Title: Twins
Pairing: TezuFuji, SanaMaru

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Rating: G
Summary: AU Two brothers were forced to separate and look for their own destiny. With only animals as their companion, will they find the fate they are seeking?

A/N: My second try on a multi chaptered fic. i know 'm an idiot for doing this, but i just want to post those with finished draft so i my mind will be cleared of some junk. _ pending posts are driving me crazy. First try on a Sanada/Marui pairing. Hope i did okay.

Once upon a time there were two brothers, one rich and the other poor. The rich brother was a goldsmith and evil-hearted. The poor brother struggled to make ends meet by making brooms and selling them for a few pennies. Despite that, he was kind and honest. He had two sons namely Kunimitsu and Genichirou whom he loved dearly. They were twins, yet they do not look alike. Every now and then the brothers went to their uncle's house and were given leftovers to eat.

One day, the poor man happened to be in the forest gathering brushwood when he saw a golden bird perched on a high tree. It was beautiful, more beautiful than any bird he had ever seen. He picked up a stone and threw it at the bird and hit it. However, only a single feather dropped and it flew away.

"What a beautiful creature." The poor man said, picking up the feather. "Too bad I only got this."

As soon as he got home, he went to his brother and showed him the object.

"It's pure gold." The brother said as he examined it. He offered to buy it and paid the poor man a good amount of money.

The next day, the poor man climbed a birch tree to cut a few branches. Just then the same bird flew out, and after the man searched, he found a nest with a golden egg in it. The egg was made of gold, and he took it with him.

"What a beautiful creature." He sighed as he walked back to the village. "Too bad I only got the egg."

He showed it again to his brother and was once again offered money in exchange. He agreed and was given a larger sum of money.

"Thank you, my brother." The poor man said happily. "Now my sons and I can buy enough provision until winter."

"Oh you can get even more than that." His brother replied. "I'd like to have the bird itself. Bring it to me and I shall pay you more."

The poor man, wanting to give a better living for his two sons, hoped to see the bird again. "I will if I can." He promised.

He went into the forest for the third time and saw the golden bird perched on a tree. Moving silently, he took a stone and successfully knocked the bird down.

"Alas! I caught you!" He exclaimed. He rushed to his brother's house and gave him the bird. Laughing triumphantly, the goldsmith took it and gave him a huge amount of money.

"Now we can live decently and not as miserable as before." The poor man thought as he went home in delight.

Meanwhile, the goldsmith was clever and cunning and knew exactly what kind of bird it was. He called his wife and said. "Roast this golden bird for me; make sure that none of it gets lost. I will eat it all by myself."

He knew that the bird was by no means an ordinary creature. It possessed a magical power that whoever ate its heart and liver will find a gold piece under his pillow every morning. Once he ate them, he will be richer than he already was.

The goldsmith's wife prepared the bird, put it on a spit, and let it roast. While waiting for it to cook, she went to the cellar and took some wine. Just then, the twins entered the kitchen.

"Auntie." Genichirou called. "We came for the leftovers."

Hearing no response, they padded across the room and stood in front of the fire. Seeing the bird, Kunimitsu turned the spit a few times. As he turned the iron, two little pieces dropped from the bird and into the pan.

"Gen, can we eat those pieces that fell off?" Little Kunimitsu asked, hunger evident in his innocent eyes.

"No Kuni." Genichirou disagreed. "That is Uncle and Auntie's dinner. It should only be leftovers for us."

"But I'm really hungry!" His brother insisted. "Eating a small, fallen part won't hurt, would it?"

He was about to argue when those pair of doe eyes looked at him, pleading. Genichirou scratched his head. His brother was too cute when he does that.

"Okay." He finally agreed. "But just this once, okay?"

"Yes. Thanks Gen!" Kunimitsu took the pieces and offered one to his twin. The two ate them happily, munching the roasted meat. It was at this moment did the wife appeared and saw them.

"What did you eat?" She asked menacingly, frightening the two boys.

"A-a couple of pieces that fell out of the b-bird." Genichirou stuttered, his twin hiding behind him.

"That must have been the heart and liver." The wife said. "You good for nothing beggars! Don't you ever try to steal some food here or I wouldn't even spare you our leftovers!" She shoved the children out and went to the barn and killed a fowl. Taking its heart and liver, she put them in the bird so her husband wouldn't know about the eaten pieces.

When the bird was done, she served it to the goldsmith, together with the wine. The goldsmith ate the bird, gobbling every morsel of the meat. After eating, he immediately went to bed, waiting for morning to come and get his first piece of fortune. However, when he reached under the pillow, there was none.

Kunimitsu's eyes fluttered open, his young body adjusting to the surroundings. He sat up and let out a yawn, rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. He looked at his brother who was still sleeping beside him. He carefully crawled out of bed and heard a thud. He looked down and saw a gold piece lying innocently on the floor. Not knowing what to do, he shook his brother awake.

"Gen, Gen." He nudged. "Wake up."

Genichirou opened his eyes and saw his twin's face in front of him. "Mmmmm, what is it Kuni?"

"I heard a sound while I got up and I saw this." He showed him the gold.

"Is that gold?" The other sat up and heard a thud. Looking down, he saw an identical piece fell from his part of the bed.

"What is this?" Kunimitsu asked, confusion written in his young face. "Why do we have gold under our pillow?"

"Gen doesn't know." He answered. "Maybe we should ask father." His brother agreed and told their father.

"Even I am confused." Their father said. "We are as poor as mice, so it cannot be ours." He looked at his children. "Whoever gave these, we should thank the heavens for the blessing."

Then they found another pieces of gold the next morning, and continued finding every morning thereafter. Not knowing what to do, the poor man went to his brother and told him the strange story. The goldsmith knew immediately how everything had happened and that the children had eaten the heart and liver of the golden bird. Envious with the father, he decided to get revenge.

"Your children are in league of the devil." He warned. "Don't take the gold, and don't let them stay in your house any longer."

"What kind of father would want to send his sons away?" The father answered. "I cannot do that to my own flesh!"

"The devil's got them in his power and sooner they will kill you."

The father was afraid of the devil and so he followed his brother's advice. He went home and told his sons that they need to go. Although painful, he led them to the forest.

"I'm doing this for all of us." The poor man said. "Take care of each other and never separate." And with a heavy heart, he left.

A/N: i was actually choosing between Eiji and Marui to be Sanada's pair. Suggestions are open. ^^