With Phineas' death, I did something I never thought I'd do. Get together with Gene. Several years since Finny had died, I'd married Gene, but I still wore Finny's engagement ring, and not the engagement or wedding ring from Gene. Maybe it was unfair, maybe not, but I couldn't let go. Maybe after all these years, I'd chosen Gene because he practically became Finny, and he reminded me so much of him. Finny's spirit lived on through the two of us. Finny was a hero, and he saved us both, and sometimes I wonder, when I die, will I be young with Finny, or old with Gene, and I hope it's the first, just because I loved Finny in a way that only happens once in a lifetime if you're lucky.

The first born I had, Gene and I named Phineas, and the strange thing is, as he grew, he seemed to look exactly like him…maybe it was a sign, or maybe I was a crazy widow who saw her dead fiancé in everything and everyone…but to this day, my love is to Finny…even the day Gene first kissed me, taking me by surprise, I'd been thinking of Finny.

I've told him multiple times that he deserved someone who could love him right, but he'd responded with that he was lucky to have me, and it was his fault Finny was dead, so me still mourning him after all this time was fine to him.

And whether or not it bothered him or not, I never found out, and I was content with that.



After all, this short story is over! Hope you enjoyed! ;)