Title: Fairytales

Pairing: TezuFuji, SanaMaru

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Rating: G

Summary: Two brothers were forced to separate and look for their own destiny. With only animals as their companion, will they find the fate they are seeking?

A/N: Sorry if it took me days to update. I was too lazy to finish it in one go. *bows* and i need some ideas. My brain messed up. XD anyway, the update's here so pls enjoy!

Sanada followed the man to the cabin, and when they were few yards away, Yukimura turned to him and said. "Your animals will get killed once my stepmother sees them." She made them follow him to an abandoned barn. "Put them here for the night. Also, instruct them not to create noise."

After settling his animals, they went inside. The old woman was sitting on an easy chair by the fire and looked at the strangers with her red eyes. Yukimura went to her with his head bowed. "Stepmother Sumire, these are travelers who requested me for a place to stay in for the night."

Sumire, with her unruly brown hair and old face, spoke to them in an overly sweet tone. "Good evening! Welcome to our humble abode! Have a seat and rest yourselves!"

"I apologize for our intrusion." Sanada said. "We are travelers who got lost in the woods."

"It's okay. " The old woman replied. "We haven't got to serve guests for a long time now. She was cooking in a little pot on the fire, and she stoked the coals. In slow movements, she served the food on the table and offered them, but the men refused.

"We appreciate your offer but we had just eaten." Sanada lied. Yukimura had warned them to be careful and not to eat nor drink anything, for old woman Sumire brewed deadly potions. Then they slept peacefully till early in the morning.

Sanada's eyes cracked open at the break of dawn. Seeing Kirihara still drooling on his bed, he got up and went outside alone. There he saw the blue haired beauty fetching water from the well. He looked so thin and fragile, barely able to lift the bucket of water. He silently walked from behind and took the pail from him, catching the surprised expression on his pretty face.

"You seemed to be lost in thought this time. You did not notice my presence." He said.

"Good morning to you too." Yukimura greeted, gentle smile gracing his lips. He took the bucket from him and continued his work.

"Why are you staying with that witch?" The huntsman asked. "Aren't you afraid of her?"

"She will never harm me." The man replied. "I am the only one whom she can order around and do the chores for her."

Sanada looked at him. "I told someone once that the world is a wonderful place to travel, that you will discover beautiful things. And by doing that, you will find your destiny. Don't let that witch stop you from finding it."

Yukimura was staring at the huntsman before him. How long has it been since he last heard such things? Or maybe he had not. It was like his old self speaking to him. It rekindled thoughts inside him, thoughts he long decided to forget. He was about to reply when Kirihara, the huntsman's companion, came.

"Hey master, what are you doing there? It's time to go." Akaya called.

Sanada gave one last nod to the man and followed, taking his animals from the barn. When they were ready to depart, old woman Sumire stopped them. "Wait a minute. I want to offer you a parting drink."

While she went to fetch it, the bear pushed Sanada onto the lion's back and carried him away, followed by the other animals. Kirihara, who was still trying to strap his saddle tight, was the only one left when the evil witch came back.

"Bring this to your master." She said. But at that moment the glass broke and the poison splattered on the horse. It was so lethal that the animal lay dead on the spot.

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Kirihara shouted in fright and ran away. He ran as if his life depended on it, and blindly made his way around the woods. Soon, he found Sanada and his animals waiting for him.

"What took you so long? And where is your horse?"

"The…witch…horse…dead." The seeweed haired man panting hard. After catching his breath, he told him what happened.

"Evil witch." He clenched his fist. "It cost you your horse."

"That's fine with me, as long as it wasn't me. And now my horse is dead-"His eyes widened in realization. "My bag was tied on the saddle! I need to get it back!"Before Sanada can speak, Kirihara ran back to the house and saw his dead horse, a raven already feasting on its body.

"Who knows if we'll be able to find anything better to eat today?" And so he killed the raven, took his bag, and returned to the huntsman.

They went on travelling again. It proved to be a great forest for they still weren't able to find their way out. Nightfall came and fortunately, they stumbled upon an inn and were opened by another beautiful man, his silver hair slightly covering those blue ocean eyes. He greeted them with a smile, his body blocking the view of the house. "How may I help you?" He asked in a melodious voice.

"We are here to rent a room for the night." Sanada answered.

"I suggest you find another place to stay. This is not an inn, but a robber's den. Go now and don't come back, before it's too late."

"It IS already late and no other place was in sight." Sanada insisted. "We will rest here, whether we get killed or not."

"Eh?" Kirihara exclaimed. "So you want to rest even until forever? Those robbers will not keep us alive!" But a sharp glare from the serious man immediately made his mouth shut.

The silver haired man studied him before finally giving in. "You are a brave man, and I don't want you to receive the same fate as the others, but if that is what you want, then so be it."

Sanada gave an accepting nod. "Thank you…" He did not know how to address the other man.

"Call me Saeki." He allowed them to enter and was welcomed by the innkeeper.

"Come in! Come in!" The innkeeper said invitingly. "We have a wonderful room prepared for our guests."

Sanada gave him a look and made his way to the stairs. "I will take my rest now."

Kirihara went to the innkeeper and handed him the dead raven. "Here, cook this for our supper." He said before following the huntsman upstairs.

True to Saeki's words, the house was a place of murderers. The innkeeper welcomed them and spoke about the guests. "We have new victims. Two men who got lost in the woods." He informed them.

"Very well." One of the ten said. "They will never see daylight again." "Let's rob and then kill them." The other suggested.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The innkeeper opened it and saw old witch Sumire, who was an accomplice to the murderers' evil deeds.

"Ah!" He greeted her. "You came at a right time. We have guests resting inside."

Knowing what he meant, the old lady grinned, showing her missing teeth. "Ooh, how I missed the sight of blood. This is going to be a wonderful night." She entered the house and chatted with the robbers merrily.

They were about to kill when the innkeeper took their attention. "How about we eat this delicious supper first? I'm sure those men could wait." He placed the bowl of soup on the table.

The murderers agreed and sat down. They too were joined by the innkeeper and old witch Sumire. They all ate at the same bowl of soup filled with the chopped meat of the raven. No sooner did they swallow a few bites than they fell down dead, for the raven had been infected by the poisoned horsemeat.

Saeki, who was silently watching what happened, rushed upstairs to wake the guests. He entered their room and spoke in loud voice. "Wake up! They're dead! All of them are dead!" He pulled Kirihara's blanket and when the man saw who it was, he let out a groan.

"Can you pester someone else? I haven't got enough sleep!" Kirihara said in annoyance. He pushed the man away, causing him to fall to the other side, which happened to be Sanada's bed.

Sanada stirred at the feeling of something weighing on him. He opened his eyes and saw the innkeeper Saeki, his face merely inches away from his. The man hastily stood up, fighting to control the redness of his cheek.

"What are you doing?" Sanada asked.

"The robbers are dead."

"Is that the reason why you're on top of me?"

"No! I-I just thought I need to inform you." Saeki said, his face turned crimson.

Sanada gave him a curt nod. "We really need our sleep. Let's continue this tomorrow." The man understood and quickly fled the room. Sanada rubbed his temple, calming himself. At least he will not worry of losing his life anymore. He lied down again and resumed his sleep.

The next morning, Sanada went down to the dining area and was welcomed by delicious aroma of food coming from the kitchen.

"Good morning." Saeki greeted, his face as fresh as the day. He placed the food on the table and served the guests.

"So what were you talking about last night?" Kirihara asked in between bites. "The robbers are dead?" The man nodded and sat opposite them. "How did that happen?"

"They ate the meat of the raven brought by your friend. As soon as they took a bite, they fell down dead."

"The raven?" Sanada turned to his companion, not knowing what the innkeeper meant. "Where did you get that?"

"At the witch's cottage. I saw it eating my dead horse-"A flash of memory crossed Kirihara's mind. "It ate my horse which died because of the deadly poison concocted by the witch!"

"All ten of them died, so is the witch and my father."

Sanada looked at him, sympathizing to the other male, yet his face remained serious. Saeki gave him a small smile, as if reading his mind. "Don't be. It was the consequence he had paid for all those evil deeds."

After eating, the silver haired man led them to a room. Opening the door, they were blinded by all the treasures inside. "These are all the riches they accumulated from stealing and killing people." He said. "Take it. You deserve all these."

Sanada did not take a second glance. "Kirihara, we're leaving."

The young man looked at him in disbelief, too engrossed with the treasures to follow. "Eh? But what about these treasures? He wants us to have it!"

"It is not what I seek, nor is what I desire."


His eyes went to Saeki, who too was surprised by his answer. "Keep it with you. This may be the destiny the heavens have for you." Dragging his partner, he fetched his animals and left the inn.

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