Horton sat in a corner in the back room, tuning his guitar. His dark hair fell over his enchanting green eyes, and he had a soft smile on his handsome face. Evening light poured from the window, and cast him in a sort of hazy glow, the effect altogether ethereal. Gertrude Mcfuzz, the part-time bar worker, paused for a minuet at the doorway, taking in the sight, before entering the dingy space. She was tall, but not very pretty, with long brown hair and a thin, peaked face. Horton barely looked up as she handed him a coke, only mumbling a quick thanks before going back to his music. Gertrude sighed, and backed away, leaning her slim body against the doorframe, gazing out past the window to the dark smudge of the Nool Forest on the streaked horizon. Her home. His home. Their home, from where she'd followed him, to be with him. All she ever wanted was to be with him. He had to know that, right?

"Horton…" she murmured softly. He didn't look up. When he was trying to write a song, he was all but unreachable.

"Horton…what do you think of me?" he didn't answer, as she knew he wouldn't, being much to involved in his music. She tried again. "I mean, am i just your odd little neighbor? Really, Horton. I know I'm not like Mayzie, but I'm here. Horton.. i want to talk to you, to be with you. I could help you, Horton, we could be great together, we really could. I know i couldn't be your lead singer like Mayzie, but i know i could help you. Please, listen to me. I'm not just your freaky little neighbor any more. I'm different now. Please, Horton, look up from your guitar, notice me, look at me! At least look at me?" He didn't, and she almost cried with knowing that she had almost ruined her chances with him. She walked over, and touched him on his shoulder, his warmth spreading through her like the sun. "Horton? I'm…sorry, i didn't mean to…" He looked up, and she could see he was wearing earphones. He hadn't heard a thing she said, and somehow that made her sadder then if he had. He yanked the buds out and smiled that shaggy, heart wrenching smile at her.

"Did you want something, Gertrude?"

"No…Never mind." He smiled again and went back to him music. she backed slowly away, out into the doorway, her heart thudding. He went back to him music. she knew that his music was his soul, that it was his hope. Music was what he poured his heart in, what he believed in. music was what made him a person. And she understood that, because that was how she felt about him.

" I won't give up on you, Horton." She whispered to the dust mites. "I've loved you ever since saw you and I'm not going to stop now. I know you have Mayzie. I know you love your music better then anybody in this whole world. I know that all that matters to you is writing that one perfect song. But i don't care. Maybe the world would be a be a better place if everybody loved something as strongly as we did. Like i love you." She lingered for a minuet, watching hi, wondering, before she left.