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Summary: Part of the Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha universe. No Rachel but Wo Fat is still after Steve. How would Ha'iale be different in this universe? Would Steve do things differently?

A/N: If you have read Ha'iole My Way you will find this story very similar. I tweaked it to fit the Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha universe. I did make changes, but some things remain the same because they fit. I hope that you still enjoy this story. If you haven't read Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha, the basics you need to know is that Danny has full custody of Grace and they live with Steve. No slash, just a family.

Reflections While in Jail

Steve was exercising in his cell and thinking about the beginning of his journey. A journey that brought him to solitary confinement accused of Governor Jameson's murder.

Contrary to what Wo Fat believed, Steve's father had left him more than the toolbox, but only Danny, Chin and Kono knew about the information that had been placed in a safety deposit box. The items that Steve kept in the toolbox were clever forgeries made by some friends in Naval Intelligence. He spent enough years in Naval Intelligence to know that keeping information safe and secure would protect him and his ohana.

After the custody battle with Rachel resulted in Danny and Grace living with him, he decided that he needed help. After talking with Danny and getting his agreement Steve called a friend in the CIA. Adam was happy to help. The CIA had been after Wo Fat and the Yakuza for some time. Adam told Steve once they had established a secure link, that Wo Fat had an inside man so Steve would technically be on his own. Adam would be the only one who knew that Steve was helping the CIA. Adam arranged for Steve to receive all the information the CIA had on Wo Fat and the equipment he would need to have private conversations and encrypt information on his computer and the internet. He also helped Steve create fake identities for all four members of Five-0 and Grace in case they had to run.

Steve read over Wo Fat's file before giving it to Danny, Chin and Kono. He needed to know more about how the man operated; it would help him to decide on a course of action to take. The four realized that the man was into playing complicated games with his enemies. This could work for him. He would continue to play ignorant son stumbling around trying to learn what his father had been doing. He was disappointed to find that Jameson may be involved with Wo Fat. The question was how much did she know? Was she involved his father's murder? Again it was decided that the team would play ignorant of her involvement until there was more information.

Adam had also provided dossiers of the other Five-0 members just for
Steve's information. These dossiers didn't tell him anything he didn't already know. Included with his team's dossiers were a couple of dossiers that interested him. These two implicated a couple of high ranking HPD members of being in Wo Fat's pocket. Steve knew he would have to watch them.

Steve's thoughts turned towards Danny and Grace. He hoped that Grace was okay and would still trust him when she found out the truth. Steve smiled briefly as he thought about his original reasons for picking Danny. The file on his father's murder had been thorough and professional. He knew that he would need a partner, and felt that having a detective would work the best. Steve decided that Danny would make a good partner.

Steve didn't know how he and Danny went from barely tolerating each other to the best of friends. Oh, they still banged heads over different issues, but he also knew that he trusted Danny without question and valued his opinion. Steve also knew the reverse was true despite Danny's tendency to rant at his unorthodox methods. He knew that outside the task force it seemed like he disregarded Danny's opinion and did what he wanted to do, but it wasn't the case. Looking back he realized that the misconception started with the carte blanch that Steve had received from Jameson to do things his way. So he did do things his way. However, as he worked with Danny he found that he wanted to follow procedures because he learned respect Danny. Steve also realized that in many respects Danny was right. Procedures were needed in order to obtain a clean conviction. Unfortunately when he read Wo Fat's file and learned about Jameson's connection he knew that outwardly he had to appear to be the man who had a "reckless" disregard for procedure.

The team developed a plan to make Wo Fat think Steve was still the hot-headed lone wolf instead of the team player that he was in real life. He was a SEAL, and SEALs were all about teamwork. In the beginning, his reluctance to use back up outside Five-0 was simple; he was used to working with small teams who were on their own quite often where back up could be hours away. Over the months Steve began calling back up more often than not, and following procedures. Once Steve and the others had read Wo Fat's file they knew that Steve had to make Wo Fat underestimate him by making the man believe that Steve was "alone" and easily manipulated. An enemy made mistakes when they underestimated you.

At first Danny had not liked the plan; actually he never really liked it. Steve was his partner and his friend, but he understood the necessity of what Steve was doing and supported him. Danny was more than his best friend; he was the brother he always wanted growing up.

The dossier on Chin had related the belief that Chin was innocent and that IA unfairly targeted him without having any proof of his guilt except that he knew where the Asset Forfeiture Locker was located. Steve remembered looking in Chin's eyes when he denied taking the money; Steve knew then his father had been right. Chin was innocent and he would help Chin prove it while getting back into the game. He was glad that he had picked Chin. Chin's experience and contacts proved to be a valuable asset to Five-0.

Steve knew that people resented his choice of a rookie but he didn't regret his choice. Steve had been putting together SEAL teams and Intelligence teams together for several years and he was good at it. He just knew who would work and who wouldn't. As soon as he met Kono, he knew she would work out, just like he knew Danny and Chin would make great additions to the task force. Kono maybe a rookie, but she was smart, brave could kick ass as well as being blessed with fantastic instincts.

Steve was proud of the work Five-0 had done since the start of the task force. They had been able to put away several dangerous criminals and saved a number of people including some kidnapped teens.

Steve believed that his decision to head Hawaii's task force was one of the best decisions he ever made despite his currant predicament. He now did a job he loved in the state he loved as well as a family. Besides, the film from the cameras that he had installed in the governor's office would prove that he was innocent. The only reason he was still in jail was to give Wo Fat a false sense of security that his plan to break up Five-0 and frame Steve was working.


A/N: I decided I wanted to sort of follow cannon with my own twists. I am borrowing from my own story Ha'iole My Way and fitting it into Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha. I hope you like. It isn't betaed so if you see any mistakes please let me know so that I can fix them. All I ask is that you do it nicely.