Okay, time for April! Here-sa we goesies!

April Dickson peacefully slept in her room, undisturbed when-

Jar Jar bust open her door, holding several milk bottles and wearing a sucking hat. "Drink some mi'k! Drink some mi'k! Don'-sa know da world loves ta drink some mi'k?" he sang as he danced around the bedroom. "I wants ta milks all da fattest cows in da place! Suck-a ta all the milky wilks in the race! Makin' a tons-a little moo-moo silk. Everyone should come and dwink their MIII'K!"



"Ugh… you and your crazy obsession with milk."

"Aw, come-si on, Da'ky. Dwink some mi'k."

Darkrai then took a milk glass and began drinking… again. He then sighed. "Aahh… boy, it's amazing how people sleep through all this. Okay, held this girl off long enough, so let's do it." With that, he gave April Dickson a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, April awoke to find herself in an enormous hallway, her head on a fly's body. "Huh? Where am I?"

"Hey, April!" At this, she looked up to see Olivia Johnson, Jamie, and Rabakkah flying toward her in beetle bodies.

"Huh? !"

"You comin' or what?" Jamie asked.


"To the bug mall." Rabakkah answered. "We're going to annoy Kami and all those other nerds like you did in science, remember? It's how you started hanging out with us."

"H-Hanging out with you? !"

"Yeah." Olivia said. "You finally realized hanging out with those dweebs was a waste of time, so you started hanging with the popular girls, who really matter."

April looked disgusted. "N-No! Why would I hang with you? ! You disgust me! GO AWAY!" With that, she immediately flew away from them, into a dusty corner where she was caught in a spider web. "Er! What now?"

She then looked in terror as the hideous spider crept up to her. "I swear, I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight. All right, bon appetite."

"AAAHHHHHH!" April's world went dark as the spider came closer, ready to bite down on her.

"AAHHH!" she screamed, awake in her room.

"FOO-LI! You-sa in trouble! Me-so RESCUE YOU!" With that, Jar Jar grabbed April's head, pulled her closer, and kissed her flat on the lips.

"MMM-BLAH!" April forced him off and shoved him to the wall.

"Hoo hoo hee hee ha ha!"

"Jar Jar!"


"Ugh…" Darkrai shook his head and sighed. "I thought you were done with making out with every girl you see."

"Awww. She so sexy for her shirt!"

"HUH? !" April exclaimed.

"Oh-shi no. She too sexy for her SHOES!"

"UGH!" April shot up and kicked him upside the head.

"Hoo hoo hee hee. She-so kick goood."

Darkrai sighed again. "I am VERY sorry about my assistant, who has NO self-control whatsoever!"

"I-sa just want-a hang wit' da popular chickies."

He sighed once more. "Okay, enough. Now it's time to scare…" He looked at his list. "Danika Anderson. Well, this should be fun. Okay, sorry for the disturbance, see you later." With that, Darkrai flew out the window.

Jar Jar spared one last glance to April and blew a kiss. "Mmmwah." He then jumped out the window. "EEE-HEEEEE-OW! I-sa… broke meh…. oh…"

April just looked freaked out, but then smiled. "Wow! I must really be pretty if weird aliens fall for me! I want some soda!" With that, she ran off.

Well, there you go. Happy now? Okay, next up is Danika's Nightmare. Later.