Well, here I am with a new chapter. I felt Tears and Raindrops + Promise neede closure, so this is the last chapter of that trilogy (that I didn't intend to make!). Also, the fact that this collection ends on the 4th chapter didn't settle so well with me; it felt like it was lacking... something more... 4 doesn't cut it. I'm motre comfortable with collections/series that are 1, 2, 3, 5 chapter/s long, but four? No. So, this was definitely required. Another text message based one shot. Self-betaed

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One Shots and Text Messages

Chapter 5: MOVING ON

by Shaariin13

They say that life starts when we find that person we will love...

I glanced around. A lot of children are here on the playground today. I smiled, but was finding it difficult to fight the bitterness that tinged the action. This place wasn't that popular some years ago, when I was still a naive, idealistic teenager.

My eyes landed on the rain walk, newly painted. We used to hide under there when the sun glared or when the rain poured. I remember one time, I abandoned the shelter it offered to run and dance under the steady fall of rain. He followed after me after some convincing.

Next I saw the slide. My smile grew wider, my eyes sadder. We met by that slide when we were five, the very first time. I was going down, and he chose that exact moment to run in front of the inclined plane. I fell on top of him. I chuckled at that thought.

Oh, I remember that bench under the cherry tree. It was the witness to our first real fight after we became best friends; it was also our spectator when we made up the next day, bags under our eyes and apologies in our heads.

My hands caressed the chain holding up the swing I was on. I remembered the conversation I had with my new friends, a few months after I moved to a new town. They had welcomed me with a girls-only slumber party, and we had an open forum.

They asked me, "Has your life started yet?"

They asked a lot of questions about my old home and friends. I obliged and answered as honestly as I can.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" one asked.

I blushed. "W-Well, not really."

"But you blushed! So it means you liked someone before," another said.

"Uhm... Yeah, I g-guess," I answered awkwardly.

"You didn't like him, you love him, right?" a third one gushed.

Pain fluttered in my chest. "Yes, yes I did."

The queries didn't stop there. They asked me why I moved. They wanted to know, eversince the first day at school, a sad girl with glazed eyes and clutching a feather necklace.

"I... I wanted a change of scenery," I said. "I want t-to move on. Someone... important left me."

"The guy you liked?" the first one inquired. "Did he leave you for another girl? He's not worth it, then!" she exclaimed, remembering how miserable I looked when they first spotted me.

Tears slipped down my cheeks. "Please," I whispered. "Please. Don't talk about him like that. You don't k-know." My voice cracked.

"He... He was my best friend. We had a fight, and he went away on his motorcycle. I didn't hear from him for a few weeks until his mom called. She said h-he... got into an accident, and that h-he made her p-promise not to call m-me until the day b-before his burial..."

"Rin, honey," I heard my Mom call me from behind. I turned around, and saw her standing by the car, my three-year old son, Len, beside her, his tiny hand in hers.

I stood up from the swing. It seems my visit here is over. The time for reminiscing is up. This is the last time I'll be seeing this place. I'm never coming back.

"Let's go, son. Say bye-bye to Grandma," I said as I picked him up.

"Bye bye, Gramma!" he squealed, his cheeks flushed, his blue eyes sparkling, and he giggled when Mom ruffled his soft blonde locks.

He looks so much like you, I thought, looking at my feather necklace. As to be expected from your son.

I opened the door of my car and tucked Len inside. After making sure he was buckled up, I straightened up an kissed my Mother's cheek.

"You come and visit us, 'kay?" I told her.

She nodded. "Of course, honey."

I got into my car. I started the vehicle and revved up.

"Bye, Mom!" I called, before driving out of the playground, out of my old hometown, away from the memories.

It was time for moving on.

I answered, "It's done, he's already gone..."


I raced upstairs. No, I thought. No, no, no, no, no! He can't be dead! He can't be!

I bust down my door. The Len I left upstairs a while ago and the Len I saw now were two different people.

The Len from earlier had this sad, unsure air around him. He was also wearing his usual get-up: a shirt under a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. This Len had a peaceful expression on his face, relief in his eyes. He was wearing a white robe that reached to the floor, his bare feet sticking out from under the hem.

"You came back," he said, his voice more glorious than his beautiful voice was ever before.

With shaking knees I approached him, my hand up, reaching to his face. He met me halfway.

His cheek was so warm. He was solid. He felt... alive; but there was a weird luminescence, a glow I couldn't place.

"I can touch you," I said weakly. "I can see you, hear you." I took his hand and brought it to my face. "I can smell you." I pulled him towards me and kissed him. "I can taste you," I gasped when we parted. "You- you can't be dead! You can't!"

He stroked my cheek with his thumb, wiping the tears I didn't notice falling. So that's why my eyesight got blurry.

"Rin," he said softly. "I... I have to go now." He smiled at me sadly.

"No," I whispered, pain wrenching my heart. "No! I love you, Len! You can't leave me now! You can't!"

"That's exactly the reason, Rin," he muttered, his voice filled with anguish. "My mission in this world is to teach you love. And now that's done..."

He started fading, like smoke disippating. I panicked.

"No! No, Len, don't leave me!" I yelled while trying to grasp him, or what was still left of him.

"Move on," he said, barely visible. "Find someone new, someone who will cherish you and not leave you behind, someone who will accept you, even with the gift I left you..."

Gift? I thought. What gift?

He disappeared completely. I fell to the floor, crying, my sides heaving.

"I love you, Rin. Always."

I looked up. There, drifting softly down, was a single white feather. I caught it and brought it gently to my chest.

"I'll always love you, Len."

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