Title - Until The Night
Chapter title - Just Across The Field
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Romance/Supernatural
Disclaimer - I do not own The Little Vampire in anyway, shape or form. I entirely own my original characters. For this Chapter: Emilie Carter, her grandma, Audrey and her grandpa, Stanley.

Summary - Emilie Carter starts to babysit for the American's kid. She didn't expect it, but they get on like a house on fire. Then a certain little vampire falls through his window and Emilie meets it's older brother. One things for sure, Emilie's life is far from average. Gregory/Oc.

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"Don't wait until, wrinkles and lines, pop out all over my brow, show me now!" Being too engrossed in my TV screen, watching Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, I was oblivious to the knock on my bedroom door.
"Emilie?" Upon hearing my grandma's voice behind me I paused the film and swiveled around in my desk chair. "You're not doing anything tonight are you dear?" She asked. Ha! Now that's funny! Me, actually having a social life, imagine!
"No why?"
"Well I got talking to the new neighbors and they mentioned that they needed a babysitter tonight."
"So you decided to volunteer your only grandchild?"
"Fine. They live in the house just across the field right?" I sighed and moved over to my wardrobe to find something suitable to wear rather than my pajama bottoms.
"Yes. Bob and Dottie Thompson and their son, Antony. Very nice people...American you know."
"Cool. What ti-"
"As soon as you're dressed dear." With that my grandma left my room.
Yawning I switched off the television and changed into a pair of jeans and an over sized shirt. I left my hair, dark brown and shoulder length, loose. When I was done I grabbed my trainers and my currents book and headed down into the kitchen.
"I hear you're babysitting the American's kid?" Commented my grandpa from his seat at the breakfast bar.
"Good, get you out of the house for a change." He smiled a little and I smirked back.
"Believe me, if I could get a job I'd be out all the time. Shame no ones willing to employ an inexperienced seventeen year old." I moaned as I knelt down to tie my laces.
"Someones bound to give you a chance soon, love." My grandma patted my head as she passed on the way to start grandpa's tea.
"Yeah, maybe. I'll see you later." I kissed them both on the cheek and left the house. The walk across the field to the Thompson's residence only took five minutes. You can literally see the house through our living room window.

When I reached the house I rang the doorbell and stood back to wait. A middle-aged man with browny-blonde hair and kind blue eyes answered, midway through tying his tie. He frowned at me as I stood awkwardly on the doorstep.
"Um...I'm Emilie. Emilie Carter, I'm supposed to be babysitting?"
"Oh, yes of course, Audrey's granddaughter. Come in." I stepped inside as he shut the door and resumed fiddling with his tie.
"Go through the loop." He did as I said, smiling when he finally finished.
"Thank you. I'm Bob by the way. And this," He gestured to an attractive blonde woman in a red satin dress coming down the stairs. "Is my wife, Dottie. Dottie, this is Emilie, Audrey's granddaughter."
"Hi, follow me, I'll introduce you to Tony." I followed her up the stairs as she continued to talk. "He's been having a few nightmares recently so no scary movies or stories please. Um, I didn't know if you cooked so there's some money and a pizza place menu on the kitchen counter. He should be in bed by nine and we'll be back around eleven thirty. OK?" I nodded as she pushed open a door. "Tony honey, this is Emilie." A young boy with spikey blonde hair and glasses looked up from his desk.
"Hi." He half smiled.
"Well, we're off hun, we won't be too late. Be good." Dottie kissed his cheek before leaving.
"So..." I glanced around Tony's room and saw everything I expected to see: toys, games, race-car track, nintendos and comics...the usual. "What're you drawing?" I asked as I moved over to him. He was halfway through a drawing of a man with pointed teeth, "Vampires, cool."
He glanced up at me, a skeptical expression on his face. "Really?"
"What? Vampires are cool? Of course! Except for Twilight."
Tony smiled his adorable little smile before rushing headfirst into an explanation of his nightmares.
"Wow, sounds intense." I said once he'd finished.
"You don't think I'm a freak?" He asked in a small voice. Who knew kids could be so adorable?
"Of course not why would I?"
"Everyone else here does." He mumbled. "Can we order the pizza now?"
I laughed a little at his sudden change in subject and mood and nodded. "Come on."

We went downstairs and he showed me through to the kitchen where he chose a large pepperoni pizza for us to share. Once I'd ordered it he showed me to the living room where we sat flicking through the TV channels whilst we waited.
"So, Tony...who thinks you're a freak?"
"The McAshton twins." He said nonchalantly. "They go to my school."
"They giving you a hard time?"
"They told me to go back to California."
I sighed. Doesn't matter who the kid is, it's always the same taunts. "Don't worry. They'll get bored soon enough. Just keep your head down and ignore them."
"How do you know?"
"The same thing happened to me when I was at school."
"Mmmhmm. I'm not originally from here in Fife y'know."
"I didn't think so. You don't have a weird accent." I chuckled at Tony's confused expression. "What? Everybody talks funny here."
"Yeah, it takes a while to get used to. I'm from Bath in England. I moved to Scotland when I was seven so...How old are you?"
"So I was younger than you. I got the same, really. 'Go back to England, creep.' It lasted a few months and then they got bored." The door bell rang so I went and grabbed the money from the kitchen counter and answered the door to the delivery boy.

We ate our pizza whilst we watched TV and chatted. Honestly, if every kid was like Tony, I'd babysit them all.
"Emilie?" Tony asked through a mouthful of pepperoni.
"Will you always be my babysitter? You're cooler than the others I've had."
I think my heart actually melted. "Well, that's up to your parents, dude. But if they want me then I'm here." He grinned at me and pushed his empty plate away.
By the time the TV show finished and I'd washed our plates it was nine. "Tony, time for bed dude." For a moment I thought he was going to object and ask for five more minutes but he jumped up from the sofa instantly. "You want me to come up or are you good?"
"I'm good. Goodnight."
"Night." I smiled as he bounded off upstairs. I flicked off the television and sat down to read some more of my book.

At quarter to midnight Bob and Dottie arrived home in high spirits.
"Have a good time?" I asked when they came into the living room.
"Fantastic. How was Tony?"
"Great. He's a really cool kid."
Dottie grinned at Bob before excusing herself to go and check on the boy herself. Bob made to give me some money but I shook my head.
"There's no need, it was a pleasure taking care of Tony."
"Don't be silly, take it." Bob forced a twenty pound note into my hand with a smile.
"Thanks ."
"Oh, call me Bob. And are you busy on Friday night?"
"No, I'm free."
"Do you think you could take care of care of Tony again? We've got to go to my boss' party."
"Of course. I had fun tonight." I smiled back. "And I can cook so you don't need to worry about leaving money for a takeaway."
"Brilliant. You want me to take you home?"
"No it's fine, I'm just across the field. Thanks though. Bye."
"Night, Emilie."

When I got back home my grandparents were already fast asleep. I went straight to my bedroom and changed into my pajamas. It was strange though. As I lay in bed I found I was actually looking forward to Friday. Who'd've thought I'd enjoy taking care of a nine year old kid?

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