be Andrea, she peaked her head into the tent and looked a little guilty. Daryl was just relieve she hadn't walked in 2 minutes earlier as a walker.

Carol had kept herself busy the rest of the morning, avoiding making eye contact as Daryl was helped out into his tent even though she was curious as of why he was put there, doing the dishes, stopping herself from checking on Daryl as she returned from collecting water, not checking if he had any other clothes to be washed as she made her way through the already large pile of clothes, and then as she was making lunch she knew there was only so long she could avoid him for.

"Are you okay Carol?" Carol jamp out her skin as Lori's skinny hand appeared on her shoulder.

"Uh...Yeah...I just...didn't sleep much..." She said stirring the odd meaty soup mixture over their little fire.

"Oh yeah, I heard you rode the hunter last night!" Lori said oddly chirpy for once. Carol looked confused and offended as she tried to think of the words to explain.

"No! I was just keeping him company!" She rushed out panicked about what rumours people were spreading.

"Hmm..." Lori said looking at a little disappointed at the lack of conversation.

"He think you're too old for him?" an ache grew in her chest as her mind raced.

"I Don't know...I just...I didn't try and seduce him or anything..." She sighed rubbing a hand through her short hair.

"So what did you do?" Lori said taking the spoon and stirring the mixture a bit as she waited for Carol to respond.

"Come on we haven't had a little gossip in a while!" Lori encouraged her, Carol sighed

"it's not the same when you're accusing me of hitting on some one while my daughter is god knows where..." she thought then sighed.

"I started so...we sat and talked for a while...I gave him a little kiss then we went to sleep..." She recited hoping she'd leave it at that, Carol should have realised her luck wasn't about to get any better.

"So...Do you want him?" Carol sighed as the worlds grated past through her ears.

"Look I need to serve up some lunch before we head out to gun practice, I'm going to check on Daryl." She got up to leave hardly wanting to look back at the friend she had just closed out.

What was she becoming? A woman who had fun because her husband was dead and who ignored men who'd risked their lives to find her daughter and now apparently she was treating Lori badly too...and yet no matter how bad she felt about it she wanted to stop feeling guilty all the time rather than wanting to make it up to them.

As Carol entered the tent Daryl shuffled awkwardly in his make shift-bed trying not to look at her kicking his legs around trying to sort out his blanket.

Carol sighed disappointed in his reaction and went over to try and straighten out the scrap of material but Daryl quickly yanked it up out of her hands

"I'm not goin' ta be a fuckin' replacement for your little girl!" Carol felt entirely confused by his sudden change in attitude to her.

"I'm not dealing with this today Daryl. I have enough on my plate at it is." she said through gritted teeth.

"Well go fuckin' do it then everyone else is busting their hump looking for your daughter!" He growled as Carol made her way out of his tent.

"Your lunch will be done in 5 minutes." She said, her voice monotone, as she clenched her fist.

Daryl threw his fist down grunting angrily at himself more frustrated than anything.