Beauty and the Idol

Disclaimer:Naruto was created by Masashi Kishimoto. I don't own it nor do I gain any money from this fanfiction.

Saturday...PART I

Sasuke attempted to slip on his mask of cool indifference as he meekly stood in front of Naruto's door at exactly five o' clock on Saturday evening. He was mildly surprised when the oak door opened to reveal a handsome man with silver hair and amused brown eyes staring down at him.

"Hi, I'm Kakashi, Naruto's court mandated workhorse," Kakashi said, shaking Sasuke's hand enthusiastically. "You must be Sasuke."

Sasuke nodded and gave a quiet, "Nice to meet you."

Sasuke watched Kakashi briskly walk to the foot of the winding staircase in the hallway.

"Oi, Naruto! Ramen!" When there was no response Kakashi herded him into a spacious kitchen adjacent to the stairs.

"His highness probably isn't awake yet." Kakashi said, casually slipping on a pale pink apron. "Can I offer you anything to drink?"

Sasuke shook his head, perching on the edge of one of the three barstools tucked under the kitchen counter. He managed to keep up with Kakashi's small talk as the older man started preparing what looked like a complicated dish. The only ingredients Sasuke recognized were packages of udon noodles.


Sasuke almost jumped when he heard Naruto's soft voice from behind him. He half turned and was greeted by the sight of sleepy blond eyes, a bare tanned chest and a sculpted stomach. He felt his eyes running down Naruto's adonis's belt and felt a tinge of admiration and envy and a warm sensation in his nether regions that told him that he was aroused.

"Like what you see?" Naruto teased, playing with the elastic band of his orange sweat pants.

"You said five right?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto chuckled lightly. "I didn't think you'd actually show up."

Sasuke was glad when the door bell rang in place of his reply. He watched Naruto grin widely and lightly jog to open the door. Sasuke knew he wasn't going to like whoever was on the other side of the door. Sure enough, Naruto returned to the kitchen followed closely by Ino, Gaara and Sakura.

"He called me conceited." Ino was saying. She wore cut up denim skinny jeans and a powder blue and white polka dot bustier. "Me? Conceited?" She flicked her blond her behind her thin tanned shoulder and pursed her lips when Sakura and Gaara failed to disagree.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it," Sakura replied halfheartedly.

Gaara was the first to acknowledge Sasuke, giving him a curt nod. Sakura blinked at the sight of him. She wore a simple strapless purple romper with silver flats. "Oh, hey…Sasuke," she said. Obviously Naruto had failed to tell the others that he was coming. Ino sat next to him, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.

"What's Kakashi making?" Ino asked him, taking a bite. It took Sasuke a while to realize she had addressed him directly. Ino raised a manicured brow at him, her bright blue eyes trained intently on his face.

"Erm…noodles, I think," Sasuke said clearing his throat uncomfortable. He couldn't get over the feeling that he didn't belong there.

Ino looked from Sasuke and Naruto, a hint of a smile on her face. "We aren't interrupting anything are we?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Drinks?"

"I'll have one," Gaara said leaning casually against the counter. Kakashi brushed past all of them as he continued cooking, even humming lightly to himself.

Two hours passed and the small group of teenagers carried on a light conversation with Kakashi regailing them with a tale or two. When Naruto's guardian finally finished cooking, they all took their plates and drinks to the basement where Naruto delivered on his promise when he held up a copy of Love Actually.

"Say, Sasuke," Naruto said, maneuvering to put in the DVD. "Where's your friend?"

Sasuke opted not to answer, stuffing noodles into his mouth. When Naruto continued to stare at he gave a one shoulder shrug.

"Friend?" Sakura inquired, smirking.

"You said there would be pizza," Ino interrupted, poking her noddles with her knife.

"This is healthier," Gaara said, lifting Ino's fork and gently feeding her a piece of broccoli.

Sasuke watched this exchange with a certain amount of wonder.

"She's right," Sasuke said. "You did promise pizza."

"I also told you to bring ice cream and... Neji," Naruto replied, returning to his spot on the plush leather couch.

"Hyuuga's coming?" Gaara asked. He didn't sound too pleased at the idea.

Sasuke cleared his throat, "I invited him."

"And?" Naruto pressed, slurping his noodles loudly.

"He said he'd try to come later."

"Shhh...the movie's starting," Ino said, leaning forward and blocking Naruto's reaction from Sasuke.

They fell into a comfortable silence as the British romantic-comedy began. Sasuke could hardly believe how delicious Kakashi's cooking was or how comfortable he felt around student he was sure he disliked.

So this is what it's like to have friends, Sasuke thought absently as Ino repeatedly slapped him softly on the shoulders at a particularly funny part in the movie. She seemed to do that a lot when she was excited. Naruto winked at Sasuke as Sakura cuddled closer to the blond, placing her head on his bare chest. Sasuke looked away and caught Gaara watching him.

He hoped Neji would forget to come.