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Summary: Hatafutte Parade sung by MaleOC!Indonesia. Indonesia version is in the middle of the making!

Dedicated to:

My country Indonesia

All Indonesian who are fans of Hetalia

All Indonesians in this web

Hatafutte Parade by Indo (In English)

On my right hand is bamboo spear~

On my left hand is sate ayam [1]~

Left foot right foot! Left foot right foot!

It's a marching parade!

Towards the enchanting world, AYO [2]~

Take our hands, make a circle, spin, it's the world

With my fighting headband around my head, I'm on top condition!

Red Java sugar, white rice! Is my brave and pure flag!

No matter what, a smile is important!


"Aah! Mari [3]! Mari! Everyone's here~"

"Come and sit here! There's enough room for everyone!"

Left foot right foot! Left foot right foot!

It's a marching parade!

Sound of your instruments, it's time to march!

If everyone at one-two makes the ensemble,

The one and only song will be complete

I'll be playing Sasando [4]! Bit weird, eh?

"After a hard word in the rice paddy, rice and fish is very tasty! Mmmm~ Hopefully we get a bountiful harvest this year!"

Left foot right foot! Left foot right foot!

It's a matching parade!

This melody is universal

The 5 continents and the 7 seas

At this energetic tempo, they transverse each other harmoniously!

Dressed in my scout uniform

Walking on the earthy path

In the middle of the forest

The emerald green beauty

This is the Emerald of Equator, Nusantara [5]

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Merdeka! We are Republic of Indonesia!

Merdeka! We all united throughout the archipelago!

Merdeka! Everyone is different but we are one!

Merdeka! The loud cheering grow passionate!


"Ah… Kunti [6]. Smells good today~

Ijo [7], are you getting bigger?

What did you just steal, Tuyul [8]?

Hey! Hey! Don't bother the others!

Left foot right foot!

Left foot right foot!

It's a marching parade!

This melody is universal!

The five continents and the 7 seas

At this kind of harmony, they'll transverse each other!

Tujuh belasan [9] this year will be fun!

We are the smiling people.

Everyone From Sabang to Merauke [10]

The Garuda [11] carries Pancasila [12] up to the endless sky!

We carry Sumpah Pemuda [13] until our death


"Aaaah~ Today's work is hard too… The Reformation era is yet to over [14]… My heros… Please watch over me… I'll make sure everyone happy here… The faces of truly happy smiling people is the best thing..."

[1] Chicken satay

[2] Come on

[3] Come

[4] A string instrument from East Nusa Tenggara

[5] Archipelago in Javanese

[6] Full name Kuntilanak. One of Indonesia's ghost. Every time Kuntilanak is present there will be jasmine smell in the air

[7] Indonesia's ghost which looks like a green skinned giant.

[8] Indonesia's ghost that looks like a bald little boy whose job is to steal something.

[9] 17 August is the independence day of Indonesia. Tujuh belasan is the short version word of 17 August

[10] The very edge towns of Indonesia. Sabang is on the edge of Sumatra island while Merauke is on the very edge of Papua.

[11] The symbol of Indonesia that take shape after an eagle. The amount of feathers on its neck, wings and tail is exact with Indonesia's independence date 17 August 1945.

[12] The ideology of Indonesia

[13] The Young's Oath. An oath from the people of Indonesia to their country.

[14] Began when the 30 years of Soeharto's (Indonesia's 2nd president) ruling is over. A period of transition from 1999-now. The Indonesia have become more open and sociable now.

I did this purely for fun. The Marukaite Chikyuu will be sing by the FemaleOC!Indonesia. I'm in the middle of making it. I'm also in the middle of translating this to Indonesian.

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