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Steve arrived at the cemetery where his parents were buried. He strode to their graves and placed a large bouquet of flowers in a vase he bought for them.

"Hi Mom and Dad. We did it. My team was able to gather enough evidence to arrest and convict Wo Fat. I can't prove that he is responsible for your death yet Mom, but I'm going to keep digging. Actually my team and I will keep digging. I can start learning how to be a cop but still be a SEAL. Danny will help me. I'm afraid that Wo Fat killed Jameson so even though we proved she was dirty, she won't face trial. I suppose she received a different kind of justice."

Steve smiled slightly as he continued. "Dad you'll be happy to know that Chin has been cleared of stealing that $280,000. Kono has been cleared of stealing the $10,000,000. Both will have their reputations repaired by the brass. Grace can return to Hawaii now. I made sure that Wo Fat understood it would be a very bad idea to go after her in the future."

Steve paused and looked around the cemetery as he gathered his thoughts. "You will both be happy to know that I found a great team to work with and a family in which I belong. Maybe Danny will let me bring Grace by to meet you sometime. You'd love her Mom. I think you'd like Danny too, though you will probably wonder how we became friends, we're so different. He's the best partner I have ever had, though he seems to think that I have never worked with a partner before. I guess it's different for cops." Steve heard a noise behind him and turned around to see his team plus Grace standing by his truck. He stared at them slightly shocked that they knew he was here before smiling and waving them over. "Mom, Dad, you're going to get a chance to meet my ohana."

Grace ran up to Steve who lifted her into his arms and hugged her before adjusting her so he was holding her on his hip. "Aloha. I'm happy to see you Leia. I missed you."

Grace kissed his cheek. "I missed you too 'Anakala Steve."

Danny placed a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you for the wonderful surprise Steve."

Stan and Grace had been hiding on Hawaii Island. Adam and Steve figured that Hawaii would be the last place that Wo Fat would look for Stan and Grace. So all it took to get the them back to Oahu was a call and they were packed and back home the morning after Wo Fat was arrested.

"StepStan said that you called our protector personally to make sure we were brought home right away. I really missed you and Uncle Chin and Aunt Kono."

Steve smiled at Grace as he turned to his parents' graves. "Grace, I'd like you to meet my Mom and Dad. I think they would like it if you called them Tutu kane for grandpa and Tutu for grandma."

Grace looked at their graves solemnly. "Aloha Tutu and Tutu kane, my name is Grace. 'Anakala Steve lets me call him uncle even if he really isn't. He treats me like I am his niece. You'd be proud of him; he's helped my Danno find ohana here in Hawaii. Danno was lonely and only had me before Uncle Steve shang um what was the word Danno?"

Danny flushed, slightly embarrassed at his comments now. Steve chuckled as he responded. "I think the word is shanghaied Grace."

"Thank you. Shanghaied him into being his partner. Now, Danno says that 'Anakala Steve is the best partner he's ever had and his best friend. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet in person, I think I would have liked to meet you."

Steve hugged Grace again. "Mahalo Leia. I know they would have loved you."

Danny stepped up to Steve. "Aloha Mr. and Mrs. McGarrett. Grace is right, you would be very proud of your son. He brought together a great team to fight crime in Hawaii. Steve is the best partner I've ever had even if he doesn't like following procedure." Everyone laughed. "Mrs. McGarrett, you would be so proud of how your son treats my daughter, I know that is your doing by the way he talks about you. Thank you, both of you, for raising a wonderful son who is honorable and generous. Don't worry about Steve, I'll protect him on the job and Grace, the team and I will make sure he has ohana."

Chin stepped forward. "I'm going to come back another time and talk to you privately Jack. I am grateful to your son for picking me for Five-0 and giving me back something I had lost, my career and dignity. And Danny speaks for me about how proud you both would be of Steve."

Kono stepped forward. "My name is Kono Kalakaua and I'm Chin's cousin. I'm grateful that Steve picked me for Five-0. I think that I have been able to do more to protect Hawaii than I would have in HPD, all because he saw something in me on that first day. He's a great leader, teacher and friend. He's never treated me or my ideas as if they are beneath him even though I'm the rookie. You raised a mo' bettah kane."

Grace leaned down to Danny and whispered. "That means great man."

Steve smiled, trying not to laugh because of the look on Danny's face. "Mahalo for coming, all of you. Now I seem to remember something about a celebration at my place. Dad would not want to be responsible for us missing a celebration. I'll be back again Mom and Dad, aloha."

The others quietly said their goodbyes as they left. Kono said she'd bring some Haupia her mother had made. Chin would bring Mali Kalikimaka Punch for Grace. Danny and Grace would pick up some veggies for grilling. Cmdr. White was going to bring beer. Steve walked Danny and Grace to the Camaro and put her down gently. "I have to stop at the store and pick up the burgers and hot dogs. I'll see the both of you soon." He tapped Grace on the nose making her giggle.

Danny smiled as he helped Grace into his car. "I believe that Grace and I have to go to the store too. We'll see you soon."

The Five-0 ohana plus Cmdr. White, call me Joe today, had a wonderful afternoon and evening at Steve's. They swam and surfed, even Danny hit the water. We all know he would do anything for Grace. Steve helped Danny improve his skills while Kono helped Grace. Grace was beginning to droop when Joe, Chin and Kono headed home.

Danny stood up holding his hand out to Grace. "Okay it's time for all little Monkeys to go to bed."

"Okay Danno. Goodnight 'Anakala Steve." Grace hugged Steve before heading in to get ready for bed.

"Goodnight Kiddo." Steve chuckled watching her. "I'll have some beer ready when you're finished Danny."

"Thanks Steve."

Danny returned shortly and sat next to Steve smiling. "Reminds me of the first day we worked together doesn't it?"

Steve huffed. "I guess it does, except for your daughter sleeping upstairs."

"We've come a long way since then haven't we?"

Steve snorted. "Oh yeah. We've gone from pointing guns at each other to brothers. Five-0 has come a long way too. I'm a little worried about Denning. But he can wait. Right now I just want to enjoy the next few days. We have all earned some down time."

Danny clinked his bottle with Steve in agreement; reminiscent of the first time they sat on the beach together.

Steve, Danny and Grace spent a nice weekend on the beach. They were joined on and off by Chin, Kono and Cmdr. White.


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