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"Hahahaha! The hero has lead you all to the safety of a rest stop!" America exclaimed, leading the group as they neared the rest stop. For a rest stop, it was pretty large.

"Look, there's a sign!" Italy pointed out from his spot on Germany's back. Somehow he had convinced the German to carry him.

The sign was well decorated and colorful. England walked up to it, and began to read what it said. Thankfully, it was in English. They must be near some tourist destination.

'Welcome to our rest stop! We hope you enjoyed your journey here. At our rest stop, there is plenty of things to do! We have four gift shops, perfect for people of every age, race, and gender. Our rest stop also has a food court, with a variety of foods from around the world. There is also two different bathrooms, one for males and one for females. And to top it all off, we even have a small motel! Come and join us!'

"So what should we do first?" America wondered out loud. An idea popped into his head. "We should split into groups of three! I call Iggy!" England trudged over.

"For the millionth time, my name is not Iggy!" He grumbled.

"Can I join your group?" A voice whispered. America jumped, squealing until he realized who it was.

"S-Sure, bro." America laughed, putting one arm around the grumbling Englishman and the other around the Canadian.

"Ve~ I want to be with Germany and Japan!" Italy yelled, hugging the German's back. Japan walked over with a small smile on his face. He was just happy to be out of that death trap- I mean van.

"So I'll be with France and China, da?" Russia smiled at his shivering group mates. They nodded, and just as Russia was about to drag them off, Germany spoke up.

"We should set a time and place for all of us to meet. The time is now five thirty. I suggest we take one hour to do whatever we want to do with our groups. Where should we meet up?" China looked around, and pointed to a shop. It looked like it had antiques.

Quite strange for a rest stop.

"How about there?" China suggested. The other nations nodded, and split into their groups.

"Wait!" Germany called out. The other nations turned to him. "We should probably use our human names. They're much less suspicious." Yet again, the nations sounded their agreements. Seeing as nobody had anything left to say, the groups finally headed into the rest stop.

The Hero and his sidekicks (A.K.A. America, England, and Canada).

"Iggy! Bro! I'm starving. Let's get some food!" America decided for them.

"I must admit, Am-Alfred, I am quite hungry myself." England agreed, and blushed as his stomach growled.

"Me too." Canada whispered. Kumajiro cocked his head to the side.

"Who're you?" He asked.

"I'm Ca-Matthew."

"Dude, that doesn't matter right now!" America yelled, dragging the other two blondes with him. They entered the food court, and America set to looking for a McDonald's. He gasped and fell to the floor in shock when he realized that there was none. Tears dramatically streamed down his face as England facepalmed.

"Alfred, what's wrong?" England asked with an exasperated sigh. People were starting to stare.

"N-NO MCDONALD'S!" He cried dramatically. It was Canada's turn to facepalm.

"They have a Burger King," Canada gestured to the Burger King sign. "That's almost as good as McDonald's, eh?" America pouted as he slowly walked onto the rather long line. England and Canada decided to follow him. They didn't really like Burger King, but it would do.

The American continued to wallow in self-pity until he reached the front of the line. He was still pouting as he ordered himself five cheese burgers and two large sodas.

"Can you really eat that much?" The cashier asked.

America flashed a proud smile. "Of course I can!" The cashier smiled as she handed America his large bag of fast food. Canada and England quickly ordered their food, meeting sympathetic smiles from the cashier.

Hurrying to find a table, America ran to the seating section. England followed, forgetting about the Canadian still waiting for his food. As England sat down, America unwrapped his first burger.

"I wish it was a Big Mac, but..." He trailed off, taking a large bite. The look on his face was priceless. It was as if someone slapped him in the face then told him aliens didn't exist. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" He yelled.

He slammed the burger to the floor, cursing. By now, Canada had reached the table. He almost regretted joining the two as he absentmindedly munched on a chicken nugget. England merely looked on, embarrassed by America.

He really wished he had some tea.

America's eye twitched as he picked up another burger. He thought that maybe there was something wrong with the other one. As he took another bite, he realized he was wrong. The burger was simply an abomination to hamburgers everywhere. It paled in comparison to Big Macs.

"THIS IS AN ABOMINATION TO BURGERS EVERYWHERE!" America repeated his thoughts. England congratulated himself. He had taught America some English, although the Englishman would never understand where American English came from.

All the eyes in the food court were on America. "THAT THING IS UNAMERICAN!" The American tourists cheered, and stood behind America on his quest for a true burger. The other tourists gave pitying glances to Canada and England. The crowd only became more worked up as America recited his Pledge of Allegiance, only substituting words like "America" and "Flag" for the word "Hamburger" as the other Americans joined in.

The food court was quickly becoming the scene of a riot, food was being thrown and people were using tables and trays as shields. America was standing on top of one of the tables surveying the havoc he caused. He laughed when he saw England crawling around trying to escape. Canada wasn't spotted. The American's laughter ceased as two men from security approached America.

"I'm sorry, sir, but you're going to have to leave."

"Awww..." America pouted as he let himself be led out of the food court.

The Axis Powers (A.K.A Germany, Italy, and Japan).

Germany sighed as he looked at the other side of the food court. He could see America being taken out, England and someone else following. Other workers were cleaning up the miniature riot. Germany checked his watch. His group was behind schedule because Italy had saw a cat and wanted to pet it. Turns out, the cat belonged to a very frighting Swedish man-woman. The former Axis Powers had retreated to the food court after being hit a few times with a stick.

Italy immediately began his search for pasta. It was mostly fast food, and Italy despaired until he came across a Sabarro's. Bouncing over, Italy ordered a large bowl of pasta.

"You're biggest bowl of pasta, per favore!" Italy smiled at the exasperated cashier. Her last customer back at McDonald's was also good looking, but a little off in the head.

"Okay, sweetie." She forced a smile for the little Italian. She served Italy his pasta and he quickly grabbed it, thanked her with a blinding smile, then ran off to a table with a German and Japanese man. 'What an eccentric group.'

Japan had bought some sushi, but took a taste and decided something was off. He threw it out, and munched on some pocky he had in his pocket. Germany had actually found a little German fast food place, and he was drinking some poorly made beer with slimy wurst and mashed potatoes. The potatoes were good, but it's nearly impossible to mess up mashed potatoes.

Italy sat down and took a big forkful of the pasta. He jammed it into his mouth, thinking he would be savoring the pasta.

He was wrong.

The second the pasta touched his gourmet taste buds, he spat it out. "Ve, Luddy, I think they messed up my order." Italy opened his eyes and blinked.

"Why is that, Feliciano?" Germany took another sip of his beer. Japan stared at them and looked like he wanted to say something.

"This isn't pasta." Italy's smile was gone, and his face was as emotionless as Japan's.

"Ja, it is." However, the German was too late. Italy, pasta in hand, had already returned to the Sabarro's.

"This isn't pasta." He told a cashier. The cashier rolled his eyes. Every once in a while they would get a crazy customer.

"It is. Straight form the factory." The man said, popping his gum. The other cashier was slowly backing away.

"No, it's not pasta. You make pasta with love." Italy's eye twitched. Germany glared at the ceiling. Why couldn't he have been that intimidating during World War II?

"Maybe those machines made it with love?" The cashier replied, ignorant to the situation.

"It's not pasta." Italy repeated. He rose the pasta up to the level of his face.

"Listen, it is. Now if you don't leave I'm going to call security." Italy slammed the bowl into the cashier's face. A random customer called for security. The cashier got up again, charging at Italy. Italy merely stood there, and waited until the man was close enough. He took a plastic spoon from a table, and he pushed it into the man's stomach. The cashier somehow flew back.

Germany and Japan were speechless.

"Ve..." Italy said before returning to his table. He sat down and looked at his friend's bewildered looks. "What?" They sat in silence for a few moments until security came.

"We're going to have to ask you to leave, sirs." The three walked out of the food court, Italy complaining about not having eaten pasta.

The Sociopath, the Pervert, and the Chinaman (Russia, France, and China).

At first, this trio was going to get some food. However, when they saw the chaos inside the food court, they left without saying a word. Instead, they decided to check out the gift shops. The first was a convenience store, which had nothing they wanted. Next there was a clothing store, but the clothes looked like they came straight from the eighties. After France had a miniature heart attack, they left for the next store. When they entered it, China felt like he had died and went to heaven.

This store specialized in Hello Kitty merchandise.

China immediately pulled out his Shinatty-chan and frolicked through the aisle until he found one of the figurines he had been looking for. When he reached out, an eight year old girl reached for it at the same time.

"Let go! It's mine, aru!" China screamed. The little girl pulled.

"No! It's mine!" China pulled back, unaware they were attracting a crowd. The cashier sighed. This strangely feminine man was definitely friends with the people from the hamburger incident and the pasta incident.

After a particularly long match of tug of war, China won, grabbing the toy from the now sobbing little girl. France rolled his eyes as he took the phone numbers of one of the teenage girls in the store.

"Stop acting like a colony, Yao." France winked at another girl with her little sister. She flipped him off.

"You're one to talk, aru." China lectured. "I'm not the one who is taking phone numbers from girls millennium younger than me!" France dramatically clutched his chest.

"You wound me, mon ami!" China ignored the Frenchman until he realized something.

"Where's Ivan, aru?" France's eyebrows furrowed.

"I am not sure." The two traveled throughout the aisles, China picking up some more merchandise every now and then until they found Russia.

Russia was in the aisle that had Hello Kitty plushies holding flowers. Russia was holding one of the adorable figurines with a sunflower headband and dress. China used some ninja moves he learned from Japan to unceremoniously grab France and pull him behind a wall. Russia looked around, and when he saw nobody was there, he smiled.

It was a pure, innocent smile. When paired with Russia's handsome face and the adorable doll he was holding, China and France had no choice but to glomp him.

"AIYAAAAA!" China squealed. "SO CUTE, ARU!" Russia blushed, embarrassed. China smiled knowingly as he dragged Russia to the checkout line. China released his hair from it's ponytail and he practiced his smile. He payed for all the dolls and even Russia's figurine.

"Thank you, ma'am." The cashier said. China winked at her, then scowled at the drooling France. It was then time to meet up with the other nations in the antique store.

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