The Search

Chapter 14: A Trip into the Underworld

Author: Krystal (AKA the OrangeSmurfette)

Universe: Twilight

Pairing: Alice and Bella

Rated: MA (For adult language and Adult situations)

Word Count: 12, 891

Summary: Jacob and the boys arrive in The Underworld with Hades where they are introduced to two of Hades' new hinge men. Ana and Carlisle pay the Wolves in La Push a visit and Bella continues with the next phase in her training as everyone awaits the arrival of Aro and Co. within the next 2 and a half days.


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"I lie awake… I've gone to ground; I'm watching porn in my hotel dressing gown. Now I dream of you, but I still believe; there's only enough for one in this lonely hotel suite.

The journey's long… And it feels so bad; I'm thinking back to the last day we had. Old moon fades into the new; soon I know I'll be back with you… I'm nearly with you… I'm nearly with you.

When I'm weak I draw strength from you. And when you're lost, I know how to change your mood. And when I'm down, you breathe life over me. Even though we're miles apart, we are each others destiny."

Sia – Destiny

Chapter 14: A Trip into the Underworld

Author's POV

Hades led his 5 companions, and soon to be hinge-men, deep into the depths of the many cavernous tunnels descending into underworld.

To Hades' companions the journey attacks their sense's in nothing but a vast swirling plume of black clouds and smoke, saturated in the scent of death and brimstone.

As the smoke recedes Jacob, Paul, Jared, James and Laurent are greeted to the sight of Hades' domain. Laid out before them was a vast expanse of fire, stone, and structures that looked like they were pulled right out of a Lord of the Rings movie.

They all hovered above the huge burning city as Hades looked on in what appeared to be pride.

"Gentlemen, welcome to the Underworld." Hades' sleek venomous voice dripped with amusement and unrestrained malice as he spoke directing his gaze from the scenery and back to the face's of the 5 men who all looked on in awe and shock.

Jared and Paul were visibly shaken by the sight and the gravity of the new situation they now found themselves in, while there Alpha's eyes slowly changed from awe and phased into excitement.

"Alright Dr. Satan you have my attention." Jacob smirked over to Hades and the God allowed a devilish smile to slip onto his own face as he bared witness to the insanity that burned brightly in the young boys' eyes.

"Yo, Dude. You are aware that vampire's and fire aren't a good combination right?" James asked as he warily examined his surroundings and the many hazardous groupings of smoking and flaming structures beneath them.

"Yes, the fire is a little… off putting." Laurent adds.

Hades chuckles at the vampire's discomfort before addressing their concerns.

"You need not fret over that gentlemen, soon fire will no longer be a bother to either of you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" James asked as he tore his gaze away from the burning city to glance over at Hades.

"Come, you will soon see."

With that said Hades guided them to the center of the city where an impressive Gothic style castle sat in the center of a very large canyon.

As Hades lowers himself and party to the ground at the entrance of the Castle all five men could feel the ground beneath their feet tremor. And before any of them could voice their concerns a massive 3 headed beast came trampling out of one of the dark corners.

All three Quileute boys tensed up immediately at the appearance of the large creature.

The creature was larger than even Jacob in his wolf form, three large dog heads with bright gold eyes sat on his massive frame and from his back a large snake took the place of its tail.

The snake reared his head with its fangs gleaming and hissed at the new arrivals as the three headed dog growled menacingly sizing up the 5 men.

Jacob could barely contain his own wolf; the Alpha in him seemed to not want to address the danger of the situation only wanting to demonstrate its power. But the little sanity that Jacob still had in him prevented him from phasing, knowing that this would not be a fight that he would be able to win.

Beside Jacob, Paul and Jared took a step back as their eyes locked onto the dog before them and their body's trembled preparing to phase.

"No! Do not phase you idiots!" Jacob barked out as he could feel his pack mates' shift fast approaching.

James and Laurent weren't fairing any better they both had dropped into their defensive stance already having dropped fang as soon as the beast came into view.

Hades calmly walked over to the beast and upon standing directly beside it the beast sat on its hind legs, still towering over Hades' 6'2" form, and bowed all three of its' heads.

Hades reached up with his right hand and gave the beast a pat on his middle head.

"Relax men; I'd like to introduce you all to Cerberus, my pet for intents and purposes. He guards the castle and only allows the worthy entrance."

Laurent was the first to straighten his posture, "So, are we worthy to enter?"

"Well, you are all alive, so I believe it's safe to assume that Cerberus' services will not be needed today. He would have disposed of the unworthy within seconds of his arrival."

With that Hades turned on his heels and ascended the stairs to enter the castle. The five men watched as Cerberus retreated to where ever he came from and they shared a look between themselves before following behind Hades.

As the 5 men followed Hades through the many hallways of the castle they were able to fully take in their surroundings. The castle itself was very Gothic, with its vaulted ceiling, its' many pointed sharp edges, the darkness, translucent layer of mist the clung to the walls and floor, and all around terrifying decor attested to this Gothic feel.

Jared being the youngest of the group was on high alert, his eyes constantly darting from one dark corner to another. While Paul puffed his chest out and clenched his teeth and fists, trying to appear unfazed by his surroundings. James laughed hardheartedly beside Paul as he took in his stiff appearance and racing heart beat.

He could smell the fear pouring out of every one of the boy's pores. The smell being strong enough to even out shine the wolfs' natural disgusting smell of rotten compost, shit and wet dog.

Paul's head snapped over in James direction upon hearing him laughing, "Something funny parasite?" he grounded out, clearly attempting to keep up the act of bravery.

"Nothing at all mutt, it just seems to me that someone is a little out of there element here. Is something scaring the puppy?" James' condescending tone did nothing to sooth the already anxious young wolf and Paul's body once again began to tremble as a steady growl built in his chest.

"Don't think for one minute that I won't take you out leech, there are plenty of campfires outside that I can use to put a permanent end to you."

James dropped fang at Paul's remark and the two of them immediately stopped walking and began to square off for an altercation.

Just as Paul began to phase Hades appeared between the two of them, "Now now boys, there will be plenty of time for playing later, we have business to attend to. James put your fangs away, and Jacob I suggest you keep your pack mate in check… at least for now. I like his willingness to attack but it will not do when we have more pressing matters at hand." Hades almost sounded bored by the end of his speech and he didn't wait for a response from anyone before he turned around and continued to head down the long hallway.

Jacob fixed Paul with a hard stare for which the wolf lowered his head and fell back in step beside Jared who was walking behind their Alpha.

The long hallway finally opened up into a large throne room where Hades' dramatic throne was presented as the focal point in the room. The translucent layer of mist that crawled along the floors and walls of the hallway that they exited spilled out into the room and moved across the earthy floors like a living being.

Hades climbed the three steps in front of his throne and took a seat motioning for his 5 companions the stand in the center of the room.

Before them they could see a mound of dirt with what looked like a cement pedestal atop it surrounded by several lengths of large chains.

"Now that we have arrived at our destination I'm sure that you are all wondering how I plan on following through with the promises that I have made you."

It was a rhetorical statement, but Hades' mention of fulfilling his end of their deal had all five men's ears perking up.

"I would like to introduce you all to two other… new additions."

From the far left corner of the room two large muscle ridden men appeared and began to make their way towards the center of the room.

"I would like you all to meet, Richard and Isaac Monroe, brothers from the Greek Islands and also very talented shape-shifters."

Jacob being the closest to the two new arrivals was the first to pick up on their scents and the Alpha inside of him recognized not only the animal inside of Richard and Isaac but also their age and power.

His gaze shifted between the two brothers, Richard had about 4 inches on him and he appeared to be well defined, his shaggy black hair was cut neatly along with his short salt and pepper beard. Richards' body appeared to be an equal balance of lean muscle and bulk.

Jacob watched Richard calmly sized up the other 4 men standing beside him. When Richards' gaze locked with Jacobs the boy felt the sudden urge to look away, but he held tightly to his pride as an Alpha and persevered through Richards unwavering gaze.

Richard scoffed at this before turning to his brother, "That one appears to be the Alpha brother, a very young and inexperienced one at that."

Isaac laughed at his brothers assessment, "Careful Dick, you wouldn't want to piss the puppy off, he might bite you."

Richard let out a barking laugh of his own as he returned his gaze to the group before him.

Isaac took the initiative to begin circling the group of new comers to the castle, while Richard walked over to lean against one of the columns beside Hades' throne. Unlike his brother Isaac had long brown hair that fell in messy curls around his shoulders. His features were strong and he looked every bit like a warrior with his huge stature and muscular frame.

When he got to James and Laurent he raised a questioning eye-brow in Hades' direction. "And vampire's too… Now Hades you didn't mention anything about vampire's before you left."

"No, I didn't; my initial plan was only to retrieve the young shifters, but the opportunity to acquire a vengeful vampire proved much too tempting to resist, we will just have to see how they cope with the change."

James and Laurent shared a nervous look, "and what change might that be?" Laurent finally asked.

Hades rose from his throne as Isaac took his place beside his brother. He descended the steps and fixed his gaze on the cement pedestal in the center of the room. As Jacob, Paul, Jared, James and Laurent looked on black smoke began to swirl around above the cement slab and the many chains surrounding the mound of dirt began to come alive, moving like metal serpents slithering towards the slab.

A loud growl reverberated throughout the throne room and the smoke slowly dispersed to reveal the form of a very large wolf standing on his hind legs. The beast had the head of a wolf but the elongated muscular body of a man with a large fur covered tail.

As the creature full materialized the many chains approaching the platform snapped out wrapping around the creatures' limbs securing it in place.

"What the fuck is that!?" James hollered out taking a few steps back, away from the snarling beast whose eyes darted around the room apparently looking for an escape, or calculating the best way to end the existence of everyone in the room.

"This, my friends, is Adam; A Child of the Moon, the very first of his kind, my creation." Hades' voice and demeanor dripped with pride as he circled the beast.

"Adam is over 3000 years old, but he remains completely feral, unable to retain human form, or think beyond the capacity of an apex predator. He is a true Werewolf, and although he remains in his wolf form at all times, unaffected by the cycles of the moon, his bite allows for the creation of other wolfs who change with every full moon cycle."

"…Okay, that's all fine and dandy, but why are you showing him to us?" James asked retaining some of his dignity after cowering at the sight of the beast.

"That's an excellent question James." Hades paused dramatically as he took his seat back on his throne and Richard and Isaac continued to lounge against the columns framing the throne, unfazed by the giant creature snarling and growling in the center of the room. "You see, I created Adam in hopes of using him to gain control over the world of the living from my Brother Zeus and the other Gods on mount Olympus. But I ran into a slight problem, a flaw in my original creation if you will."

"Does this have something to do with the apparent mindless nature of this creature?" Laurent asked as he continued to warily eye the beast before him.

"Yes, that is a part of it. The thing is, not only is Adam extraordinarily powerful, but his appetite for destruction is completely unrestrained and impossible to control. After a failed mission some centuries after his creation I realized that something needed to be done if I am to be able to accomplish my goal. So I gathered worthy humans, humans that had… lesser than noble morals," Hades smirked after voicing this comment, "And threw them into Adam's cage to be turned. It was my thinking that if I could use Adam's venom to infect a second generation of werewolf that they would be able to maintain enough of their humanity to be taught and led. But not only did I run into the same problem with controlling them, but this second generation of Werewolf was affected by the cycles of the moon and their extreme strength was only useful when the moon was at its highest in the night sky."

Richard and Isaac then pushed off of the columns they were leaning against and took a few steps closer to the center of the room.

"It was then that I came across a tribe of were-tigers in Africa. I must admit that I am a very curious man, and the idea came to me to try to cross breed my werewolves with these were-tigers. I figured that unlike humans these tigers were already animals at a baser level so they might be easier to control if I introduced the werewolf gene to their systems. It was a success and ever since then I have been amassing all different types of shifters from all around the world to cross breed."

As Hades' finished his explanation Richard and Isaac literally exploded into two massive creatures that looked to be a cross between the large werewolf in the center of the room and a large tiger.

Where Richard once stood was now a massive white and black striped hybrid and where Isaac stood was another beast equal in size to Richard, while still being larger than the Quileute wolves, but he had orange and black stripes.

The thing that stood out the most about Richard and Isaac's new forms to the Quileute wolves and the vampires was the fact that both wolves were covered in flames. Richards' being a bright combination of blues and whites flowing over his fur and Isaac's being shades of orange and yellow.

Jacob, Jared and Paul all let out a collected 'what the fuck?' at the sudden appearance of the two hybrid beast on fire before them.

"Richard and Isaac are both shifters, much like you and your pack young Jacob, but where your people turn into massive wolves, certain individuals in their tribe have the ability to not only turn into large tigers but some of them are able to manipulate the elements. The Monroe brothers hail from a long line of fire bending weretiger's, the leaders of their people."

After saying this Hades' looked over to the brothers, "You can both shift back now."

The two men's forms dissolved back into their smaller human bodies, completely naked.

"There's enough of a sausagefest going on in here as it is, can you too behemoths put some pants on or something?" James asked in disgust as the two brothers remained standing stark naked in the room unfazed by the fact that their larger than average manhood's were proudly on display.

Isaac smirked at James' comment, "Feeling a little inadequate are we?"

James growled and took a step forward before Laurent placed his hand on his shoulder putting a stop to his forward progress.

"Now is not the time James." He said calmly, attempting to calm his brother's temper.

James huffed and continued to glare at Isaac who was completely unfazed by the threat in the vampire's eyes.

"So, what? You're going to have this thing," Jacob motioned to Adam who was still chained in the center of the room, "bite us to change us into hybrids like Richard and Isaac?"

"That is the plan young Jacob, your pack and yourself will not be the first wolf shifters that I have made into hybrids, I have at least 2 dozen others of your species. But…" his gaze then shifted over to James and Laurent, "the two of you will be the first vampire's that I have attempted this process with." I sick combination of satisfaction and curiosity settled over Hades' features as he grinned at the two vampires that shifted their weight under his watchful eyes.

"So, with all of that being said; shall we begin?"

Jared and James both spoke up at Hades' question.

"What?! Like right now?!" they both exclaimed.

"Yes, right now."

All of a sudden the chains holding Adam in place unshackled him. And before any of them could even begin to contemplate making a run for it the massive werewolve descended upon them teeth first and growling with unrestrained hunger.

Alice's POV

(Alice's thoughts in bolded italic and her visions will be clearly indicated)

Victoria and I both sat on the counter of the kitchen as we watched out Mates' demolish the huge breakfast that Esme had prepared for them. It was apparent that both of their bodies were still trying to recuperate from the training session yesterday not to mention the mating that took place in the privacy of our respective bedrooms following it.

Bella would be blushing a beautiful red right now if she had stayed awake long enough to hear Victoria and Ana going at it for nearly 3 hours nonstop. The two of them put Emmett and Rosalie to shame when it came to their vocalizations during mating.

As I finished this thought Ana looked up at me with a crooked smirk spread across her face.

Modest too…

"I guess my mate needs to work on the volume of her voice." She mused; Victoria gave her a questioning look as Rosalie walked into the kitchen to lean against the counter between me and Victoria.

"If by 'volume' you're referring to the animal kingdom status noises emanating from yours and Victoria's bedroom last night, then yes, your mate does have some training to do."

Victoria busted out laughing once she figured out what we were all talking about.

"Oh, it for sure wasn't all me, if I remember correctly when I had Ana bent over-"

Bella immediately dropped her fork and covered her ears, "What the hell guys!? I'm eating over here! I do not need to be hearing about Ana and Victoria fu-… I mean mating."

She then turned to look at Ana, who was clearly amused by all of this.

"No offense or anything, but you're like my mother or something… yeah… I don't need to hear this."

For the first time in the few days that we've known Ana I saw genuine mischief alight in her eyes.

"No offense taken at all Isabella, though I will admit, hearing you and Alice going at it is anything but unpleasant."

Bella's jaw dropped.


I had to bury my face in Rosalie's shoulder to stifle the giggle threatening to make its way out of my mouth as my mate continued to gape at Ana in shock.

"Y-you, you were… listening?" the last word came out as a whisper of shock.

"Bella dear, you and Alice aren't entirely quite either, we've already established this." Rosalie added, not attempting to hide her amusement over the situation at all.

Bella's eyes snapped over to Rosalie as her cheeks flamed red. The loud screeching of the stool she was sitting on being pushed away from the kitchen island filled the room and within seconds Bella was making her way towards the garage with her bag slung over her shoulder. Muttering about privacy and never having sex again.

Hold up! Say what about never having sex again?!

Ana laughed at my panicked thoughts as I hurried after my mate.

"Oh come on Bella, they were just messing around with you, no need to start withholding the goods." I sang as I ran to catch up with my blushing mate.

I got into the driver's seat of my car and Bella slipped into the passenger seat just as Emmett and Rosalie entered the garage to climb into Emmett's Jeep. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Emmett slowly making his way over to the passenger side of my car and I didn't need a vision to tell me that he was about to further antagonize my mate so I quickly backed out of the garage leaving a sulking Emmett behind.

"Baby, your seriously not mad are you?" I asked Bella after we'd been driving in silence for the last 2 minutes.

She released a long sigh before replying, "Nah, it's just really embarrassing that Ana heard us… fucking is all."

"Sweetie, there's nothing to be embarrassed about like I've told you in the past, we are all adults here and we all have needs, everyone does it. Especially everyone in our house." I giggled when she made a disgusted face.

She then looked over at me with a surprised look on her face.

I took my eyes off of the road to look over at her properly, "What is it?"

She smiled softly at me, "you said 'our' house."

"Of course I did, you're a part of my family now Bella, you belong with us, with me. Forever."

As the last word left my lips Bella's smile faltered slightly.

Did I say something wrong?

"…forever…" she whispered to herself.

"What's the matter baby?"

Bella gazed outside the window, as her left hand reached over to rest on top of my right hand that was holding the gear stick.

"I'm going to continue aging aren't I?... it isn't really forever then is it?"

I don't like the remorse tone of her voice one bit.

"Is that what your worried about?" I asked her gently.

She nodded and looked down at her hand as she ran her thumb over my knuckles.

We remained silent for the rest of the ride to school and after I pulled into a parking spot and turned the engine off I turned in my seat fully to look over at her.

"Are you trying to ask me something Bella?"

I knew that eventually the topic of possibly changing her would eventually come up I just didn't think that it would be this soon. It was inevitable of course, because even with being a Demigod, my Bella is not an immortal and mortality has a funny way of extinguishing either by way of old age or any other threat to a humans delicate body.

"Can we talk about this later?" she asked, not looking at me but instead choosing to focus on our intertwined hands.

I wanted to talk about it now, because it was clear that the thought of her mortality was weighing heavily on her mind, but I didn't want to push her if she wasn't ready to share. So I decided to leave it alone until later when we were alone again.

"Okay. That's fine, we can talk about this later. In the mean time, will you be okay?" I made sure to put extra emphasis on the word 'okay' so that she would catch my meaning without me bringing the subject up again.

Bella lifted her eyes to looking into mine.

"Yes Tink, I'll be fine."

She then leaned over the center console while wrapping her free hand around my neck thereby pulling me into her. As soon as our lips met Bella ran her warm tongue along the seam of my mouth begging for entrance.

I opened my mouth to her and she deepened our kiss, moaning into my mouth as she ran her thumb up and down my throat and played with the hairs on the back of my neck with her fingers.

I could smell Bella's arousal in the small enclosed space increase as she continued to deepen the kiss. It was taking a lot of control on my part not to push her against the passenger side door and take her right here in the parking lot in front of the entire student body, and Bella was not helping my struggle when she decided to let go of my hand and bring hers up to cup my left breast over the fabric of my blouse.

I pulled my head back and away from her a little so that I could speak, "…fuck. Bella we're going to be late, we have to stop…"

"No." she surged forward again seeking out my lips but I placed both of my hands on her shoulders to keep her from making contact.

Bella looked down at my hands then back up to my face. I could see her eyes steadily start to darken before they were all of a sudden illuminated in a brilliant mix of blue and green.

Oh shit…

"Alice…" Bella purred out.

Her arousal was increasing at a very fast rate and I was starting to realize that I had somehow unintentionally triggered some kind of primal response in her when I refused her.

"Bella, baby I need you to focus for me, can you do that?" I asked her as she continued to lean her body forward, making progress in her quest for contact, even with my hands still placed firmly on her shoulders.

"I'm listening baby." She whispered as she finally closed the gap between us, forcing my body up against the driver's side door and nuzzling into the side of my neck.

"We can't do this here baby; I need you to calm down. Can you do that for me?" I was trying really hard not to moan as I said all of this. Bella was using her teeth and lips to nibble on my neck and it was slowly causing me to lose control.

"I want you baby, right now, right here." As she said this I could feel her hand slowly lowering to the button of my jeans.

It was then that I heard Edward's Volvo and Emmett's Jeep pull up on either side of us.

Thank god, Edward I need you to tell Jasper to calm Bella down, right now.

I knew that he heard my thoughts when Bella's body began to relax against mine and I could feel Jasper's power floating around in the cab of the car.

After a few seconds Bella lifted her head from my shoulder and her eyes were no longer glowing.

"Shit, sorry Tink. I got a little carried away there." She blushed as she looked down to see that her right hand was firmly cupping my recently aroused center.

When she pulled the warmth of her hand away I let out a small disappointed sigh.

"You two are ridiculous." Rosalie groaned out from outside the car.

Emmett immediately started laughing at her comment, "How come we never do that in the parking lot baby?" he asked.

I heard a slapping sound followed by an exaggerated 'ow'.

"Shut up and go to class Emmett."

Bella and I then exited the car and grabbed all of our things before joining everyone else to enter the building. We all parted ways after entering and Bella and I made our way to our first period AP English class.

We took our usual seats and waited for class to beginning. Throughout the hour lecture I used this time to really think about Bella's mortality. It wasn't that it hadn't been a topic for consideration before this morning, but now that I knew that it was a thought that weighed heavily on my mates mind it was now at the forefront of mine.

Can I even change her? Can Demigods become vampires? Does she want me to change her?

I knew that I needed to have a conversation with Ana soon about all of this, possibly after Bella and I have had a little chat, because with an impending war ahead of us losing my mate was a major concern for me and if turning her into a vampire will help to ensure her survival then I was all for it. And hopefully she is as well.

Ana's POV

(Ana's thoughts in Italics, Athena's thoughts inBolded Italics)

I stood in the Cullen kitchen washing the dishes from mine and Isabella's breakfast as Victoria dried them and put them away in their respective cabinets.

"I need to go speak with the wolves today, inform them of the arrival of the Aro and his party so that there aren't any altercations."

You should take Carlisle with you Ana.

"Will I be coming with you?" My mate asked me hopefully.

I turned to her after handing her the last clean dish.

"No, you will be staying here with Esme. Carlisle and I will be meeting with the wolves today. Your eyes are still somewhat red. It seems that because I am already immortal your eye color has not changed completely to your human color after you fed from me. I do not want to risk agitating the young wolves by bringing a red eyed vampire so close to their territory."

Have you noticed any other changes in her since the feeding?


She's only fed from you once, we need to be vigilant. Perhaps we should see if she is able to feed off of an animal without rejecting the blood.

"How have you been feeling?" I asked her, unable to remove the worry in my voice.

"Are you worried about what your blood could be doing to me again?" she asked slightly amused.

I brought the subject up with her last night, explaining to her that no vampire had ever fed from an immortal before and that I was unsure of what the lasting or temporary effects might be. She informed me that if anything my blood has made her a better vampire, but I still have my concerns. After 3000 years of not having my mate I was not keen on losing her as a result of my own negligence and naiveté.

"Yes, I am; and rightfully so."

Victoria put the dish away and walked into my open arms. I circled my arms around her waist and pulled her flush against my own body.

"No need to worry my love. I am well."

She then brought her lips to mine. Her vanilla and coconut sent wafted up into my nose and caused me to groan loudly.

I gripped the fabric of her shirt on her lower back and pulled her body even closer to mine.

Victoria slipped her thigh in-between my parted legs and pushed my body up against the counter behind me.

She wants to feed.

"Bedroom." I breathed out.

Victoria scooped me up into her arms and in a split second we were in our bedroom and Victoria was laying me down on our bed. Her eyes were pitch black as she gazed down at me.

"C'mere." I bunched the fabric of her borrowed white V-neck T-Shirt in my hand and pulled her on top of me.

"We really need to go shopping. Rosalie's pear and mint scent is slightly enticing but I would much prefer smelling you."

Victoria growled in response and crashed her lips against mine. When our tongues touched the coiling arousal in my gut tightened significantly.

Victoria was a very aggressive lover, she enjoys taking control in the bedroom and I was beginning to really enjoy her enjoyment.

Ana, do you mind if I stay?...

I could hear the arousal in Athena's voice, and my possessiveness made a brief appearance. I didn't want Athena to experience my mates' carnal pleasures but at the same time I knew that I could trust Athena more than I could trust any other being in existence.

She was my first memory, my most sacred companion and we have experienced the world together, so surely I could share this with her.

But not without my mate's consent.

"Vic, do you mind if Athena joins us?" I asked her hopefully.

If she says she isn't comfortable this cannot happen.


Victoria raised her eyes to look directly into mine.

"I don't mind."

With that said she spent the following 5 seconds completely shredding every stitch of clothes that we had on.

Once we were both fully nude Victoria straddled my waist and gazed down at me. Her eyes travelled up and down my body as I did the same.

You have a gorgeous mate Anastasia.

Athena may not have her own physical body, but she shares every single one of my senses. She is able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel everything that I can. So I knew that she was going to be very much a part of this experience with my mate.

Surprisingly the more I thought about it the less it bothered me.

I would never do anything to harm your mate Ana, and I will not overstep my boundaries, she is your mate, not mine.

I know Athena, and we want to share this with you.

I then sat up with Victoria in my lap and began to kiss and run my tongue up the column of her neck to her ear.

"I love you Victoria."

She moaned and ground her ass into my lap.

"God, I love you too, so much…"

I could feel my eyes flashing between my own natural glowing blue/green and Athena's pure gold every few seconds indicating that she was very much a part of this but she was respectfully remaining quite.

It was then that I could feel my hands making their way up Victoria's back towards her shoulders, I knew this was Athena's doing, but it felt very natural while keeping to the foreign feeling of someone else being in control of my limbs.

Once my hands reached the top of her shoulders I bite down into her hard skin with as much force as I dared using while Athena used my finger nails to drag a path back down to Victoria's ass causing my Mate to groan loudly and arch her back pushing her breast up against mine as her center ground into the tight muscles of my lower abdomen.

Oh fuck…

My eyes flashed to gold when Victoria forcefully pushed me onto my back as a strange but sexy mixture of a growl and a purr rumbled in her chest.

The air in our bedroom was already saturated in the scent of our mixed arousal.

"Come here."

She slipped her hands up my torso stopping when she had a firm grasp on each of my breasts. She then crashed her lips into mine immediately slipping her tongue into my open mouth as her fingers played with my sensitive nipples.

Once again I could feel my hands moving without my effort; Athena glided them down Victoria's back and onto her ass, coaxing her to move into the desired position.

She shifted on top of me until I could feel her wet center align perfectly with my own, all the while never breaking our kiss.

Victoria growled and began to grind against me, causing our juices to mix together and her hard clit to come into complete contact with mine.

I used my hands that were still grasping her ass to direct her movement forcing her to grind into me harder and faster. Her loud moans and explicit mumbling echoed off of the wall around us, further heightening my arousal.

I pulled my mouth away from hers and she immediate buried her face in the side of my neck and began to suck on the warm flesh that she found there.

I could feel our breasts rubbing together as she settled all of her weight on top of me and continued to ride me towards her orgasm.

"I want you to cum on me baby." I groaned into her ear and bit down on the lobe.

I felt her shudder as the words registered and her hips bucked into mine a few more times before I felt her release leaking between my folds.

"Oh god… shit, that felt amazing." I moaned out as she continued to rock her hips against me.

She then planted one final kiss against my neck before she started to move down my body. Stopping at my breast to eagerly suck, and bite at my nipples.

Once she was satisfied, she continued her journey down my torso using her teeth to scrape against my right hip.

Through the thick layer of lust and arousal blanketing my mind I was able to register that whimpers were actually leaving my lips, I was too distracted to try and figure out if they were Athena's doing or my own.

"Please… I really need to feel you. Please…" I needed to cum, and soon. If I have to beg so be it.

Victoria lifted her eyes to look at me and smirked before latching onto my extremely sensitive and wet center.

Her mouth completely engulfed me as she used the flat of her tongue to run up and down my folds. She finally pushed her tongue inside me and my eyes flash a burning gold as my back arched off of the bed and a primal scream shot out of my mouth.

Victoria didn't let up; she wound her arms around my hips and held them firmly in place as she continued to tongue fuck me.

"Shit, don't stop… fuck… please don't stop." I continued to chant this as my body began to heat up considerably indicating that Athena and I both were on the brink of orgasm.

Victoria then quickly replaced her tongue with two of her fingers, slamming them deep inside of me as they curved up to hit the most sensitive area of my body.


And all at once I was coming; extremely hard.

At the height of my orgasm I felt Victoria sink her teeth into my femoral artery, sucking deeply. This caused us both to groan loudly as my body temperature sky rocketed and my orgasm started all over again.

The feeling of Athena's energy sizzling beneath my skin and in my core along with Victoria's fingers and teeth inside me almost had me blacking out.

By the time Victoria withdrew her teeth and fingers from my body I was a quivering panting and sweating mess laid-out across the bed.

She crawled up my body and offered her fingers to me.

"Taste yourself."

I opened my mouth as she looked deeply into my eyes and slipped her fingers into my mouth. When I began to suck my juices off of her fingers she started to purr.

"God you're so sexy."

My eyes flashed gold as Athena moaned at the taste in my mouth.

As soon as Victoria pulled her cleaned fingers from my mouth I wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her into a deep kiss. I used my tongue to dominate hers, I could still taste my blood in her mouth and I'm sure that she could still taste the remnants of my release on my tongue.

We pulled apart, both of us panting, her out of habit and me out of necessity.

"God I love you woman." She gasped out.

"I love you too baby." I then placed a loving kiss on her lips before I untangled our limbs.

The wound Victoria had opened up to feed from was already healed over as sat up on the side of the bed and ran my hands through my tangled hair.

Victoria sat up on her knees behind me and moved all of my hair to my left shoulder so that she could kiss and suck on my neck as her hands rubbed at my toned stomach.

Ana… As much as I feel like you should continue this, we really should get ready to go meet with the pack.

I know…

I knew that Athena was right, and as much as I would rather spend the rest of eternity in bed with my mate we have important things to take care of.

Victoria's right hand began to descend to my center again as her left hand took a hold of my left breast and gave it very firm squeeze which caused my stomach muscles to immediately tighten.

Once I realized what I was allowing to happen I gently grasped Victoria's right hand as it was just about to fully cup my center.

Victoria groaned in disappointment, as she sat behind me and wrapped her legs around my waist from behind causing her very wet center to come into direct contact with lower back.

I shuddered at the feeling as she brought her mouth up to my ear and pulled the lobe between her teeth giving it a little bite before releasing it to speak, "Please don't tell me that you have to leave right now, I am so fucking wet for you, are you seriously going to leave me in need?"

Her words caused my eyes to flutter shut briefly as my insides clenched and a strangled moan escaped my lips.



I know I know, but I'll make it quick, I promise.

Not hearing anymore objections from Athena I instantly turned around in Victoria's embraces, pushed her onto her back and dove into her wet center with my tongue.

***An hour later***

"Okay, seriously I have to leave this time, plus I really need a shower. Not that it bothers me, but I don't think it would be wise to show up to talk to the wolves radiating the scent of vampire and sex."

This was actually my third attempt to leave the bed and my naked, horny mate.

Athena gave up on trying to get me out of the bedroom after her first 2 attempts and choose to enjoy it rather than complain.

"Okay, but I expect you to return to me unharmed and ready to continue what we're putting on pause."

I smirked and leaned over to kiss her quickly before getting out of bed, finally, and making my way over to the bathroom.

"Yes Ma'am. I would invite you to join me in the shower but I'm sure Athena will have a fit."

Victoria chuckled at my comment before she returned to lounge in the bed, completely nude with nothing covering her body.

Don't get distracted, shower.

I laughed and tore my eyes away from my mate to go wash off the exquisite smell of sex from my skin so that I could go talk to Carlisle and arrange a meeting with the wolves.

After showering I exited the stall and dried my body before using the blow dryer that Alice left in here, along with other items and products, to dry my hair. I knew it was her and not Esme or Rosalie because I could smell her soft lavender and honey scent on everything she came in contact with in here.

I dashed out of the bathroom once my hair was fully dried and moved across the room towards the closet area. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Victoria still laying in the same position I left her in, on her back against the pillows, one leg straight the other bend at the knee with her foot flat against the sheets, and her right hand lazily caressing her toned midsection as she followed my every move with her dark eyes.

"You won't seduce me back into that bed Victoria." I said this with as much conviction as I could muster while desperately trying to keep my eyes above her shoulders.

Her lips parted slightly as she continued to rake her eyes over my nude body. In my peripheral I could see her right hand moving lower on her stomach inching closer and closer to pussy.

A satisfied sigh escaped her lips as she cupped herself.

"Dear god" I moaned out as I watched her slowly rub herself.


Sorry, I'm going.

I tore my eyes away from my mate pleasuring herself and flashed into the closet to pull on a pair of form fitting jeans, a tight long sleeved forest green henley shirt and a pair of leather boots with a 3 inch heel.

I could hear Victoria huff out in the bedroom and mutter about how Athena was no fun.

Your mate is insatiable.

I know, and we love it.

We do.

Once I was dressed, I re-entered the bedroom to see that Victoria was no longer laying in bed but was instead leaning against the frame of the bathroom door with her arms crossed, still completely naked.

"How long will you be?" she asked as she admired my outfit.

"Not long, we just need to give the wolves the heads up that friendly red-eyed vampire's will be coming to forks so that we can avoid any misunderstandings. I also need to find out form the Alpha how things as progressing with the agreement that we made."

I walked over to stand in front of her and she brought her right hand out to hook her index finger through one of the belt loops in my jeans.

"I'll try to make it quick so that I can hurry back to you." I whispered as I placed a soft kiss on her shoulder.

"You better."

I chuckled and kissed her quickly before exiting the bedroom to find Carlisle. I knew that he and Esme were the only others in the house and I could smell that Esme was outside in her Garden while Carlisle was in his study.

I made my way to the door at the end of the hall, where Carlisle's office is located, and waited for him to acknowledge my presence.

"You can come in Ana."

I pushed the door open and entered the office before shutting it behind me.

"I overheard your conversation with Victoria and I have already contacted Sam requesting that he meet us at the border within the hour."

"Thank you Carlisle, I hope it won't be a problem for you to accompany me to this meet."

Carlisle smiled and folded his hands on the desk, "Not at all Ana, it is my duty as coven leader to be a part of these dealings, so I thank you for including me."

I nodded in response, "right, well I think that I should fill you in on the arrangement that I made with the wolves before we head over to the meeting spot."

I spend the next 30 minutes explaining to Carlisle how Athena and I informed Sam and his pack of the impending war against Hades and how they agreed to assist us when the time comes in exchange for my assistance should their lands and people ever need it in the future.

After Carlisle was all caught up to speed we departed the house to meet with Sam.

When we arrived Sam and his pack were already present and all four of them were in there human forms.

"Ana, Carlisle. Why have you requested this meeting?" Sam asked as he stepped out in front of Leah, Quill and Seth.

Carlisle and I shared a look before he stepped forward to answer Sam's question.

"We've come to inform you of some visitors that we will be having within the next 2 days. A group of 8 red-eyed vampires will be entering our territory and we wanted to be sure that you are aware that they are not hostile and are our guests."

"How can I be certain that they won't attack anyone on my land?"

I then spoke up, "The vampire's in question are all well over a thousand years old and all have excellent control over their thirst. I can personally guarantee that none of them will feed on any humans in or around the Forks and La Push area."

Sam looked back at his Pack who all appeared to be more than a little wary of the situation but they each nodded at him.

Sam turned back around to address Carlisle and I, "Very well, we'll hold you to your word Ana. Was there anything else?"

I moved closer to Sam and out of the corner of my eye I could see his Mate shift uncomfortably.

"Yes actually there are two other things that I would like to discuss with you. The first is the issue of my Mate, we have recently found each other and she has recently learned of the Cullen's diet and plans to make the change. But her eyes are currently still red; I ask that if you come across a red-headed vampire carrying my scent that you do not harm her or attempt to harm her in anyway, things will not end well for any of you if harm comes to my mate while she is out of my presence. Is that understood?"

Sam nodded his head in acceptance.

"Good. Now, tell me how are your numbers looking?"

Sam explained to me that since we last spoke 3 other wolves had joined their pack bringing their numbers up to 8 in the pack. I explained to him that with the arrival of Aro and his party that more wolves would probably shift for the first time and that he should be prepared for this.

By the end of the meeting I informed Sam that I would be in touch with further instructions and he and his pack retreated back to the reservation as Carlisle and I made our way back to the house.

Bella's POV

(Bella's thoughts in Italics)

After Alice and I parted ways, following our first period class; the rest of the morning passed by with me in a bit of a daze. I was never more thankful for my new heightened senses than I was at this moment; because had it of not been for them I would have already tripped and knocked myself out with how distracted my thoughts have been.

I'm going to continue aging while Alice remains frozen at her current physical appearance.

Of course I've thought about asking her to change me. I've thought about it a lot actually, but the thing that has been bothering me where that is concerned is something that, although it may sound shallow, was very important to me.

I enjoy having Alice feed off of me.

If she were to turn me would it make our sex life different?

I'd come to associate her feeding with sex naturally and I wasn't sure if I wanted that to change or not.

I was walking down the hallway by myself on the way to my last class before lunch as I contemplated all of this.

As a Demigod, can she even turn me into a vampire?

I paused outside the classroom door to collect my thoughts before entering. Right as I was about to step into the class I felt someone roughly rush by me and a wooden crutch barely missed landing on my foot.

I looked up getting ready to give this person a mouthful about watching where they were going even if they were disabled and came face to face with Newton.

"Get out of my way freak." He hissed out.

I was getting ready to verbally assault him when Rosalie suddenly appeared behind Mike silently.

He didn't know she was there obviously as he continued to glare at me.

"Listen Dy-"

Rosalie leaned forward over Mike's shoulder since she is about a head taller than him.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

"Michael, I suggest you hold your tongue. Bella was kind enough to leave your manhood relatively intact. But please believe me when I say that I will not be as gracious. So unless you want to be choking on your own cock and balls I suggest you hobble on over to your desk and keep your snide remarks to yourself." Rosalie said all of this is a deadly sweet voice that did very little to hide her violent intent against Mike and his back immediately stiffened as he whimpered slightly and hurried into the class.

That was hilarious.

Rosalie's eyes followed Mike all the way to his desk before her gaze shifted to me and a smirk settled on her face.

"All good?" She asked.

"All good." I chuckled before turning to go to my own desk.

Rosalie lingered at the door for a few more seconds eying Mike before she left for her own class.

"Yo Mike, what happened to you man, why are you using crutches?" some kid asked from the back of the room.

"None of your goddamn business, mind your own dickhead." Mike fumed not daring to look over at me.

I laughed inwardly at Mike choice of insult considering that he's using the crutches was a result of the damage I inflicted on his own dick.

The rest of the class passed by without incident and soon enough I was on my way to meet up with my Mate for lunch. Because I had to cut my breakfast short, due to certain people bringing up unpleasant conversation topics, I was starving.

Don't worry tummy, I'm on my way to get you some food right now.

As I entered the cafeteria I could see that the Cullen's, including my Alice, were already seated at our normal table. Alice already had what looked like a grilled cheese sandwich, a salad, a banana, and a bottle of water in front of her probably having already gotten a vision of me being super hungry. So I picked up another two grilled cheese sandwiches, an apple, a bag of sugar cookies and a carton of milk, making plans to supplement my meal with what Alice already has in front of her.

I paid for my food and made my way over to the table taking a seat directly beside Alice after giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Hey guys."

I didn't wait for anyone's response before I started to attack my food. By the time Angela, Eric and Tyler made it to the table I had already finished my food and switched my tray with Alice's to start working on hers.

"Hey everyone!" Angela greeted all of us cheerily.

"Hello Angela, I'm so glad that you're here I was thinking that we could all go out on that shopping trip we've been talking about this weekend."

Oh no…

"I was actually thinking about that earlier, that's a great idea Alice! Who's all coming?" she asked looking around the table excitedly.

"Well it'll be just us girls, You, Me, Rose, maybe one of our cousins who is coming in from out of town, and Bel-"

"No." I piped up as soon as Alice began to say my name.

"Baby pleeaassse?" Alice begged as she wrapped her hands around my biceps and pouted.

"No Alice, I do not enjoy shopping, and I'm sure with you it will take Hours."

Her eyes almost looked like they were watering, "So what you're trying to say is that you don't enjoy spending time with me?"


"Tink, I didn't say that."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't." I was going to be strong and resist her pouting and puppy dog eyes.

Alice then let go of me and slouched in her chair crossing her arms over her chest while sulking.

I'm not falling for it.

After 5 minutes of the silent treatment from Alice I was cracking.


She didn't answer.


She still didn't answer and didn't even acknowledge me.

"Baby look at me." I turned in my chair to give her my full attention. Everyone else at the table were pretending as if they weren't observing us.

Alice turned away from me slightly when I tried to uncross her arms, and continued to pout.


"Fine, I'll go shopping with you guys! Will you look at me now?" I asked her loudly.

Alice immediately spun around and wrapped her arms around my neck covering my face with kisses and giggling.

"10 minutes; give me my money." Rosalie said smugly, holding her hand out as Jasper, Edward and Emmett each deposited a hundred dollar bill into her palm.

"You guys made a bet on how long it would take Bella to cave?" Angela asked while giggling.

"No one can actually resist Alice when she pouts; trust me we've all tried. It was only a matter of time." Rosalie explained evenly as she stashed her winnings in her back pocket before standing up to dispose of her uneaten food and leave for class.

"Later children." She said waving over her shoulder as Emmett got up to follow her out of the cafeteria.

"You guys suck." I said to Jasper and Edward as they laughed.

The rest of the day flew by after that and when we all met up in the parking lot after school Alice and Angela exchange numbers and made plans for all of us to meet up on Saturday for this dreadful shopping trip.

Alice and I made our way over to my house to at least make an appearance so that Charlie and Renee didn't think that I moved in with the Cullen's.

When we got there I was surprised to see that they were both home.

"That's strange, usually they are never home at the same time this time during the day." I said as I eyed the house.

I really hope they aren't in there having sex or anything.

Alice laughed at the disgusted look on my face somehow figuring out where my mind went, "Don't worry Bella they aren't having sex, I'd be able to hear it from here, you probably would as well."

"Okay, new topic; can you hear what they are doing?" my senses were heightened but I still couldn't hear exactly what was going on inside the house, only faint whispers.

"They are actually waiting for you to get home to tell you that they will be going out of town for the next 4 days and won't be back until Sunday night. Apparently a close college friend of Charlie's has been diagnosed with cancer and they are going to go see him."

I wasn't sure which friend Alice was referring to but I was sure that my parents would tell me when we got inside.

"Oh okay, well I guess we should head inside now then."

I grabbed my bag from the backseat and Alice and I exited the car to walk up to the front door.

"Mom, Dad! Alice and I are here."I called out, already hearing both of them in the kitchen.

"Hey you two, could you both come into the kitchen please." Renee called back.

I dropped my bag at the bottom of the stairs and took Alice's hand as we made our way through the living room and into the kitchen.

Charlie was sitting at the table with a beer in his hand and the laptop open in front of him. And Renee was by the counter putting the finishing touches on some red velvet cupcakes.

I let go of Alice's hand as she took a sit at the table across from Charlie and I walked over to the counter to give Renee a kiss on the cheek and snatch a cupcake.

"What's up?" I asked her as I grabbed a glass to get some milk from the refrigerator.

Renee frowned at me, "Bella you could have at least offered your girlfriend a cupcake as well if you were going to take one."

I blushed when I remembered that my parents are still under the illusion that Alice and the Cullen's are humans.

"Sorry," I said sheepishly before looking over at Alice who looked like she was on the verge of falling out in a giggling fit over my embarrassment. "Babe, did you want a cupcake?"

"No I'm fine, really Renee. I have to watch my figure and all that." Alice replied nonchalantly.

I laughed at Renee's puzzled expression, "You girls are too young to be worrying about things like that, I swear it's the things you guys watch on TV that's messing with your self esteem-"

Oh, here we go.

I knew I had to stop her before she went off on one of her rants.

"Mom, did you guys have something you wanted to tell us."

"Yeah Bells," Charlie chimed in finally tearing his eyes away from the laptop. From this side of the kitchen I could see that he was looking up flights.

"One of my college buddies, Howard, was just diagnosed with cancer and your mom and I are going to fly out to Phoenix to see him and his wife. We'll be leaving tonight and won't be returning until late Sunday night. Will you be okay here on your own?" He asked.

"We would take you with us but you still have two more days of school this week and we don't want you to miss any days since you've never really met Howard and his wife before." Renee further added.

I was already getting excited at the idea of spending even more time with Alice.

"We could get Billy to check up on you just to make sure your okay, if it'll make you feel better. And Alice can stay with you some nights for company." He then looked over at Alice, "No funny business though." He said eying her accusingly.

Alice pressed her lips together to stop herself from giggling, "Of course sir, no funny business."

"Oh please, don't mind Charlie Alice, we both know what kids these days get up to, all we ask is that you're both being safe and-"

"Mom!" I hollered out when I clued into where this conversation was heading.

"Fine, we won't have the talk, but you know I'm here if you have any questions Bella." She said genuinely.

I cringed.

"Got it, can we move on now." I begged.

Dear god, awkward much?

"Actually if it's okay with the both of you I'm sure that my parents would feel more comfortable with Bella staying with us while you guys are out of town, just to be safe."

Alice continued to speak before Charlie could comment further on his plan to preserve my chastity.

Little does he know…

"Bella will of course be staying in one of our guest bedrooms, and we actually are having family come in from out of town and I'm sure that they all would love the opportunity to get to know Bella properly." Alice dazzled my parents with her smile and I could literally already see them agreeing.

"Actually Alice that sounds like a great idea; I'll just go give your mother a call to see if that's okay with her."

I could see Alice pull her cellphone out from under the table and rapidly shoot off a text message, most likely giving Esme the heads up about Renee's phone call.

Quick thinking little pixie.

Renee left the room to go call Esme as Charlie finished up purchasing their tickets.

"Well what do you girls have planned for the evening?" He asked as he looked at both of us.

"We were going to finish up some homework and watch a movie, but since it's looking like I'll be spending the night with the Cullen's anyway I think I'm just going to grab some things and we're going to head out."

"Okay kiddo, make sure you guys say bye before you leave."

I nodded my head as Alice and I exited the kitchen to make our way up to my bedroom to grab my stuff.

On the way up the stairs I grabbed my bag and heard Renee finishing up on the phone with Esme confirming that it was fine with her for me to stay over for the next couple of days.

Once Alice and I were behind the closed door of my bedroom I began to gather up clothes for the next couple of days and anything else that I would need, shoving all of it into a duffel bag.

"So what are we gonna do once we get back to the house? didn't Ana say I had another training session today." I asked Alice who was standing over by my window looking out into the forest.

"Actually considering who will be coming with Aro, Ana has decided to move that training session to Sunday to better make use of the available talent. Tonight Rosalie and Emmett will be showing you some video's to prepare you for when they start to help with your training." She explained as she turned around to face me.

"Oh okay, that sounds cool. Ready to go?" I asked her.

She crossed the room and wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me into her body for a long kiss. But before it could get too heated she pulled away.

"Ready whenever you are baby?"

I smirked at her before grabbing the duffel bag and my school bag and leaving the room with Alice following behind me.

When we re-entered the kitchen Renee and Charlie were bent over the laptop again discussing what time would be best to head to the airport.

Alice and I said our goodbyes to my Parents and wished them a safe flight before exiting the house to head over to Cullen manor.

When we pulled into the driveway I could hear Esme yelling at Emmett, demanding that he cease running around the house like an infant ape.

Emmett's boisterous laughter echoed all over the house as we pulled into the garage.

"Rosalie! Control your mate before I hurt him."Esme fumed.

"I already tried. Talk to Ana about it, she's the one that got him this excited." Rosalie said indifferently as I heard the faint sound of a page turning in a book or magazine.

"I really didn't think he was this excitable Esme, my apologies, Alice and Bella have arrived, he should calm down some now." Ana's voice rang out from somewhere in the house.

Just then we heard a crashing sound inside the house, "Emmett Cullen! DO NOT jump from there, you'll damage the floor!"

Alice and I sat in the car thoroughly entertained by what we could hear going on in the house.

"Do you think we should head in there now?" I asked Alice as she started to giggle.

"Yes, you should! Because I'm about two seconds away from coming out there to drag you both in here." Esme called out.

Without pause Alice and I flashed out of the car and into the house.

Upon entering the room we noticed Rosalie casually sitting on one of the couches reading a magazine, Victoria was over by the TV with a laptop in her lap, that was hooked up to the flat screen; She was completely immersed in whatever she was trying to figure out.

Ana was coming out of the kitchen with a cell phone in her hand that she was texting away on without even looking down at her fingers. And poor Esme was standing in the center of the room looking more than a little frazzled and irritated as she watched Emmett who was hanging from one of the beams in the high ceiling by one hand as a giant excited smirk split his face.

"ooookay… what's all this?" I asked gesturing to everything going on in the living room in general.

"Ana told Emmett that he and I will be responsible for helping you harness and control your strength and speed. So Emmett suggested that we do strength training and teach you Parkour to help with your speed and finesse. When Ana agreed Emmett started to babble about obstacle courses and running in the forest, after which he felt the need to demonstrate his expertise in Parkour by trampling all over Esme's walls and ceilings." Rosalie explained not missing a beat and never raising her eyes from the magazine.

"I see… what's Parkour?" I asked her as I watch Emmett vault from one beam to the next like a giant monkey.

Just then the ground shook as Emmett landed beside me. throwing his massive arm over my shoulders and tugging me away from Alice and over to the couch in front of the flat screen that Victoria was sitting on.

"Well Bella allow me to welcome you to your first class. Rose and I will be instructing you in the fine art of street running… well actually it's more like forest running since we obviously can't train in public."

Just then Victoria let out a triumphant sigh, "Finally. I got some good ones guys; let's do this."

Rosalie put her magazine down and turned her attention to the flat screen that now had a youtube video playlist on it, Victoria clicked on the first video and we spent the next hour watching multiple video's of people performing street stunts and training, we even found a few with people who actually went out into the forest to practice.

It was amazing to watch them all move so fluidly from obstacle to obstacle without pause and I was slowly getting more and more excited to learn how to move like that given my new found speed.

Rosalie and Emmett were really good at explaining all of the things that I saw in the videos and they explained that they have been fans of the fairly new sport for years and enjoyed using the techniques while they are out hunting.

After we were done with the video's Emmett, Jasper and Edward went off to discuss picking up materials to build an obstacle course for me to start learning on before I could run in the forest, Ana and Victoria went out to try to see if Victoria could feed off of animal's, Rosalie went out to the garage to work on the cars and Alice and I went into the kitchen with Esme to help her make Dinner for Ana and I.

We decided that we wouldn't start my training with Rosalie and Emmett until the next day after school so that the boys would have time to set up a course for me.

This training stuff might not be too bad.

I was really looking forward to what Emmett and Rose have in store for me.

"I lie awake… I've gone to ground; I'm watching porn in my hotel dressing gown. Now I dream of you, but I still believe; there's only enough for one in this lonely hotel suite.

The journey's long… And it feels so bad; I'm thinking back to the last day we had. Old moon fades into the new; soon I know I'll be back with you… I'm nearly with you… I'm nearly with you.

When I'm weak I draw strength from you. And when you're lost, I know how to change your mood. And when I'm down, you breathe life over me. Even though we're miles apart, we are each others destiny."

Sia – Destiny


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