Beauty and the Idol

Disclaimer:Naruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto. I don't own it nor do I gain any money from this fanfiction.

Summary: Naruto and Sasuke are worlds apart. Naruto is a charming playboy and Sasuke would rather eat dry ice then spend a second with him. Romance ensues. High school fic.

It had never occurred to Naruto that changing high schools mid-semester would puzzle and infuriate every adult in his life. Or as his guardian Kakashi put it (after giving Naruto a perturbed look about his decision) Naruto had a, "ghastly sense of timing."

It had taken him less time to move back to Konoha from Los Angeles then it did convincing Kakashi that getting a fresh start was a good idea. He had, after all, a good reason. Kakashi begged to differ but Naruto was set on his decision and he managed to find a house, register for school, and finish his midterms all while dodging his lurking guardian.

It had also never occurred to Naruto that one could not simply waltz into a class thirty minutes late and expect not to be openly gawked at.

"Take a seat Mr. Uzumaki," the teacher said turning an interesting shade of red when he smiled politely at her.

He took a brief moment to sweep his light blue eyes across the room, noticing an unassuming dark haired boy leaning his chin on his closed fist. The boys attention taken over by the open window where a group of students played basketball.

The teacher, Hinata Hyuuga, who had started teaching that morning without a prior warning that Naruto would be in her class, cleared her throat and made a mental note to try not to stare at the teen.

Naruto leaned close to Sasuke and whispered, "Who's winning?"

The blond's quick reflexes saved him from being slapped in the face when Sasuke suddenly turned to raise his hand, his eyes never straying from the window.

"Ms. Hyuuga."

"Y-yes Sasuke?" Hinata replied caught off-guard.

Sasuke finally turned to address his teacher. "May I switch seats?"

Hinata looked from Naruto to Sasuke before nodding. "Yes, of course."

Naruto bristled, feeling the blood rush to his face.

"No need. I'll move," Naruto said stiffly.

Sasuke's open display of hostility toward Naruto had caught the entire class's attention which resulted in soft whispers to spread like wildfire across the room. Hinata smiled reassuringly at Naruto.

Again, the blond swept the room with his eyes and spotted a red haired teen sitting further in the back. He wore heavy black eyeliner, black nail polish, and an outfit consisting of a plane black t-shirt, black ripped jeans and black converse with black laces. There was also a very unpleasant look on his face.

Naruto smiled. Perfect.

The red haired teen didn't even bother to look at Naruto when he sat down. Hinata softly brought the attention of her students back to the matter at hand. Naruto took a deep breath, toying with the locket around his neck.

One Year Later...


A sliver of sunlight streamed through the gap in his curtains and stained the backs of his eyelids red. Naruto frowned and turned away from the light. The alarm was beeping loudly but he didn't move to turn it off. He didn't even bother opening his eye. A familiar weight pressed down on his chest as the body on top of his stirred.

"Get up," he said out loud. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at his alarm clock and panic seized him. He leaped out of bed, ignoring the loud shriek he heard when he did and almost tripping on his bed sheets.

Growling, he unplugged the alarm then he removed his boxers as he ran to the bathroom, grabbing a t-shirt and jeans from the floor. Once he brushed his teeth and threw on his clothes he stared at himself in the mirror. Tired blue eyes stared back. He put a hand through his long blond hair, making a mental note to getting it cut soon as he tied it into a ponytail. He usually had time to brush back his long bangs before he tied his hair but since he was running late he had to settle for having them frame his face. He tugged at the tanned leg that stuck out from his silk sheets, toying with the idea of climbing back into bed and spooning with the body attached to the leg. The loud blare of a car horn took him out of his reverie and made him rush down the stairs.

Naruto grabbed the backpack waiting for him by the door and walked into the blinding morning sun. He grinned when he saw a red haired boy leaning out of a familiar black Jeep Wrangler parked in his driveway.

"Hurry up!" Gaara growled, starting the engine.

Naruto threw his backpack in the backseat and they sped off. As his mind cleared the last cobwebs of sleep from his consciousness, the familiar first-day-of-school jitters spiked through him. Even though he felt confident the day would fly by without any snags he couldn't help thinking he was forgetting something... And it wasn't until they entered the school's chaotic parking lot that Naruto swore, laughing as he did so.

"We left her," Naruto said.

"Again?" Gaara replied almost sounding aghast but that could have been Naruto's imagination. Gaara's emotions (if one could call them that) consisted only of moody and stoic.

Gaara made a U-turn.

Ten minutes later they parked next to a disheveled blond girl wearing a loose one shouldered top and cut-off short shorts with a messenger bag slung across her chest.

"Forget something asshole?" Ino huffed, crossing her arms.

"I swear I thought you were right behind me," Naruto said sheepishly.

"Whatever." Ino grumbled climbing into the backseat.

Naruto gave Ino his signature white toothed grin.

It had taken nearly three weeks after summer vacation before anyone at Konoha high could get used to Naruto's growth spurt, mostly because he had the reputation for being the short and chubby slow-witted enigma. When word got out that Naruto came back from his vacation abroad looking like a tall, tanned, muscular, blond sex-god - he found that people who would have never talked to him in high school suddenly became his friends. The frenzy, however, died down after a pop-star had been discovered passed out in her bathtub due to an overdose. Him moving up the ranks at Konoha High School became old news and was finally seen as the norm.

Even though Naruto had developed a quick following at Konoha high school he still mostly kept to himself with the exception of Gaara. There was also a roster of girls and boys he had rotating in and out of his bed.

Naruto reflected on how quickly his life in the "in crowd" had normalized as he walked through the lunch line, sidestepping a puddle of chocolate milk before picking up a tray. He momentarily turned to warn the girl behind him about the deadly puddle when a blur of black walked past him towards the back of the line. Unfortunately the black blur didn't notice the puddle on the floor and proceeded to spin off-course into him. Without thinking he caught the blur.

"Steady," he said chuckling.

Naruto's inwardly groaned when he realized who it was.

"We've got to stop meeting like this," he said sarcastically.

"Put me down Uzumaki," Sasuke said through clenched teeth.

"Of course princess."

Naruto stepped back and Sasuke (to his credit) didn't yelp when he gracelessly dropped to the floor on his butt.

To say Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha had gotten off the wrong foot would be the understatement. The few run-ins they had both parties made a point to ignore the other. What was odd was they hardly knew each other outside from the one class they both shared their freshmen year of high school and even then they had bickered so much Naruto had been forced to move to a different class period.

Sasuke's angry huff brought Naruto out of his reverie on their mutual dislike for each other.

"You have done nothing but get in my way since you've arrived here," Sasuke seethed standing up. "

"Maybe if you weren't such a bastard all the ti-"

"You're nothing but a spoiled, cantankerous, child."

"Who are you callin' cantankerous!"

"Idiot." Sasuke sneered, pivoting away from Naruto to salvage what was left of his dignity.

"Hey I'm not done!" Naruto yelled, his raged licked his nerves. Before he could stop his hand he grabbed a bowl of JELL-O and threw it at the back of Sasuke's head.

He felt remorseless glee when the bowl hit its target.

Sasuke whipped around, pure rage on his face. Naruto's quick reflexes saved him from a face full of mashed potatoes but the people behind him weren't so lucky. There were screams of outrage and before anyone could say, "food fight" a food fight broke out in the entire cafeteria.

After the administrators managed to weasel out the names of the culprits who had started the so-called "food-pocalypse" from the students, Naruto and Sasuke not only had to clean the entire cafeteria but they also received four weeks detention.